Adobe Firefly 2 Review: Realistic Photos & Prompt Examples

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It is no secret that AI photos have been the supply of numerous controversies above the previous 12 months, but you can not deny their creativity.

In the previous, I employed to rely heavily on Google and Photoshop to develop photos for world wide web content material but, thanks to AI picture generators, that is not the situation any longer. Now, I can develop stunning artwork with just my phrases. Critically, how great is that?

But there is a explanation why we’re so desensitized with Midjourney and DALL-E, and that is due to the fact of the abundance of equipment that do the very same factor. They also knowledge the very same concerns, mainly in nuance and text generation. It is revolutionary technological innovation, confident, but when you are obtaining the very same knowledge irrespective of the platform, it just turns into tedious and you just settle with utilizing your favored model.

That stated, it is nonetheless crucial to give other AI picture generators a attempt. Who is aware of? Perhaps, someplace out there, there is a model hidden in plain sight that performs way much better than Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion.

In other phrases, can Adobe Firefly 2 ultimately break the pattern and triumph above much more established generators?

What is Adobe Firefly two?

Firefly 2 is the just lately launched edition of Adobe’s AI picture generator. It is developed to flip basic prompts into spectacular photos with the support of some customization attributes. Utilizing neural networks, it can recognize human language and develop photos that match your description.

Adobe Firefly 2Adobe Firefly 2

It is produced to simplify your workflow by integrating straight with other Adobe items this kind of as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Who Is It For?

Adobe Firefly is mainly for designers who use other Adobe items in their workflow. Nevertheless, given that it is a standalone world wide web application, college students, hobbyists, and firms can also use this generator to develop content material for their demands.

How Adobe Firefly two Operates

I have to say: following utilizing Midjourney, DALL-E, and forks of Stable Diffusion, I discover Adobe Firefly to be the most consumer-pleasant of them all. It begins similarly with other generators, you just want a prompt to commence the method.

Adobe Firefly 2: PromptsAdobe Firefly 2: Prompts

What can make Firefly so effortless is its customization choices (which we’ll get to in much more detail in a bit). Not like Midjourney the place you have to seek advice from their documentation from time to time, Firefly organizes all design choices in a single practical segment. From there, you can tweak the output even so you like.

Adobe Firefly 2: CustomizationAdobe Firefly 2: Customization

Adobe Firefly two Output Samples

Sensible Images

Prompt: a girl with striking blue eyes

Adobe Firefly 2: Realistic OutputAdobe Firefly 2: Realistic Output

This is Adobe Firefly’s bread and butter. Every time I want a reasonable picture of a individual, I’m constantly going to choose Firefly two above other AI picture generators. Get the picture over as an instance. It is real, easy, and does not have the glossy appear that is frequent in Midjourney. It is just a basic photograph — and at times, that is all I want.

Private Score: five out of five

Surrealist Artwork

Prompt: a surreal artwork of the universe within a bubble getting carried by a cosmic octopus

Adobe Firefly 2: SurrealismAdobe Firefly 2: Surrealism

I do not especially like this a single. In the previous, I’ve constantly had concerns with Adobe Firefly’s creativity. They are by some means constantly as well grainy and inconsistent. Not only that but it seems that the generator also misunderstood the prompt’s context. If I’m hunting to make some thing that needs a great deal of creativity, I’d select other generators like Midjourney above Firefly two.

Private Score: two out of five

Architecture &amp Interior Layout

Prompt: a cozy bohemian cafe

Adobe Firefly 2: Interior DesignAdobe Firefly 2: Interior Design

Whilst Firefly two does a very good task at making portraits of folks, it does not execute properly at reasonable interior layout. The standard layout is okay, but there are plenty of clear rendering concerns, especially in the chairs. The blurring of the foreground and background is also inconsistent.

Private Score: three out of five

3D Merchandise Renders

Prompt: a 3D solution render of a elegant, eco-pleasant water bottle

Adobe Firefly 2: 3D Product DesignAdobe Firefly 2: 3D Product Design

Nothing at all specific. It is rather very good but stereotypical. I would’ve favored much more creativity in developing items but, as is, you could ship these out tomorrow and I wouldn’t be able to tell it was AI-generated.

