12 Stunning AI Art Types to Create & Sell with Midjourney & DALL-E 3

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ChatGPT may possibly be the single most disruptive piece of tech in current many years, but I’d argue that AI image generators are far more controversial.

Midjourney and DALL-E 3 brought some thing to the artwork globe that was in no way imagined to be feasible: it evened the taking part in discipline. Now, every person has the electrical power to generate eye-catching artwork in just a handful of seconds.

Does that make us artists? I’d say no. But it does existing us with an possibility to turn out to be entrepreneurs.

In this write-up, I’ll be listing twelve artwork sorts that you can generate with Midjourney and DALL-E, what’s their industry likely, what key phrases must you use, and some examples of every single.

The Most In-Demand AI Artwork Sorts Right now

For every single artwork kind, I’ll be listing the industry likely and some key phrases to support you accomplish your sought after type, but you do not have to use all of them. So, come to feel free of charge to perform close to with them and experiment!

Item Mockups

Industry Likely: There is a substantial industry likely in this section. Mockups are in substantial demand by companies of all sizes, as they support visualize merchandise ahead of they are produced. Midjourney and DALL-E three mockups can help companies in terms of ideation and advertising and marketing.

Ideal Search phrases: photorealistic, studio light, item photography, industrial photography, item photograph, item mockup, soft background, dreamy, daring, minimum, light [color]

Landscape Artwork

Industry Likely: Your buyers in this section are mainly property decor, industrial spaces, and publications. There is also likely in making use of AI-produced landscape artwork and photography for stock photographs.

Ideal Search phrases: landscape, environment, expressive, autumn, winter, spring, summer season, disposable camera, oil painting, thomas kincade, golden hour, sunset, sunrise, dusk, (for Midjourney only) –ar sixteen:9

Pattern Styles

Industry Likely: The applications of pattern style are limitless. Patterns could be utilised in property decor, vogue, and even stationeries. 

Ideal Search phrases: kimono sewing pattern, topographic lines, brocade, quartz, psychedelic, wave pattern, anime crucial visual, bauhaus, baroque, spirals, seamless pattern, (for Midjourney only) –tile

Character Styles

Industry Likely: It is challenging to break into the market due to the fact they are far more probably to use human artists, but there is substantial likely if you deal with to get loyal buyers. Hobbyists, game designers, and animators are usually in the lookout for incredible character style.

Ideal Search phrases: character style, dnd, fantasy, sci-fi, movie even now, near-up, portrait, backlighting, [character profession or class], [character race], (for Midjourney only) Attempt making use of your preferred series or film as a reference


Industry Likely: The industry for postcards is not as huge as it when was, but there is even now a niche industry for exclusive and inventive postcard styles. This would be a wonderful side hustle when the holidays begin.

Ideal Search phrases: postcard style, christmas, vacation, halloween, easter, festive, winter, valentines day, beatrix potter, children’s guide illustration, (for Halloween postcards) tarot card, spooky, lithography, (for Midjourney only) –ar three:four

Pixel Artwork

Industry Likely: Pixel art is encountering a resurgence in acceptance, thanks to its retro charm and nostalgic appeal. Your ideal bet if you are organizing to promote pixel artwork are game and graphic designers.

Ideal Search phrases: eight-bit, sixteen-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit, pixel artwork, sprites, in depth, game style, bitmap, snes, sega, gameboy shade, gamecube, ps1, atari, retro arcade

Pop Artwork

Industry Likely: This is wonderful if you want to emphasis on property decor, especially wall portraits. It is well-liked with bauhaus and postmodern apartments, which is encountering a resurgence proper now following many years of minimalist dominance.

Ideal Search phrases: collage, pop artwork, artwork nouveau, humorous pop, bauhaus, andy warhol, roy lichtenstein, robert rauschenberg

Trend Styles

Industry Likely: This is yet another substantial likely industry. Trend designers and personalities are usually seeking for revolutionary methods to generate clothes, and AI is a fast and effortless way to create inventive styles with out making use of manpower.

Ideal Search phrases: streetwear, techwear, afro-futurism, ivy league, preppy, athleisure, previous wealthy, haute couture, americana, tailored, denim, new york, scandinavian, korean, ootd, side lighting, warm lighting, cinematic lighting, studio light

T-Shirt Style Artwork

Industry Likely: Graphic tees are in no way going out of type. Midjourney and DALL-E can be utilised to generate exclusive and eye-catching styles.

Ideal Search phrases: digital illustration, vector artwork, t-shirt style graphic, flat, contour, clean background

Sticker Artwork

Industry Likely: Large likely. Stickers are a staple of the artwork local community, currently being cute methods to decorate and personalize things. With Midjourney and DALL-E, sticker styles turn out to be available to every person. 

Ideal Search phrases: stickers, cartoon, character composition, graphic novel type, illustration, in depth, flat texture, die minimize sticker, vinyl sticker, candycore, pop artwork type, vintage retro

Storyboarding &amp Idea Artwork

Industry Likely: Storyboarding and notion artwork are crucial resources for filmmakers, animators, and game developers. It is a time-consuming activity but, with Midjourney and DALL-E, filmmakers can now visualize their suggestions making use of only their phrases.

Ideal Search phrases: movie even now, cinematography, storyboard sketch, cinematic shot, broad angle lens, gritty, neo-noir, symmetrical, normal lighting, animated, (for conversations) two-shot, 8k, [genre], [director names], (for Midjourney only) –ar sixteen:9

Architecture &amp Interior Style

Industry Likely: AI artwork generators can be utilised to rapidly create visual representations of style ideas primarily based on textual descriptions. This can support architects and designers in conveying their suggestions to consumers and collaborators.

Ideal Search phrases: artwork deco, bauhaus, scandinavian, loft, studio lighting, bohemian, noisy, hollywood regency, midcentury, chic, dorm space, minimalist, maximalist, brutalist, industrial, eco-pleasant, urban, rural

The Bottom Line

There is no stopping AI artwork, so may well as nicely trip the wave. 

Like I mentioned earlier, experiment. The prompt key phrases I listed right here can undoubtedly support, but they are not the “be-all and finish-all” of generating AI artwork pop. It is you that men and women will gravitate to — your character and creativity must be highlighted in your prompts, and your revenue will reflect that.

Oh, and a single far more issue: be trustworthy. Your merchandise are from AI and you shouldn’t shy away from that. Men and women are receiving greater at identifying AI artwork, so currently being dishonest about the place you get your function from can lead to reduction of buyers. Most of the time, men and women do not care as extended as it is incredible artwork — so do not lie about it.

So, there you have it. All that is left to do now is boot up Midjourney or DALL-E three and begin producing. Have exciting!