Revealing Website Tech Stacks with Clay: A How-To Guide

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Knowing the technological innovation stack employed by a internet site can give you insights about a business’s technique and operational strengths.

With Clay, you can simply accessibility this data without having the want of technical information. 

In this guidebook, I’ll stroll you by means of the approach on how to use Clay to successfully decide a website’s tech stack. We’ll also cover the two strategies employed, Lookup Engineering Stack and Locate Tech Stack by Domain, and how they vary in their technique.

Clay Find Tech Stack by Domain outputClay Find Tech Stack by Domain output

Sp, let’s get started out!

Why Must You Care About a Website’s Engineering Stack?

Engineering is swiftly evolving. To keep on leading of the game, it is crucial for marketers to keep up to date on what is new in today’s marketplace. A single way is to comprehend the technological innovation stack employed by their target businesses’ web sites.

A technological innovation stack basically refers to a mixture of computer software or resources employed to develop and run a internet site. This contains plugins, internet site builders, e-commerce platforms, and electronic mail advertising and marketing apps.

By realizing the technological innovation stack of a internet site, you can:

  • tailor a a lot more efficient product sales technique if you are marketing a technological innovation solution 
  • collaborate with prospective clientele
  • make informed suggestions of which technologies to use to enhance your company’s advertising and marketing methods
  • comprehend the methods employed by a competitor’s web sites

Lookup Engineering Stack vs. Locate Tech Stack by Domain

In Clay, there are two strategies you can use to uncover the technological innovation stack employed by any internet site. Initial is by means of the use of Lookup Engineering Stack. The 2nd strategy is by means of Locate Tech Stack by Domain.

Even though the two enrichments can support you decide the technological innovation stack of a internet site, they do vary in terms of the strategies employed.

Lookup Engineering Stack discerns the technological innovation stack of a internet site by analyzing its supply code. This contains the site’s programming languages, frameworks, CMS, server computer software, and numerous other people. It is the greatest strategy to use if you are interested to know a business’s tech technique in true-time.

Locate Tech Stack by Domain, on the other hand, utilizes a company’s historical task descriptions and collates all the technologies talked about in people postings. By means of this strategy, you can acquire insights about how a firm has modified their tech methods above time. This also enables you to comprehend what their long term technological instructions may possibly search like in the long term.

Now, let’s dig in to uncover out how these plugins function.

Actions to Locate the Engineering Stack of Any Site Utilizing Clay

one) Lookup Engineering Stack

Initial, let’s presume that you have currently designed a checklist of web sites you want to investigate. So, go ahead and copy these web sites to your Clay table.

Clay table website URLsClay table website URLs

The subsequent point that you want to do is include an enrichment.

add enrichment in Clayadd enrichment in Clay

Right here, you will uncover a range of choices to show to your new column. Because we are interested in realizing the technological innovation stack of our selected web sites, let’s tap ‘Tech Stack’ on the left side menu.

Clay tech stack optionsClay tech stack options

Inside the ‘Actions’ tab, pick ‘Lookup Engineering Stack.’

Clay Lookup Technology StackClay Lookup Technology Stack

You must now see a new window containing the choices on how you want to set up your inputs. 

setup input data in Claysetup input data in Clay

Initial, let’s tap the ‘Use Clay’s BuiltWith API Key’ checkbox. You will not want the 2nd choice, unless of course you have your personal API essential.

Below the ‘Setup Inputs’ part, we’ll want to enter the column containing the internet site URLs. 

Up coming, let’s include a column to show all the technologies identified on a internet site in query. Then, conserve and run.

Clay Lookup Technology Stack columnClay Lookup Technology Stack column

Your table must now be populated with outcomes. 

Clay output tableClay output table

Recognize that some rows might  not show an output due to the fact of the dimension restrict. Often, it does not truly make sense to know all the hundreds of technologies a internet site is making use of. Frequently, you would be a lot more interested to know if a distinct technological innovation or app is employed inside a internet site.

Let’s say we want to investigate what electronic mail advertising and marketing apps are generally employed in web sites. We can basically enter a class title like ‘email marketing’ to the ‘Keyword or Group Filter’ area.

Clay Lookup Technology Stack set categoryClay Lookup Technology Stack set category

And your consequence would search like this.

Lookup technology stack resultLookup technology stack result

two) Locate Tech Stack by Domain

The 2nd enrichment we’ll try out is the Locate Tech Stack by Domain.

Once more, let’s include an enrichment and pick ‘Find Tech Stack by Domain’ inside the actions tab. 

Clay Find Tech Stack by DomainClay Find Tech Stack by Domain

Up coming, enter the column that is made up of the internet site URLs. For now, let’s just have the app show all the outcomes. So, you can depart the other fields blank. 

Find Tech Stack by Domain add URLsFind Tech Stack by Domain add URLs

And that is it. You must now see a checklist of technologies that every internet site utilizes. 

Find Tech Stack by Domain outputFind Tech Stack by Domain output

Just like the 1st strategy, you can also narrow down your search by selecting a class. For instance, let’s try out to pick ‘Email Marketing’ on the ‘Technology Category’ dropdown menu.

Find Tech Stack by Domain add categoryFind Tech Stack by Domain add category

You must now see the outcomes displayed on your table, as proven right here.

Find Tech Stack by Domain outputFind Tech Stack by Domain output

So, Which is Greater?

I personally uncover the two of these resources beneficial in comprehending the tech methods employed by companies. But they do have their personal strengths and weaknesses due to their differing approaches.

For instance, when we examined Lookup Engineering Stack, we observed hundreds of outcomes for every internet site. This is quite beneficial if you want to know a website’s tech technique in true-time. But these hundreds of outcomes may possibly not inform you something about how their tech stack has evolved above time.

On the other hand, we observed that Locate Tech Stack By Domain offers fewer outcomes. And that is due to the fact the plugin only investigates a company’s historical task descriptions to decide its tech stack. This offers you an edge in comprehending how the company’s technological methods have evolved above time. 

Nonetheless, it also misses some technologies that a firm may possibly be making use of but did not mention in its postings. There is also a opportunity that the technologies talked about in task postings are outdated.

So, realizing which 1 is the greatest may possibly in fact rely on your particular wants. But personally, I would choose the Lookup Engineering Stack due to the fact it offers me a full image of what a company’s existing tech methods search like.

Wrapping it Up

Realizing a website’s tech stack can open you up to a whole lot of possibilities.

Initial, you can acquire deeper insights about your competitor’s tech methods. Up coming, you can make much better choices about which technologies will support your organization keep on leading of the industry. And last but not least, leverage this comprehending to refine your organization methods.

Bear in mind, Clay has other amazing functions you can use to drive development in your organization. So, carry on experimenting and see how this app can support your organization expand.

I’d enjoy to hear your ideas about Clay and the strategies talked about in this guidebook. Truly feel cost-free to share them under!