CopyLeaks: The Go-To AI Detector for Educators

AI Detection
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Across historical past, there have been several inventions manufactured to tackle problems induced by earlier inventions. The invention of automobiles induced car accidents, so seat belts have been produced. Single-use plastics induced pollution, so biodegradable packaging was invented. And so on and so forth… 

Every person was mindful that AI would have consequences — but, even at this fairly early stage, none have been ready at the scale of its implications. Due to its accessibility, poor actors have exploited resources like ChatGPT for their personal malicious intent. This is particularly prevalent in colleges, in which college students have employed it to cheat on their schoolwork.

The invention manufactured to tackle problems from AI chatbots? AI content detectors. These are specialized application manufactured to analyze texts word-per-word to determine attainable situations of AI. 

There is Content At Scale, Originality AI, GPTZero, and the usually unreliable but improving TurnItIn. Nevertheless, there is one particular identify that stands out due to its supposed accuracy: Copyleaks.

The query is, how correct is it genuinely? Uncover out a lot more in this report.

What is Copyleaks?

Copyleaks is an examination instrument for AI and plagiarism detection. It employs superior artificial intelligence algorithms to scan text, code, and even photos and gauge content material authenticity and integrity.

Copyleaks Landing PageCopyleaks Landing Page

Moreover, it also has a historical past that is just as intriguing as its attribute base. Copyleaks was very first launched to the globe in 2015 by Alon Yamin and Yehonatan Bitton — two ex-military males from Israel whose time in the support have been primarily invested on text examination technologies. In reality, this was in which these two met and determined to construct the award-winning platform we’ve come to know as Copyleaks.

Who Ought to Use Copyleaks?

Copyleaks is the excellent platform for educators to guarantee student integrity in the age of artificial intelligence. Not only does it act as a filter for AI content material, it also has other beneficial characteristics for teachers all over the place like plagiarism detection, automated grader, and text comparison. Copyleaks also streamlines cheating detection by means of direct integration with common LMS like Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle.

Apart from the schooling market, Copyleaks is also a excellent enterprise resolution for monitoring content material that could be flagged as plagiarized or AI-produced by means of a attribute referred to as “Gen AI Governance,” which will be mentioned even more in later on sections.

Copyleaks Important Characteristics

AI Detection

Copyleaks is most recognized for its robust detection instrument that can classify if a text came from ChatGPT or other common generative AI application. As soon as you enter a text, it only will take a handful of seconds till Copyleaks can inform you no matter whether it came from an AI or not. As a testament to its accuracy, an independent research in July 2023 discovered Copyleaks to be the most reputable AI text classifier at 99.12%.

The ideal factor about their AI detection instrument is that — in contrast to the rest of their characteristics — it is totally cost-free.

Plagiarism Detection

Apart from currently being an AI detection instrument, Copyleaks is most recognized for their plagiarism detector. All you have to do is upload a piece of text, document, or even code into their dashboard and wait for a second. As soon as Copyleaks is accomplished scanning your document, you will get entry to details like how considerably of the paper is comparable to other content material, word similarities, and which pieces have been identical or paraphrased.

Copyleaks Plagiarism DetectorCopyleaks Plagiarism Detector

Generative AI Governance

In Copyleaks, the buck does not cease at AI and plagiarism detection — they are totally committed to guaranteeing web-broad content material authenticity. That is the purpose for Gen AI Governance: a suite of resources to aid organizations handle and govern the use of generative AI in content material creation.

Copyleaks Gen AI GovernanceCopyleaks Gen AI Governance

This attribute is divided into two:

  • Auditing: Checks your AI-produced content material, such as code and photos, and assures it complies with market specifications.
  • Monitoring: True-time processing of content material to restrict content material produced by AI resources.

AI-Powered Grader

Largely for educators, Copyleaks’ AI-powered grader is created to offer correct evaluation evaluations by bulk processing. This is a 3-stage approach that commences with an AI analyzing previously graded sheets to realize how they are marked. Right after that, the grader emulates how papers have been ranked and the approach ends with the students’ grades as an output.

Copyleaks AI GraderCopyleaks AI Grader

That stated, skepticism is healthier and — with tall guarantees — I will not be shocked if you are wary of employing Copyleaks as a grader. As a evidence of precision, Copyleaks teamed up with the Ministry of Schooling in Israel to test the algorithm. The end result was a enormous good results with only a one% margin of error towards human graders.

Other Notable Characteristics

  • API and LMS Integration: Streamlines your AI and plagiarism detection by means of integration with diverse applications, sites, and understanding management programs.
  • Multilingual Processing: Copyleaks can approach text from a hundred+ languages.
  • Text Comparison: Compares two pieces of text to get rid of the likelihood of copied assessments.

How Correct is Copyleaks’ AI Detector?

Copyleaks proudly states that they have a 99.twelve% AI detection accuracy. That is a daring declare. Let’s place that to a check, shall we?


Copyleaks proudly states that they have a 99.twelve% AI detection accuracy. That is a daring declare. Let’s place that to a check, shall we?

