Ultimate AI Battle: Midjourney, DALL-E, Firefly, Meta Compared

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I bear in mind the awe I felt right after making use of Midjourney and DALL-E for the 1st time. It felt like dark magic the way it weaved pictures making use of my personal suggestions. But, right after a even though, that magic wore off. There is absolutely nothing genuinely new, and it truly is plagued by the exact same troubles it had for many years like nuance and text generation.

The room is in dire require of new competitors. And, just final week, Meta pulled by means of with its personal AI picture generator.

But how very good is it when in contrast right towards established faces like Midjourney, DALL-E, and Firefly? And, much more importantly, what does it deliver to the table that the other folks do not? Far more on that in this report.

Midjourney vs. DALL-E vs. Firefly vs. Meta: Picture Comparison

Reasonable Portraits

Prompt: a pupil, near up shot, urban setting, blue hour

As typical, Midjourney comes in with a stylized picture. It is not poor — but it is not the appropriate artwork fashion for a portrait picture. The hair is also smooth, and the encounter is also flawless. It is also unrealistic to pass as an real photograph.

DALL-E is worse. Every little thing is a tiny also perfect…“uncanny valley” ranges of ideal. You could’ve informed me that this was a render of Chad Squidward and I would’ve believed you.

To its credit score, Firefly does try out. If we’re speaking about realism only, it is way ahead of the prior two. Nonetheless, in between the photograph composition and the fashion of the shot, it feels also significantly like a stock picture — which is fantastic if you are making use of Firefly for stock pictures along with the rest of the Adobe suite.

With no a doubt, our new contender wins this class. Meta developed an picture that could pass as human. It is effectively-shot even though retaining that candid come to feel, has incredible lighting, and the shadows are flawlessly rendered. It even has that cinematic come to feel to it. This is not genuinely surprising, contemplating that the model is skilled on in excess of a billion Facebook and Instagram images (Wait, did I give permission for that?!)


Prompt: landscape photograph, alaska, evening, aurora borealis

All of these are rather very good. I like Firefly’s picture the least since the colours are also punchy for my taste. There is also one thing incorrect with the proportion of the trees, at least in my viewpoint.

DALL-E would’ve been my favourite but it did overcompensate a tiny when it comes to the mountains, which fell victim to AI picture generators’ tendency to repeat components of an picture. Other than that, the colour grading is very good, specifics are incredible, and I notably like the choice to set it at sunrise — providing it a diverse colour to perform with other than dark tones.

Midjourney is amazingly in depth, down to the reflections. The colours are vivid, but not obnoxiously so. Exact same with DALL-E, it had some repetitions, notably in the pine trees, but it truly is much less obvious.

By some means, Meta notches an additional win. Some could argue that the absence of colour requires away from the attractiveness of the Northern Lights, but I disagree. There is one thing about how muted the surroundings are that contributes to the grandeur of the Aurora Borealis.

Digital Artwork

Prompt: mountain variety, digital artwork, minimal poly, geometric, colorful gradients

To be sincere, I cannot separate DALL-E, Midjourney, and Meta in this class. They employed the exact same colour scheme for the gradient, which seems very good but is also so frequent presently. Their most significant variation is with their geometric composition. Meta is sharper, DALL-E is softer, and Midjourney is flatter.

If there is a frequent thread in between these Firefly pictures, it truly is the vividness of their colours. This time, even though, it performs. As opposed to the other 3, Firefly had much more than 3 colours in its gradient, and it truly is nevertheless a coherent artwork. I also adore the in depth and sharp lines separating every single polygon, which offers the general search some depth.

Pixel Artwork

Prompt: pixel artwork scene, a quiet library, atmospheric, sixteen-bit

Meta had a very good concept for what it desired to do. I even like the addition of plants, providing it a kind-of effectively-stored, dystopian vibe to it. Nonetheless, if you zoom in, it truly is not genuinely pixel artwork. It is most obvious in the chair and the table.

DALL-E has the most pixel art vibe to it. It genuinely seems like a nevertheless from an eight-bit game mystery game, exactly where you lastly experience the killer. Nonetheless, 1 factor I do not like is how the 2nd floor morphed into the guide situation.

For pixel artwork, I have nevertheless to see anything at all beat Midjourney. It is easy, cozy, cute. The windows and clouds adds a dreamy vibe to the complete artwork. What sets is apart even though is the lighting, which is just fantastic.

