ChatGPT for Homework: Coding Solutions Made Easy

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As a pupil, every time I hear “ChatGPT” and “homework” in a sentence, my thoughts subconsciously goes to essays. I’m positive some of you feel that way as well. Following all, it is a text-to-text generative AI.

Properly, I’m right here to inform you that that is not the only sort of assignment ChatGPT can do.

For individuals learning code out there who want a minor shortcut, you can also use ChatGPT to do your assignments for you. In this write-up, I’ll be discussing every thing you want to know about how to use GPT for your coding homework and how dependable it truly is.

How Can ChatGPT Do Your Coding Homework?

There are two methods of making use of ChatGPT to do your coding homework: a single free of charge and the other a single is paid. I’m going to show the two of them for you so you can select which a single fits your wants greater.

Employing Plain ChatGPT

The super straightforward secret trick to acquiring ChatGPT to do your coding homework? Just inquire. That is it. To show, allow me inquire it to make me a straightforward hangman game making use of C++.

The code that came with it is as well massive for a screenshot but here’s a glimpse of it:

As for the output, here’s what it seems like:

Hmm, that is odd. It is not registering the proper letters. This can only indicate that there is a logic error someplace in the code. If this transpires to you, really do not fret. ChatGPT can resolve their errors as nicely.

Now, let’s check out if the new code is logically sound.

And there we go. Now, for my ultimate modification, I want to see an real hangman figure when I make an incorrect guess. So, back to ChatGPT we go.

And right here is our ultimate output:

It is fairly remarkable, correct? But, here’s the point: What if you want a visual part to your output? Some thing that can only be described with figures and illustrations.

For that, we flip to GPT-4.

Employing GPT-4V(ision)

A single of the coolest items about GPT-4V is its capability to accept picture prompts. This can aid you accomplish what you want greater by producing a rough illustration that GPT can comply with. For instance:

Rather of a code block, GPT-4V gave me a downloadable HTML file containing the code. Here is what it seems like:

Not precisely excellent in seems, but does it perform?

Yep! This trick is greater if your instructor has certain style directions but, if you are offered one thing that does not call for types or wireframes to comply with, you are going to get by just fine with plain ChatGPT.

What Else Can ChatGPT Do?

Programming assignments really do not quit at coding. There are other varieties of evaluation created to check out your ability degree. And yes, ChatGPT can do them all as well:


Debugging can be a time-consuming approach, but ChatGPT can aid recognize typical mistakes in your code. Describe the situation you happen to be dealing with (or merely just copy and paste the code into the chatbot) and ChatGPT can recommend prospective options, assisting you debug your whole code.

Code Optimization

Is your code operating slower than anticipated? ChatGPT can recommend methods to optimize your code by bettering its efficiency with no compromising performance. From the straightforward act of cleansing up the empty spaces in your code to comprehensive resource management, ChatGPT can very easily make your code much more robust.

Code Translation

Some individuals can not code in Java, some can not code in Python. It does not indicate they are much less of a programmer — it just indicates they want a minor aid. ChatGPT can code in any programming language, generating it straightforward to translate code with just a single prompt.

How Very good is ChatGPT at Leetcode?

Everyone who’s ever studied pc science understands and fears Leetcode. It is fundamentally a platform exactly where you can train by yourself in producing productive algorithms to fix theoretical troubles. Not only that, but Leetcode is also a fantastic way to measure how exact ChatGPT in fact is at producing code.

Leetcode troubles have 3 classes: straightforward, medium, and tough. For this check, I took 5 inquiries per group, pasted the issue into ChatGPT, and copied its solution into Leetcode for checking. The following are the final results:




Issue #one




Issue #two




Issue #three




Issue #four




Issue #five




Yes, one hundred%. That is scary very good, particularly contemplating that even the very best programmers in the globe fail a single or two tough Leetcode inquiries.

A Number of Parting Phrases

When you are making use of ChatGPT to do your coding assignment, often bear in mind who’s truly drawing the brief straw. 


Letting ChatGPT code for you deprives you of the understanding and expertise that comes with hands-on studying. Positive, in a organization, you will have accessibility to ChatGPT, Google, and other resources. But you nonetheless have to know how the person pieces of code come collectively to generate programs. That is what programming is.

So, my guidance is allow ChatGPT code for you but try out it by yourself initial. In other phrases, really do not give up just before throwing the initial punch. You can also inquire ChatGPT to make clear the code line-by-line so you can have a greater knowing of what every code block does.

Following you recognize every thing, go nuts with ChatGPT. It is a useful coding assistant for any ability degree. But just before you attain that degree, try out greater.