ChatGPT Check #one: Essay

Copyleaks vs. ChatGPT #1: EssayCopyleaks vs. ChatGPT #1: Essay

Check Effective! — Probability of AI Content material: 96.five%

ChatGPT Check #two: Site Submit

Copyleaks vs. ChatGPT #2: Blog PostCopyleaks vs. ChatGPT #2: Blog Post

Check Effective! — Probability of AI Content material:

ChatGPT Check #three: Cover Letter

Copyleaks vs. ChatGPT #3: Cover LetterCopyleaks vs. ChatGPT #3: Cover Letter

Check Effective! — Probability of AI Content material: 83.six%

ChatGPT Check #four: Prose

Copyleaks vs. ChatGPT #4: ProseCopyleaks vs. ChatGPT #4: Prose

Check Effective! — Probability of AI Content material: 98.two%

Modified ChatGPT Text (AI Bypass Resources)

Right after detection resources grew to become a lot more common, folks started out searching for approaches to rewrite their AI-produced content material to stay away from receiving flagged. For this physical exercise, I’ll be employing two of my preferred AI bypass resources: Undetectable AI and HideMyAI

Here’s how effectively they evade Copyleaks detection:

Undetectable AI Check #one: Essay

Check Effective! — Probability of AI Content material: 86.three%

Undetectable AI Check #two: Advertising Copy

Copyleaks vs. Undetectable AI #2: Marketing CopyCopyleaks vs. Undetectable AI #2: Marketing Copy

Check UNSUCCESSFUL! — Probability of AI Content material:

Undetectable AI Check #three: Cover Letter

Copyleaks vs. Undetectable AI #3: Cover LetterCopyleaks vs. Undetectable AI #3: Cover Letter

Check Effective! — Probability of AI Content material: 80.five%

HideMyAI Check #one: Essay

Copyleaks vs. HideMyAI #1: EssayCopyleaks vs. HideMyAI #1: Essay

Check Effective! — Probability of AI Content material: 67.9%

HideMyAI Check #two: Advertising Copy

Copyleaks vs. HideMyAI #2: Marketing CopyCopyleaks vs. HideMyAI #2: Marketing Copy

Check Effective! — Probability of AI Content material:

HideMyAI Check #three: Cover Letter

Copyleaks vs. HideMyAI #3: Cover LetterCopyleaks vs. HideMyAI #3: Cover Letter

Check Effective! — Probability of AI Content material: 83.six%

All round Tally

All round, even with AI bypass resources, Copyleaks was ready to determine that 9 out of the ten texts have been AI-produced. The one particular that managed to squeak by Copyleaks’ detection was only ready to do so with a score of 56.three% probability of currently being human-written.

Check Situations


ChatGPT — Essay


ChatGPT — Site Submit

ChatGPT — Cover Letter


ChatGPT — Prose


Undetectable AI — Essay


Undetectable AI — Advertising Copy

Undetectable AI — Cover Letter


HideMyAI — Essay


HideMyAI — Advertising Copy

HideMyAI — Cover Letter




Can You Trick Copyleaks?

Is it attainable to trick AI detection tools?

That is what I sought to uncover out in this area. And the reply? Not specifically.

To elaborate on that, I need to very first inform you how I attempted to trick Copyleaks. I started out by making a brief essay about international warming employing ChatGPT. Here’s what I acquired:

ChatGPT Output about Global Warming for Copyleaks TestingChatGPT Output about Global Warming for Copyleaks Testing

Following, I tweaked the text employing the following strategies:

  • Be concise
  • Keep away from employing jargons
  • Take away pointless fluff
  • Restrict the supporting examples and repetition
Copyleaks vs. Modified ChatGPT ContentCopyleaks vs. Modified ChatGPT Content

As soon as Copyleaks scanned the modified content material, I was not shocked that it was 56.eight% very likely to be human-written. And this is the purpose why…

Bear in mind when I stated “Not exactly” earlier? I’ve tweaked the unique AI-produced text so considerably that, at a specified level, I’d say the text ceased to be ChatGPT and as an alternative became…well, me. 

So, yes — you can trick Copyleaks. But, is it genuinely a trick if the text was virtually totally rewritten by you?

Pros &amp Cons of Copyleaks



  • Free of charge AI detection instrument

  • Plagiarism checker

  • AI content material moderation and governance attribute

  • AI-powered bulk grader

  • Rapid turnaround time

  • Highlights detected AI content material

  • Releases probability scores

  • Supports a hundred+ languages

  • Chrome Extension

  • API and LMS integration

  • No upload file choice for AI detection in the cost-free model

  • Does not conserve AI detection historical past

  • Could make false constructive and false damaging final results

How A lot Does Copyleaks Price?

The standard attribute of Copyleaks’ AI detection instrument is totally cost-free. Nevertheless, if you are interested in a a lot more robust AI detector and a plagiarism checker, Copyleaks’ premium model depends on how several pages you are going to scan per month. It commences at $ten.99 for a hundred month to month scanned pages ($9.sixteen month to month for yearly billing) and scales up to $679.99 for ten,000 pages ($679.99 month to month for yearly billing).

As for the Gen AI Governance and AI Grader resources, the cost is topic to discussion when you guide a demo with Copyleaks.

The Bottom Line

No AI detection instrument can promise a hundred% accuracy — but Copyleaks is fairly darn near

I’ll admit, I was at first skeptical about their 99% accuracy declare. Nevertheless, right after testing the instrument myself, I’m content to report that the expectations they set have been met. Not only was it ready to detect ChatGPT content material each single time, Copyleaks was also ready to flag numerous AI-produced texts modified by bypass resources.

But, no matter how very good a detector is, false positives and false negatives are inevitable. This is anything you require to hold a near eye on, particularly if you are an educator, as it could derail a student’s life. As I usually say: physical exercise caution. Practically nothing beats human intuition.

To sum it all up, Copyleaks is absolutely well worth a try out. As soon as you have examined it, please do inform us your expertise in the feedback under.