Midjourney V6 Unleashed: 55 Incredible Prompts for Aspiring Artists

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Midjourney V6 just came out and it really is previously turn into my favorite AI image generator. It really is a excellent combine of nuance and creativity — some thing that understands each single word of your prompt and flawlessly captures it in an picture.

But, as they say: a sword is only as great as the guy who wields it.

With no the correct prompt, V6 is just one more run-of-the-mill AI picture generator. So which is why I have collected my favored prompts for the new Midjourney edition so far. I will give you a sneak peek into how inventive it can be with the proper string of phrases. Let us get into it

The Greatest Midjourney V6 Prompts


Midjourney V5.2 had this quirky habit of usually providing individuals these super smooth faces like they just stepped out of a skincare ad — no scars or blemishes in sight. You could spot it from a mile away. But hey, great information! With V6, you can truly get some true character in these portraits.

Right here are a couple of prompts for you to attempt out:

[Subject] plants, postmodern photography, sophisticated figures, orange and green, artwork nouveau trend, closeup

portrait of a [Subject], glamour street medium format photography, up coming-door appears, depth of discipline camerawork

lower-angle photograph of a [Subject], cinematic shot, overcast climate

kodak disposable camera selfie photograph of a [Subject], analog

[Subject] portrait photography, smooth light, true photography, wolfgang tillmans

[Subject] sports activities action photography, pickleball, kinetic motion, slight movement blur

[Subject] photograph-reasonable, leica m6, 50mm f/one.eight lens

closeup portrait photograph from under of a [Subject] in [Setting] in the course of winter

[Subject + Clothing] in the design of mamiya rb67, shige’s visual aesthetic design, dark brown and light beige, tumblewave, oshare kei, brooding mood

Panoramic seaside, true photograph design, [Subject] thorough encounter, ethereal background, light blue &amp white, floating white silk, epic masterpiece


Landscapes was 1 issue Midjourney V5.two was great at, but seeking back, it just looked a bit as well polished. No rough edges, no all-natural chaos. V6 will take an previously capable model and improves on it by including a touch of realism to landscape pictures.

Right here are a couple of prompts that captures the essence of nature:

Midjourney V6 Landscape: Bears roaming a rocky mountainMidjourney V6 Landscape: Bears roaming a rocky mountain

[Subject] true photography by daniel kordan, panoramic shot, dutch landscapes, epic

Midjourney V6 Landscape: A lone lighthouse during a stormMidjourney V6 Landscape: A lone lighthouse during a storm

[Subject] true photography, eerie, ultra broad angle, [Color] hues, inspired by vilhelm hammershoi

Midjourney V6 Landscape: Terraces of BhutanMidjourney V6 Landscape: Terraces of Bhutan

[Subject] landscape, with peaks and terraced fields, lovely scenery, 32K ultra broad shot

Midjourney V6 Landscape: A portrait of SingaporeMidjourney V6 Landscape: A portrait of Singapore

a portrait of [Place] by iwan baan, street

Midjourney V6 Landscape: The grasslandsMidjourney V6 Landscape: The grasslands

[Subject] broad angle shot, minimalist photography, fujifilm professional 800z, clear skies, ethereal background

Other Realism Examples

a hyperrealistic slice of [Subject] white background, isolated

meals photography, [Subject] macro shot, [Subject Focus] black background

see from over [Subject] true photography, skilled meals photography, vivid colours

merchandise photography, [Subject] soft pallette, magical realism, whimsical and dreamy

business photography, [Subject] wood, higher contrast, cinematic lighting

Midjourney V6 Realism: A colorful streetMidjourney V6 Realism: A colorful street

[Subject] overcast light, as photographed by andreas gursky

[Subject + Subject Action] golden hour, wildlife photography

a macro shot of [Subject] in all-natural light

Midjourney V6 Realism: SnowflakeMidjourney V6 Realism: Snowflake

a micro shot of a [Subject] pastel gradient, intricate patterns, dark background, severe closeup

Architecture and Interior Style

Midjourney V5.two was, and even now is, a wonderful device architecture and interior layout. V6 is evidence that you can usually increase even if you are great sufficient with enhancements on nuance and authenticity of true spaces. The up to date edition delivers a much more real portrayal of architectural and interior layout components. For illustration:

exterior of [Subject] nature, present day asian architecture, inspired by thomas struth photography

exterior shot of a [Subject] black and white accents, straightforward elegance, vibrant day, present day architecture

Midjourney V6 Architecture & Interior Design: Cliffside HouseMidjourney V6 Architecture & Interior Design: Cliffside House