As for Firefly, yeah, I do not know what occurred there both.


Prompt: the complete universe held within a sunflower, surrealism, expressive oil painting

Meta’s output is easy but powerful. It happy the prompt effectively. The picture of the universe within of the sunflower reminds me a whole lot of Van Gogh.

I like Midjourney’s artwork a whole lot, but I do not feel that it prioritized the 2nd element of the prompt effectively sufficient. There are some stars, and the darkness suggests that the sunflower is subjected in room, but general, it truly is rather vague.

DALL-E did incredible. The way it truly is constructed is Lovecraftian. I like the enormity of the complete artwork, and the addition of eyeballs in the planets adds a whole lot to the creepiness and whimsy of the piece.

After yet again, Firefly’s picture is a disappointment. It did not even contain the universe, which is a essential element of the prompt.

Text Generation

Prompt: a speakeasy’s neon indicator saying “Open”

Sadly, text generation nevertheless has not progressed effectively sufficient in AI picture generators. This is most obvious in the pictures from Meta and Midjourney.

Firefly did handle to generate readable text, but the uneven lines and overlapping letters recommend that it received there by mimicking the shapes and not by knowing what the word implies.

DALL-E three stays to be the market normal when it comes to text. Confident, it truly is not ideal, but it truly is readable. It even employed cursive and place some flair into the neon indicator. This is as very good as it will get (for now).

Substantial Context

Prompt: an epic battle scene in between a medieval army and a horde of dragons with knights charging on horseback, a brave dark knight standing in the middle of the battlefield, archers firing arrows, dragons breathing fire from the sky, a sense of chaos and heroism, dark fantasy illustration, atmospheric, gothic

Midjourney had, by far, the greatest artwork right here but, in terms of context knowing, it failed the check. All components are there but since of the sheer volume of the prompt, some of the topics had been not correctly rendered. For illustration, search closely at the dragons. Discover how some of them are just wings?

Meta understood the topic of the prompt correctly, but was not capable to stick to the designs that I pointed out in the latter elements.

DALL-E three is nevertheless the most nuanced AI picture generator out there. In between its degree of knowing and the intricacy of the artwork, this is an effortless win for DALL-E.

And Firefly, you happen to be performing fantastic, honey. Maintain it up or, you know, it may well be time for a new update. Sooner than later on, I hope.

What Are They Very good At?

AI Picture Generators

Ideal For

Worst For


Meta is greatest reserved for sensible pictures. It does really effectively at portraits and landscape pictures. If you happen to be hunting for a cost-free AI picture generator, select Meta.

Like most AI picture generators, Meta nevertheless struggles with text generation and higher context prompts, specifically with ones that have a whole lot of supporting specifics. It also struggles a bit with pixel artwork.


Midjourney is a fantastic selection if you happen to be hunting to produced digital artwork or anything at all that is supposed to be stylized. It struggles with the major topic of higher context prompts, but it does effectively at knowing the supporting specifics, notably the tone and search you happen to be hunting for.

Midjourney nevertheless cannot produce text reliably. It is also a poor decision for making pictures that are supposed to mimic true men and women, but true spots are okay.

DALL-E three

DALL-E need to be your variety 1 selection for higher context prompts or ones that require text. Since of its nuance, it truly is also a fantastic generator for abstract or surreal artwork.

DALL-E is not a very good decision for human portraits. Apart from that, DALL-E is middle-of-the-pack in every little thing.


I struggle to discover anything at all that Firefly’s very good at, except maybe geometric digital artwork with punchy colours. If you happen to be also hunting for stock pictures to use in Illustrator or Photoshop, this could be really worth making use of.

Primarily based on my testing, Fireflystruggled at each artwork class except digital artwork.

In Summary

In this 4-way competitors, the winner is a tie in between DALL-E three and our newest entry, Meta. Nonetheless, often bear in mind that this is just our personal testing.

For instance, I would nevertheless use Midjourney in excess of these two since of my line of operate since I do not genuinely deal with higher context prompts, text generation, or sensible pictures that frequently. And even even though I had some harsh phrases for Firefly earlier, I do understand the worth of its accessibility when paired with other Adobe computer software.

What about you? Do you have some opinions about these AI picture generators?