Private Score: four out of five

Story Characters

Prompt: a grizzled dragonborn cleric wielding a mighty warhammer

Adobe Firefly 2: Story CharactersAdobe Firefly 2: Story Characters

I genuinely like this a single. You could inform me this was a web page from a DND guidebook and I wouldn’t have doubted you. If I have been to nitpick some thing, it is that the eyes weren’t correctly blended collectively. Otherwise, I’d give this a ideal score.

Private Score: four.five out of five


Prompt: a brand for a vintage vinyl store

Adobe Firefly 2: LogosAdobe Firefly 2: Logos

To nobody’s shock, Adobe Firefly two nonetheless can not produce reasonable text. That stated — as far as the layout of the brand itself goes — it is colorful, innovative, and implements nostalgic aesthetics.

Private Score: two out of five

Substantial Context Prompts

Prompt: a lone grizzled sea captain navigating his ship when a mythical sea serpent emerges from the depths, surrounded by crashing waves and a stormy sky

Adobe Firefly 2: High ContextAdobe Firefly 2: High Context

You know how at times a single small factor can wreck an picture? I would’ve stated this was incredible, but I couldn’t get previous the seaman’s encounter. The way it is rendered can make him appear nonchalant and unaware of the complete predicament. 

Private Score: three.five out of five

Output Customization: How To Get The Very best Out Of Your Prompts

A single factor I’d like to stage out about Adobe Firefly is how very good they streamline customization. To present you what I suggest, we initial want to produce an first picture. For this a single, I employed a basic prompt.

Prompt: a siberian husky

Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 1Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 1

There is a bunch of issues you can customize utilizing Firefly, some of it explanatory like Element Ratio, Model (Firefly or Firefly two), and Content material Variety (Artwork or Photography).

What I’d like to show are individuals that want some explanation. For instance, you can modify the visual intensity of the photos. Here’s what occurs when I maximize this slider:

Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 2Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 2

As you can see, the photos are now much more stylized and appear much more like an artwork than a straight photograph. 

Apart from that, you can also select or upload a reference photograph so Firefly has a much better notion of the appear you are going for. For instance, I’ll use a Direwolf from Game of Thrones as a reference picture and flip up the design power to 75%.

Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 3Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 3

You can also use a certain artwork design as your reference. Here’s what the outputs appear like in dramatic lighting:

Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 4Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 4

You can also apply results to your photos. Nevertheless, I discover that this characteristic is a bit of a hit and miss. Often, I get fantastic photos but there are also occasions that the output is subpar and hyperstylized.

Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 5Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 5

And, to finish it all off, there is also an empty area for unfavorable prompts. This need to incorporate the aspects that you do not want your outputs to have. For instance, what if I do not want the husky to have blue eyes?

Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 6Adobe Firefly 2: Output Customization 6

It is not ideal although. You can see Firefly striving to overcompensate with the lack of blue eyes by getting rid of the eyes entirely from the photos. You could also plainly see that the hue of the bottom correct picture is nonetheless blue, but it attempted tough (and unsuccessfully) to eliminate the colour.

What I Enjoy About Adobe Firefly two

AI designs, as a complete, are getting to be smarter by the minute. As outputs from various picture generators turn into much more steady, it is the small issues that start off to matter: the attributes you can discover in a single that is unavailable in other individuals. These are the attributes in Adobe Firefly two that is not in Midjourney or DALL-E 3:

  • Unfavorable Prompts. Offers you much better management on what you want to steer clear of in the last picture.
  • Reference Picture. Lets you use a third-get together picture as a reference for Firefly to imitate.
  • Professional Photograph Settings. Permits you to change the aperture, shutter pace, and area of see of the created photograph.
  • Download as Vector Graphics. As component of the direct integration to Adobe apps, you can download Adobe Firefly two as vector graphics.

Adobe Firefly two Choices


Midjourney is the most well-liked AI picture generator these days with much more than sixteen million registered end users. It excels at making artwork from scratch. It does not have its personal separate platform, but you can use this generator as a bot in Discord. 

You can examine out our total overview of Midjourney here.

Pros: What Helps make It Much better Than Firefly two

  • Wonderful at making artwork.
  • Comes with an picture upscaler.
  • Much better customization, such as area variations and zooming/panning.
  • Versatile pricing choices which grants you totally free rapidly hrs (consider of this as credits) if you rank photos in their web site.
  • Big local community with constant developer help and updates.

