Unleash Creativity: 21 Top AI Prompts for Eye-Catching Painter Logos

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When you are establishing a company, there is absolutely nothing much more essential in marketing and advertising than establishing a brand identity. 1 essential facet of that is getting a distinctive brand for your company.

I will say this: it is usually much better to get a brand developed by a individual. Even so, not absolutely everyone has that luxury, specifically little firms. So, what can they do?

Use AI image generators.

If you are a painter or an individual who owns an arts supplies retailer, then this post is for you. In this post, I’ll be listing 21 great prompts that are assured to get people’s consideration.

Painter-Connected Keywords and phrases To Preserve In Thoughts

When making a brand, it is essential to have a topic. This tells your consumers what type of company you are working and assists set up your brand identity. If you are a painter, here’s a couple keywords and phrases to have in your prompts:

  • Painter.
  • Canvas.
  • Paint and paintbrush.
  • Palette and palette knife.
  • Easel.
  • Painting rag or cloth.
  • Apron or smock.
  • Pencil, charcoal, varnish.
  • Something associated to the identify of your brand.
  • Yourself.

You can also use the initial letter of your identify or the identify of your store but I would advise towards making use of the complete identify. AI picture generators just are not outfitted to take care of text however.

The Greatest Prompts For Painter Logos

Just before we develop some great logos, let’s set some ground principles.

The prompts for these logos will include 3 aspects: the topic, the keywords and phrases, and a number of (optional) supporting specifics. Really do not be concerned — I’ll display every prompt I utilised for every set of logos. If anything at all catches your eye, come to feel totally free to use the prompt. I also very recommend that you experiment with the supporting specifics to get the seem you want.

I’ll also be making use of Midjourney to produce these photos, because it is much more well-liked than DALL-E, Firefly, and Steady Diffusion. That stated, you can just plug these keywords and phrases into your AI picture generator of option and I promise that the benefits will seem related.

Acquired that? Wonderful. Now, let’s get to function. Right here are some of my favourite painter-associated prompts:

Vector Emblem

Prompt: a flat vector brand of a [subject], artistic, clean background

Linear Emblem

Prompt: a straightforward linear minimalistic brand of a [subject], multi-colored, intricate, light background

Neon Emblem

Prompt: outline of a [subject], brand, paint, minimum, flat layout, in the fashion of neon, large contrast, dark background

Japanese Emblem

Prompt: a japanese fashion brand of a [subject]

Chinese Painting

Prompt: a straightforward brand of a [subject], minimalist, vector, in the fashion of chinese painting, clean background

Minimal-Poly Emblem

Prompt: a minimalist straightforward brand for an artwork supplies retailer, [subject], reduced-poly

Geometric Emblem

Prompt: geometric brand of [subject], daring contrast, minimum

Pictorial Emblem

Prompt: a pictorial brand layout of a [subject], minimalism, clean background

Double Publicity

Prompt: a straightforward minimum brand, double exposure of [subject 1] and [subject 2], animated, minimalism

Vinyl Sticker

Prompt: [subject], vinyl sticker, stickers, vector artwork, cute, minimalist

Flat Icon

Prompt: a straightforward brand of [subject], in the fashion of flat icon, artistic


Prompt: a straightforward brand of [subject], clear background, patch

Fantasy or Dark Fantasy

Prompt: a minimum brand of a [subject], fantasy, 1980s illustration, vintage

Oil Painting

Prompt: a minimum brand of a [subject], expressive oil painting, strokes


Prompt: a straightforward minimum brand of a [subject], in the fashion of ukiyo-e, japanese, minimalism


Prompt: a minimalist app icon, [subject], gradient, clean background


Prompt: a clean brand of [subject], fauvism

Paul Rand

Prompt: a clean brand of [subject], in the fashion of paul rand

Massimo Vignelli

Prompt: a clean brand of [subject], in the fashion of massimo vignelli

Saul Bass

Prompt: a clean brand of [subject], in the fashion of saul bass

A Number of Last Suggestions

There is 1 point that AI picture generators lack: nuance. You will not usually get the brand you want in 1 attempt, even if you are as in depth as you can be in your prompt. It is a lengthy approach of trial and error just before you get 1 that you are okay with.

So, experiment. A whole lot.

Combine and match the prompt keywords and phrases I listed over. Try out new ones. Think about the framework of your prompt. And most of all, do not be afraid to make blunders — these will only give you much better insight into how Midjourney or DALL-E operates.

It will consider a even though and a whole lot of persistence, but you will get there. Great luck!