Pieter Levels’ Rise to Fame: How This Solopreneur Revolutionized the Digital World

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When folks say “entrepreneurs,” our 1st believed goes to renowned folks and their goods. Mark Zuckerberg and Meta. Steve Jobs and Apple. Sam Altman and OpenAI

But, there is some thing unique about entrepreneurs who commenced a grassroots organization and grew it. Then commenced one more, and then one more. These are the real hustlers: the evidence that anybody can make it with ample talent, persistence, and determination. 

Pieter Ranges is the excellent instance of this mentality. One particular of the Indie Hackers I genuinely search up to.

At 1st glance, he could look like just one more tech entrepreneur who stumbled into accomplishment, but his journey is far from ordinary. Ranges took the street much less traveled to get to in which he is these days – a self-produced multi-millionaire with numerous thriving startups underneath his belt. 

So, in which did he come from and what was his journey like? Let’s examine.

What We Know Of His Previous

Pieter Levels’ street to turning into a tech multi-millionaire is anything at all but typical. He invested a element of his childhood coding in MS-DOS Batch, which he realized from a random Windows For Youngsters guide. From this sentence, it could look that he’s on track to be a software program engineer from a younger age, but that is not in which daily life will get him… but.

When he was a teenager, he attempted to turn out to be a graphic designer, but that was just one more phase for Pieter. His 1st significant venture was his music job — for which he was capable to make a respectable residing out of his YouTube channel. The music was a merchandise of its time, but hey, it really is even now fairly very good.

Close to this time, Ranges was finishing his organization degree in… let’s see, properly, everywhere. He commenced it in Hogeschool Utrecht, then transferred to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, then moved to South Korea for 3 months to attend Korea University Company College, and then last but not least finishing his degree from Rotterdam’s College of Management.

Amongst people, the 1 that left the largest influence had been his 3 quick months in South Korea. It was his 1st time outdoors of Europe and he noticed the insane possible of stepping outdoors his comfort zone. He noticed what the other side of the planet had to provide, and there was no going back.

Nomad Record: Pieter’s Massive Break

Right after university, Ranges offered 99% of his possessions to pack up his bag and move to Asia. He commenced embracing a digital nomad life style and determined to go all-in on producing startups. But there is 1 slight hiccup: he did not know how to code (for a residing)

So, he commenced a challenge: Twelve startups in twelve months.

His concept was that you can find out how to code much better by performing, rather than sitting in a class for 7 hrs a day. And that is what he did, but even now practically nothing genuinely worked. That is, till he tweeted this:

From that tweet, he was capable to crowdsource opinions from other digital nomads and consolidate them to generate a database of kinds. Due to the traction the tweet was getting, he determined to make this his up coming startup. And hence, the Nomad List was born.

Nomad Record is a local community resource particularly created for digital nomads which involves information-driven insights and profiles into the greatest locations to dwell in and perform remotely. That is the simple premise of the internet site but Ranges has given that tweaked the organization model by also including a subscription-based mostly Slack server. 

Nowadays, its estimated complete 2023 income is $700,000. In accordance to Levels’ Twitter bio, Nomad Record is bringing him $forty,000 per month (almost $500k a yr). Inform me that is not crazy.

Pieter’s Other Profitable Tasks

Right after Nomad Record, Pieter went on a roll. Right here are some of his other profitable tasks:


RemoteOKis an employment platform which aims to connect talented people with versatile job possibilities. It caters to various niches this kind of as programming, design and style, revenue, consumer help. This tends to make Pieter close to $50,000 in month-to-month income.


Interior AI is an AI-powered interior designer. It requires photographs of your property as an input and modifies them utilizing prompts to get your up coming design and style inspiration. It is at the moment creating close to $43,000 in month-to-month income. Also insane.


PhotoAI is a world wide web and mobile application that makes use of your picture as an input and generates portraits based mostly on it. You can use it for yearbook pictures, identification photographs, character creation, and a lot more. It at the moment generates the most month-to-month income for Pieter at $72,000.


Rebase is a platform which aims to help digital nomads in moving to Portugal without having the trouble of red tape and bureaucracy. According to Pieter, he aims to broaden its companies by also supplying assist to relocate to Spain and Dubai. The website’s closed for now, but it employed to make up to $50,000 a month.

His Other Other Tasks

It could look like every little thing Pieter touches turns to gold, but I assure you that that is not the situation. He has his honest share of startups that he essential to shut down simply because of the lack of traction. You can check out them all out here. Amongst people, right here are some of my favorites:

  • Go F***ing Do It: A productivity application that lets the consumer set a objective and, if it is not met, Ranges will charge your credit score card.
  • Tubelytics: An analytics dashboard for YouTube content material creators.
  • Mute: A record of generally muted phrases on social media.
  • Airline Record: A travel platform that consolidates opinions on certain airlines. Believe Digital Nomad, but for airlines and airports.

What Can make Him So Profitable?

The secret ingredient to Pieter’s accomplishment is basic: make what you know.

Most of his startups are aimed in the direction of digital nomads simply because he’s 1 of them. He noticed what difficulties he could remedy in the local community and worked in the direction of generating a lucrative resolution.

He’s also unafraid of failure, some thing that sets him apart. He realized early on that most of his startups will fail — and that is okay. As extended as some thing sticks, he’s even now going to be lucrative in the extended run.

In A Nutshell

Here’s a bitter pill to swallow: for each and every Pieter Ranges, there is about a hundred Typical Joes who failed.

Ought to that discourage you from following in his footsteps? Totally not.

It is only failure if you give up. If you by no means give up, you have not genuinely failed – just pivoted.

Rather, use him as inspiration. The hardest element of generating it into the business is that consistent loop of worrying if your thought is well worth it.

Just do it, and if it fails, reassess and really don’t allow it get to you. Ranges is residing evidence that accomplishment does not usually comply with a predictable path — it follows the path of the daring.

Right after all, if he can do it with practically nothing but his laptop, backpack, and self-confidence in himself, what’s stopping you?