AI Writing Stealth Test: Undetectable AI vs HideMyAI

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Alter is consistent — and it is in no way been a lot more obvious than with technologies and its accessibility. Just the previous two many years, the globe has been rocked by the emergence of AI resources this kind of as ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, and a lot more.

1 of the principal motives these resources are so prominent is their accessibility. Most of these resources supply a free of charge, toned-down model of their solutions which, in itself, is even now strong and susceptible to abuse, particularly in academe. A recent survey demonstrates that thirty% of university college students admit to employing ChatGPT for schoolwork.

To climate the storm, professors use application this kind of as Originality, TurnItIn, and ZeroGPT to detect AI produced material. Nevertheless, these platforms have their share of false positives, which reflect poorly on the implementation of these AI detection resources.

On the other side of the coin, there have also been many attempts at producing application that can humanize AI content and bypass detection tools. For illustration, Undetectable AI and HideMyAI. The only query is: How viable are they in fact?

Undetectable AI vs. HideMyAI:

  1. Swift Summary:Undetectable AI delivers a lot more varied output sorts, but can often struggle with punctuation. HideMyAI makes it possible for a lot more customization like stage of see and AI generator changes and is multilingual, but its outputs can often sound much less formal or academic than preferred. It isn’t going to struggle with punctuation almost as considerably.
  2. Pricing &amp Choice: The two resources have scalable pricing based mostly on word count and payment programs. Even though Undetectable AI is favored for its steady creating and data retention, HideMyAI is greater for informal creating and delivers multilingual assistance. The two resources guarantee not to be flagged as AI material.

An Overview of Undetectable AI and HideMyAI

Undetectable AI and HideMyAI are resources developed to flip AI-produced text into anything that reads a lot more human-like. They attain this by rewriting the material and getting rid of specific AI markers that detectors flag like watermarks and repetition.

To use these platforms, all you need to have to do is paste your AI produced material into it, tweak the output parameters dependent on your preference, and wait. All it will take is a handful of seconds right up until you get a totally rewritten text which you can submit as your following assignment or submit to your weblog.

But, you are not right here for a background lesson — you are right here to see which one particular of these resources are greater at transforming your material. So, with no even more ado…

Undetectable AI vs. HideMyAI: Comparison of Characteristics

Just before we dive into their outputs, let’s very first have a rapid search at Undetectable AI and HideMyAI’s functions.


The most significant similarity among these two resources is output customizability. They will not just rewrite your text — they’ll do so in accordance to the parameters you set.

HideMyAI and Undetectable AI Customization: ParametersHideMyAI and Undetectable AI Customization: Parameters

The two resources let you to tweak the output’s readability and kind. For the former, you can select among choices like substantial college, university, and doctorate although, for the latter, you have essays, articles or blog posts, cover letters, and a lot more.

As far as accessibility, each resources are easy and consumer-pleasant. They also supply a free of charge trial with constrained credits so you can attempt their solution out with no subscribing to a prepare.

Lastly, each merchandise also supply cash-back promise if something they output are flagged as AI-produced.


At a glance, there does not appear to be considerably distinction among HideMyAI and Undetectable AI. Nevertheless, as soon as you check out their web sites a lot more, you will uncover some important variations that may make you lean in direction of one particular instrument above the other.

For instance, each platforms have some output customization that the other does not. Undetectable AI delivers a a lot more varied kind choice than HideMyAI such as stories, reviews, and enterprise and legal materials.

On the other hand, HideMyAI not only makes it possible for you to modify the goal and reading through degree — they also let you to tweak the text’s POV and AI generator. In addition, HideMyAI will also re-make their output if they get flagged by an AI detection instrument.

Lastly, HideMyAI is also multilingual. It can analyze and tweak inputs in the following languages: English, Spanish, Russian, and French.

Undetectable AI vs. HideMyAI: Output Comparison

There are some resources that you just cannot evaluate by searching their characteristic set — AI text rewriters integrated. So, to full this comparison, I’m going to carry out a side-by-side testing of their outputs and see which one particular supplies a greater written and a lot more human-like model of an AI-produced material.

To get started, we’ll need to have a management variable. And what greater instrument is there to use than the most common AI generator, ChatGPT?

I asked ChatGPT to give me a university degree paragraph about entropy. We’ll use this text to check Undetectable and HideMyAI’s basic creating, essay, and write-up rewriting abilities. Later on on, I’ll also request ChatGPT to make a diverse text for the cover letter.

To steer clear of confusion, HideMyAI’s output will often have a black text and white background although Undetectable AI’s end result will have a grey text and black background.

Common Creating

Let’s see how nicely these two stack up in basic creating. To retain the essence of the authentic ChatGPT prompt, I also set the reading through degree parameters to undergraduate degree. Right here are the benefits:

Undetectable AI vs. HideMyAI: General Writing ComparisonUndetectable AI vs. HideMyAI: General Writing Comparison

To be truthful, I’m very disappointed — but for diverse motives. HideMyAI’s output does not match the undergraduate degree parameter I had set. It commences off with “a truly huge idea” but, personally, I wouldn’t use phrases like “really” or “very” in university degree discussions. It would’ve been greater to say “a considerable idea” but, in a way, employing “really” can trick AI detectors. 

