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Top 5 Tools to Outsmart ChatGPT Writing Detectors

The concept of AI detection is fishy enough, many students get flagged regardless of if they've used ChatGPT. So how can you ensure your ChatGPT-produced writing doesn't get detected as being written with AI? Here's a few of the best tips to get around it.
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Danny Postma: The Untold Story of an Indie Hacker’s Remarkable Success

This Indie hacker has rocketed to solo success by creating a variety of AI-related startups and eventually finding his niche using AI in photography. Here's his story
AI Detection

2023’s Best AI Essay Article Detectors: Free & Paid Options

If you're trying to detect if an essay was written with ChatGPT you can use a few tools to do so. Visualizing the writing & combining multiple AI detection tools can be a great insight into finding the origins of an essay.
AI Detection

2023’s Top AI Detection Remover Tools: A Comprehensive List

AI detection works because ChatGPT writing is super structured and programmatic. If you want to remove the stain of AI detection on your writing you pretty much just have to make your writing more creative & expressing, something these tools can help you do:
AI Detection

Making AI Writing Invisible: Strategies and Techniques

AI Writing has been a controversial discussion point over the last few months. What do you do if you want to make ChatGPT or other AI-generated writing undetectable? Use these tools and tips to make your writing seem as human as possible.
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WriteSonic Review: Boosting Copywriting Efficiency with AI

WriteSonic is an AI-powered writing platform that excels in chat, long-form, and unique marketing copy. We'll go over how it stands up against its competition.
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GPT-4 Unveiled: AI’s Groundbreaking Advancements Explored

Ever wondered what makes GPT-4 so awesome? With its remarkable upgrade, GPT-4 is truly revolutionizing industries and redefining how we communicate. Stick around for an engaging deep dive into its astonishing capabilities, real-world applications, and why this latest iteration is something you'll want to get your hands on.
Artificial Intelligence The Go-To AI Writing Assistant for Students

Jenni is a new AI writing assistant aimed to help students write faster. Combining personal writing with AI assistance results in some seriously great essays & copy
AI Detection

OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier Discontinued: A Step to Enhance AI Writing Detection

OpenAI released an official text classification tool to help determine if something was written with AI. Although not always accurate, one can paste text into the tool to help determine the origins of where the writing was produced.
AI Detection A Rigorous GPT-4 AI Detection Tool Reviewed

Those who write, produce, or generally work with written content can easily test writing with Originality. Originality.AI is the industry leading AI-detection and plagiarism checker that works on any type of writing. Trained on the newest OpenAI language models, Originality can help determine if a piece of content has been produced with the help of AI
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A Year with Jasper AI: Comprehensive Review and Insights

Jasper is a powerful tool for optimizing and streamlining your daily workflow. This AI copywriting tool helping you generate high-quality copy in a fraction of the time it would take to produce manually. Whether you're working on sales emails, website copy, blog posts, or product descriptions, here's our brutally honest review after using it for over a year.
AI Detection

Spotting AI-Written Content: ChatGPT Detection Techniques

With AI taking the world by storm, many have started to question the authenticity of what they're reading online. While AI writing detection tools aren't 100% accurate, there are a few combined methods you could use to help decipher the origin of what you're reading.