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AutoCut is a specialized plugin designed for Adobe Premiere Pro, aimed at automating and enhancing the editing workflow for videos and podcasts. It utilizes advanced AI-driven techniques to streamline audiovisual content by eliminating silences for a smoother narrative, selecting optimal takes by detecting redundancies, implementing J-Cut & L-Cut edits automatically, and integrating appropriate B-roll footage seamlessly.



This tool further boosts viewer engagement by incorporating animated subtitles that align with the spoken audio. Features such as AutoResize and AutoZoom are included to enhance subject visibility and focus, enriching the viewer’s experience.

Additionally, AutoCut introduces an AutoProfanity filter to automatically identify and censor profanities in video dialogues, preserving content integrity.

For podcast editing, it facilitates camera switching based on audio cues from corresponding microphones, optimizing visuals through zooms, animations, and transitions for a more dynamic and engaging presentation. AutoCut’s primary objective is to simplify the editing process, making content more engaging and professional.

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Basic Plan: $6.6/mo

AI Plan: $14.9/mo

Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

Adobe Premiere Pro integration
Automates video editing
Streamlines podcast editing
Automatic silence removal
Detects repetitions
Automated J-Cut & L-Cut edits
B-roll footage deployment
Adds animated subtitles
Syncs subtitles with audio
Improves user engagement
AutoResize feature
AutoZoom feature
Enhances video visibility
Focuses on video subject
Makes videos immersive
AutoProfanity filter
Automates profanity detection
Masks profanities in dialogue
Maintains content integrity
Assists in camera activation
Space management in videos
Creates dynamic videos
Automatic stock video addition
Edits podcast visually
Automatic dialogue sync
Animated caption addition
One-click subtitle transformation
Automated silence detection
Removes unwanted repetitions
Automated social media formatting
Automated video centering
Profanity masking with effects
Relevant B-Roll addition
Satisfactory user reviews
Over 10k+ satisfied users
Over 30M Precision Cuts
Auto-generated video sequences
Free 14-days trial
No credit card required
Customer success support
Fair subscription pricing
Unlink key feature
Single key multi-computer use
Subscriptions cancellable at any time
Single-click animated captions
Customizable output formats

⊗ Cons

Only for Adobe Premiere Pro
Less effective indoor recording
Possible over-cutting errors
Subscription needed for all features
Inadequate handling of complex scenes
Prone to detecting false positives
Limited language support on AutoCaptions
Does not support Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve
Animated subtitles may not align perfectly
AutoZoom may lose focus on multiple subjects


How does AutoCut eliminate silent segments in video editing?

AutoCut leverages AI technology to pinpoint and remove silent portions from videos during the editing phase. This process ensures a smoother and more engaging viewing experience by cutting out pauses and breaks in the audio.

What does AutoCut’s repetition detection feature do?

AutoCut’s repetition detection scrutinizes the video or podcast being edited for any duplicative segments or phrases and selectively retains only the optimal takes. This function simplifies the editing workflow by eliminating redundant content.

How is B-roll footage automatically incorporated by AutoCut?

Through its AutoB-Roll functionality, AutoCut employs AI to seamlessly blend appropriate B-roll footage into video projects. This feature enriches the visual narrative by adding depth and context to the main footage, enhancing the overall storytelling.

How does AutoCut enhance viewer engagement?

AutoCut boosts viewer engagement by integrating animated subtitles that are synchronized with the spoken audio. This addition caters to the viewing preferences on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, where dynamic subtitling plays a crucial role in retaining audience attention.

What are the functionalities of AutoResize and AutoZoom in AutoCut?

AutoCut’s AutoResize and AutoZoom features aim to enhance the subject’s prominence and engagement in videos. AutoZoom achieves this by intelligently zooming in on the subject, capturing viewers’ focus, whereas AutoResize adjusts the video format to suit various social media platforms, maintaining the subject’s centrality even during movement.

How does AutoCut tackle profanity in video dialogues?

The AutoProfanity filter within AutoCut automates the recognition and obscuration of swear words in video dialogues through sophisticated audio analysis. This ensures the video maintains its professionalism and appropriateness by substituting explicit language with subtle sound effects.

What is AutoCut’s role in podcast editing?

In podcast editing, AutoCut streamlines the process by automatically switching camera angles based on the audio signals from each speaker’s microphone. This facilitates a more dynamic and efficient editing process, enhancing the visual appeal of podcasts.

Which platforms support AutoCut?

AutoCut is presently compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro versions 2021, 2022, and 2023, with ongoing efforts to extend compatibility to other editing software like Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

Is it possible to cancel an AutoCut subscription anytime?

Yes, users can cancel their AutoCut subscription at any moment through the dedicated customer area provided by AutoCut.

What are AutoCut’s primary advantages?

AutoCut stands out by automating various aspects of video and podcast editing, including the elimination of silences and repetitions, automatic B-roll integration, animated subtitles, dynamic zooming and resizing, profanity masking, and overall enhancement of content engagement and interaction.

How does AutoCut contribute to the production of dynamic and engaging videos?

AutoCut enhances video dynamism and appeal through features like targeted zooms, animations, transitions, and automated B-roll footage, alongside utilizing audio cues for camera switching, ensuring the content remains engaging and focused.

Does AutoCut offer a trial period?

AutoCut provides a 14-day free trial, allowing users to experience its features without requiring a credit card.

How does the AutoCut AI plugin improve content interaction?

The AutoCaptions feature of AutoCut introduces animated subtitles with a single click, perfectly aligned with the audio, making the content more engaging and interactive, thereby boosting viewer interaction.

What are the restrictions on using the AutoCut license on multiple devices?

The AutoCut license is restricted to use on one computer at a time. Users must unlink the license from the current device before linking it to another.

Can AutoCut be utilized for business purposes?

Yes, AutoCut is equipped for commercial use, offering advanced features that meet professional video editing needs, making it a suitable tool for businesses and video editing experts.

What pricing options does AutoCut offer?

AutoCut’s pricing includes a Basic plan at $6.6/month (annual billing) and an AI plan at $14.9/month (annual billing). The Basic plan covers essential features like silence removal, captions, podcast editing, and AutoZoom, while the AI plan encompasses all Basic features plus extended AI functionalities.