[Subject] housewarming within the residence, chic interior layout, photography by julius shulman, dusk lighting

interior, [Subject Location] cottagecore, a younger lady tending the plants, broad angle shot

architectural digest picture of open spaces, mies van der rohe, [POV] minimalist interior layout, light brown and light amber, Canon EOS 90D

Midjourney V6 Architecture & Interior Design: BookstoreMidjourney V6 Architecture & Interior Design: Bookstore

[Subject] hollywood regency architecture

Digital Artwork

Technically, all Midjourney artwork isdigital art. Even so, if you are seeking for artwork that truly appears digitally produced, right here are a couple of prompts to preserve in thoughts:

Midjourney V6 Digital Art: PrintMidjourney V6 Digital Art: Print

[Subject] linocut print, distraught, spiraling into madness, shigeo fukuda, surreal interstellar background, indigo

[Subject] flat vector illustration, muted colours, clean background

[Subject] rpg, reasonable cartoon design, thorough lines on edges

[Subject] gta loading display, grand theft car five

thorough pixel artwork, [Subject] liminal, exterior shot

an animated image with an picture of [Subject] in the design of bill watterson, light crimson and violet, whimsical cats, idea artwork, caninecore, disney animation, pseudo-reasonable

[Subject] in a dvd display grab of Dragon Ball Z, drawn by Akira Toriyama, animated by Toei animation studio, 1985 Japanese anime

[Subject] in pop artwork design with red and gold background, god rays, peter bagge, striped arrangements, animated gifs, grant morrison

[Subject] at the seashore, awesome summer season breeze, in the design of hayao miyazaki

mixed-media scrap material and acrylic collage of [Subject] chaos, marcel duchamp

Midjourney V6 Digital Art: Percy Jackson Animated SeriesMidjourney V6 Digital Art: Percy Jackson Animated Series

in the design of 1980s animated series, [Subject]


Midjourney has usually been 1 of my favored AI picture generators for logos. With their new text generation abilities, you can now produce logos with your business identify immediately. Right here are a couple examples:

a brand for a [Purpose] with the word [Shop Name] under the brand, in the design of paul rand, clean background, minimalist

a clean brand for a [Purpose] with the word [Shop or Company Name] under the brand, line artwork of a [Subject] no fill, intricate

a clean brand for a [Purpose] with the word [Shop or Company Name] under the brand, fauvism inspired

a straightforward minimum brand of [Subject] with the word [Shop or Company Name] under the brand, in the design of ukiyo-e, japanese, minimalism

Storyboarding and Notion Artwork

If you are seeking for movie stills, character styles, and idea artwork, I have received you. The following are some of the ideal Midjourney V6 prompts for storytelling:

Midjourney V6 Concept Art: Slice of Life MovieMidjourney V6 Concept Art: Slice of Life Movie

higher top quality photography of [Subject] backlighting, all-natural pale light, movie camera, by Rinko Kawauchi, HDR

Midjourney V6 Concept Art: Sci-fi MovieMidjourney V6 Concept Art: Sci-fi Movie

movie even now, white angle shot of [Subject] sci-fi film, by christopher nolan, celestial bodies

Midjourney V6 Concept Art: Drama FilmMidjourney V6 Concept Art: Drama Film

Wong Kar-wai movie, Shanghai 1995, [Subject] radiant colours, vibrantcolorism

Midjourney V6 Concept Art: Action-Superhero FlickMidjourney V6 Concept Art: Action-Superhero Flick

cinematic movie even now, [Subject] dwell-action idea artwork, in the design of marvel cinematic universe

animation even now, [Subject] [Subject Gender] character layout, higher fantasy, [Setting] background

character layout, [Subject] [Additional Subject Descriptors, i.e. age, hair color, clothing, unique characteristics] unreal engine

[Subject] celestial bodies, dreamscape, closeup, character idea layout

[Subject] animated comics, in the design of hayao miyazaki, animated gifs, emphasis on detail, naoko takeuchi, powerful lines

Parting Phrases

I have usually considered that the ideal and most ethical way to use Midjourney is not to make cash but to give non-artistic individuals a opportunity not just to ideate but also to produce.

Midjourney will preserve enhancing quickly, you will not have to resort to complicated prompts to get what you want. So, scroll up and get a appear at every single of them when once again. I assure that up coming 12 months, if you stumble on this post in January 2025, you will appear back and understand how considerably it really is grown because then.

So right here are my parting ideas for now: over all else, keep in mind that these prompts are just a starting up level. The correct brilliance of Midjourney V6 lies in what you make of them. Get inventive, experiment, and push the boundaries. Oh, and of program, have entertaining!