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Using for Effective Lead Generation on Clutch

Discover the untapped potential of finding and enriching new prospects that your competitors haven't even dreamed of using With our approach, you can effortlessly scrape valuable data from Clutch, identify decision-makers at software agencies, and even obtain their LinkedIn profiles and work email addresses, giving you a remarkable advantage in the fiercely competitive sales landscape.
Sales and Email Marketing

Perfecting Email Warm-Up: Boost Your Campaign’s Deliverability

Emails are hard to perfect, but once you get the process and deliverability down, you're golden. Here's a few tips and tricks how to boost your email deliverability to get the best results.
Web Development & Design

Crafting Engaging Newsletters in Breakdance Builder

A large part of converting users to newsletter subscribers is timing. You need to show a beautiful popup at the right moment when users are interested in your content, but not annoyed by it.
Sales and Email Marketing

DMARC Setup with Gmail for Improved Cold Email Marketing

DMARC is an important security protocol that helps protect email recipients from spam, phishing, and other types of fraudulent or malicious email activity by verifying the authenticity of the sender's domain. It helps to ensure that only legitimate emails from a specific domain are delivered to recipients, improving the overall security and integrity of the email ecosystem.