Cons: What Helps make It Worse Than Firefly two

  • It is nonetheless in open beta.
  • Inaccessible with no Discord.
  • It can not develop reasonable photos with no getting as well glossy.
  • Considerably greater finding out curve in contrast to Adobe Firefly two.
  • Seasonal totally free trial.

A Short Comparison of Adobe Firefly two and Midjourney Outputs

Adobe Firefly 2 vs Midjourney 1Adobe Firefly 2 vs Midjourney 1

Short Ideas: Adobe Firefly is much more reasonable although Midjourney tends to lean towards a much more waxy appear.

Adobe Firefly 2 vs Midjourney 2Adobe Firefly 2 vs Midjourney 2

Short Ideas: Adobe Firefly has much more background information although Midjourney centered on making a much better topic.

Adobe Firefly 2 vs Midjourney 3Adobe Firefly 2 vs Midjourney 3

Short Ideas: Adobe Firefly’s topic has the “uncanny valley” result although Midjourney’s artwork aligns much more with the function of the prompt.

DALL-E three

DALL-E three is the third iteration of OpenAI’s well-liked picture generator. Implemented utilizing GPT-4, this new model excels at comprehending consumer intent. It is also substantially much better at creativity and nuance in contrast to the prior model.

There is two methods of utilizing DALL-E three. You can both use it with ChatGPT Plus for $twenty per month or utilizing Bing Create, which grants you totally free credits every day.

You can study much more about DALL-E three in our full review here.

Pros: What Helps make It Much better Than Firefly two

  • Conversational prompting with ChatGPT Plus.
  • Employs the electrical power of GPT-four to recognize context much better.
  • At the moment the ideal AI picture generator for pictures with text.
  • You can use it for totally free with 25 credits every day utilizing Bing Develop.

Cons: What Helps make It Worse Than Firefly two

  • Far more stylized outputs.
  • Lacks the customizability that Firefly provides.
  • DALL-E three is much more stringent about copyright and can flip down prompts that could violate IP rights.

A Short Comparison of Adobe Firefly two and DALL-E three Outputs

Adobe Firefly 2 vs DALL-E 3 1Adobe Firefly 2 vs DALL-E 3 1

Short Ideas: Adobe Firefly is waaay much better although DALL-E three seems fake and could simply be spotted as AI.

Adobe Firefly 2 vs DALL-E 3 2Adobe Firefly 2 vs DALL-E 3 2

Short Ideas: Adobe Firefly has much more background information but DALL-E three created a in depth, much more prompt exact topic.

Adobe Firefly 2 vs DALL-E 3 3Adobe Firefly 2 vs DALL-E 3 3

Short Ideas: DALL-E three was in a position to develop an artwork that ideal depicts the two awe and doom.

How Considerably Does Adobe Firefly two Value

You can use Adobe Firefly two for totally free with 25 credits, which equal to a single generation each and every. Each and every picture produced utilizing the totally free program will also come with an unremovable watermark.

If you want to improve, you can obtain their Premium Prepare for $four.99 per month. This offers you one hundred credits month to month that will refresh on the day of obtain. There is also the Adobe Express program for $9.99 per month, which comes with 250 credits and entry to other Adobe attributes this kind of as templates, animation controls, fonts, and stock aspects.

The Bottom Line

Would I use Firefly two above Midjourney, DALL-E three, and even Midjourney?

Nicely, it depends.

I’m a author but I also do some graphic layout operate on the side, primarily for college students. A single of the greatest troubles I have is how tough it is to supply royalty-totally free photos today. Firefly two makes it possible for me to develop these photos for totally free and customize them even so I see match.

But as a standalone app? Not at its recent state.

You could give them some credit score due to the fact they are nonetheless in beta, but truthfully, so is Midjourney, and they are previously making some of the ideal AI artwork I’ve observed.

Reality be informed, the only benefit Adobe Firefly has above these generators is its customizability and potential to develop lifelike pictures. Get individuals away and there is nothing at all else left. 

General, I’d say Firefly is a very good hard work — but it is not there nevertheless. Nevertheless, being aware of Adobe, I know we can anticipate much better issues with Firefly in the potential.