HideMyAI also struggled in transforming substantial-degree material that have lengthy sentences, as evident in the sentence “more entropy signifies a lot more disorder and much less valuable data and this factors so important for obtaining processes from heat transfer to compressing information.” At some stage, HideMyAI stopped generating sense and the output grew to become a lot more messy.

I wouldn’t say that Undetectable AI’s output is excellent, but I desire it to HideMyAI. It tends to make a lot more sense and does not drop the spirit of the authentic prompt. That explained, Undetectable AI struggles with appropriately placing punctuation marks. Occasionally, it puts a comma in which it is not required (“Entropy is a idea, in each thermodynamics and data theory”) and removes in which it is needless (“In thermodynamics it describes […]”)


Let’s move on to the essay comparison. Given that these are essays, I anticipate the outputs to be a lot more formal and academic.

Sadly, HideMyAI fails to meet my expectations. Their output does not sound like an essay at all. It even now utilizes intensifiers like “really” and “super.” You can also spot non-academic phrases like “in a bunch of” and “all sorts of.” The silver lining is that I can realize the transformed text greater in contrast to their basic creating output.

Undetectable AI’s output is far from excellent — but it is substantially greater than HideMyAI. The only issue I’d modify is even now the placement of commas. Other than that, I’d be satisfied to submit Undetectable AI’s text as an assignment.


This is the very first output kind in which I obtained wildly diverse benefits from HideMyAI and Undetectable AI. The former expanded on the concept in the authentic prompt, although the latter just tweaked the material so it’d sound a lot more like a weblog write-up part. So, how did they do?

I applaud HideMyAI’s try at expanding the input. It supplies some examples that I believe are acceptable for the subject. Nevertheless, I believe most of the added material are fillers like “Kinda cosmic” and “entropy is rad” which does not even make sense. It is also in contrast to any write-up I know, which created me scratch my head — alternatively, it sounds a lot more like a conversation than written material.

On the other hand, Undetectable AI’s output suffers from the very same pitfalls as the ones prior to but it is passable as an write-up.

Cover Letter

Just before I get started with the comparison, I asked ChatGPT to give me a cover letter for an actuary applicant. This is what I acquired:

Undetectable AI vs. HideMyAI: Control Variable, ChatGPT-Generated Cover LetterUndetectable AI vs. HideMyAI: Control Variable, ChatGPT-Generated Cover Letter

Following, let’s plug that into HideMyAI and Undetectable AI, then wait for the benefits.

Undetectable AI vs. HideMyAI: Cover Letter ComparisonUndetectable AI vs. HideMyAI: Cover Letter Comparison

I desire HideMyAI’s cover letter due to the fact it sounds a lot more human. A handful of adjustments, such as shifting the tone to be a lot more assured and incorporating some missing apostrophes, and that’d be excellent to go. And please, for the adore of God, cease employing the word “really” for every single output!

Personally, I really don’t like Undetectable AI’s output due to the fact it even now sounds like a machine wrote it — anything that organizations have a keen eye for. You are going to have a challenging time landing a work if this is your cover letter.

Undetectable AI and HideMyAI: Cost Breakdown

The value of Undetectable AI depends on two factors: how numerous phrases per month you need to have and your payment selection. If you want to shell out month-to-month, the price tag commences at $9.99 per month for ten,000 phrases and scales up to $209 for 380,000 phrases. If you desire their yearly payment selection, it ranges from $five per month for ten,000 phrases to $104.42 for 380,000 phrases.

Undetectable AI PricingUndetectable AI Pricing

Similarly, HideMyAI’s pricing also depends on your payment prepare and phrases per month. For month-to-month payment, it commences at $eight.25 per month for ten,000 phrases to $145.twenty per month for 200,000 phrases. Yearly selection commences at $five per month for ten,000 phrases and stops at $88 per month for 200,000.

HideMyAI PricingHideMyAI Pricing

Do not want to subscribe to a prepare? HideMyAI delivers an alternate pricing selection named “Pay As You Go” wherein you will shell out $two for every single one thousand phrases.

The Ultimate Verdict

There is anything to be explained about each Undetectable AI and HideMyAI.

As a technical author, I personally desire Undetectable AI.

Certain, it is not excellent — but it modifies AI-produced material in a way that does not eliminate or modify any critical data. I also uncover it to be a a lot more steady author than HideMyAI.

Nevertheless, if you need to have anything that sounds informal, HideMyAI’s your very best bet. It does not do as nicely with academic texts but, if you need to have an e-mail or a cover letter, it is a rapid way to modify ChatGPT material to sound a lot more human-like. It is also helpful if you need to have to tweak material written in Spanish, Russian, and French.

No matter which one particular you select — one particular thing’s for positive: you most most likely will not get flagged as AI employing both of these resources.