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Audio is an extraordinary type of content material. A single of the greatest kinds of increasing an audience more than the final three many years has been podcasts. The pandemic solidified that and now they are right here to keep.

If you are a podcaster making an attempt to flip your content material into blogs, seem no additional. Content at Scale is an extraordinary solution that lets you convert your podcast audio into completely optimized weblog posts.

All you have to do is paste the podcast or media file URL into the instrument and inside of twenty minutes you will have a condensed, report overview of your complete podcast. Here is how you do it

If you want to understand much more about the abilities &amp intricacies behind Content material at Scale, verify out our full review of them here!

Turning a Podcast into a Weblog Making use of Content material at Scale AI

I have utilized other AI platforms that consider an audio file and transcribe a podcast (generally summarizes it) into anything bite sized, but C@S specializes in going a phase additional and optimizing the content material.

AI creating and transcription resources are excellent, will not get me incorrect, but they only know as considerably as you inform them. If you summarize your podcast content material you could entirely just paste it into ChatGPT and request it to bloggify it, appropriate?

Not really. It really is going to consider a bit much more prompt engineering than that.

To steer clear of the headache of transcribing your personal weblog, inconsistent prompt benefits, and packaging that into a weblog you now have this different answer.

It really is very straightforward to flip a podcast into a weblog with Content material at Scale. The instance we’ll go more than in a couple of minutes is the podcast from Andrew Huberman on Alcohol.

Entirely Unrelated note: He has excellent podcasts if you are searching to understand a small scary science.

Okay, back to the podcast.

There is no specific purpose I utilized this podcast episode (subject-sensible). I not too long ago watched it, it really is two hrs in length, and was produced by a scientist at Stanford (so I knew the information was correct), and due to the fact I watched the total point (so I know what issues!)

The principal purpose was truly due to the fact of the length. I have utilized Content material at Scale on shorter audio clips and it did excellent, but I wished to place it by way of the wringer with a two hour extended podcast.

To use Content material at Scale, include some credits to your account &amp produce a venture. Right after you have accomplished this you will be capable to include content material to the web site.

After you press include content material, you will see an overview of what your input sorts can be. Go ahead and decide on podcast episode (or audio file, they do the very same point).

You will need to have to paste an on the internet dwell hyperlink for this to function. There is at present no assistance for uploading files, so if you are making an attempt to upload a personal file, you will have to host it online somewhere first.

Go ahead and paste the hyperlink and decide on Produce Content material Now. Sit back, grab some snacks, and refresh the web page in about ten minutes.

You are going to see your report get modified from pending to Prepared for Optimization. After you see this, you can click into the report to locate your new weblog.

Every report will get a score of how optimized it is. This quantity is arbitrary but is a wonderful indicator to see how prepared your weblog is for posting. See what it suggests, but consider issues with a grain of salt. You know ideal.

In this situation, we acquired a score of an 86 – which is quite excellent. I would come to feel really cozy posting this without having shifting something.

You are going to see your newly produced weblog on the left, with an informative introduction &amp table of contents beneath it. You are going to get a created title, URL slug, and meta description.

In this situation, the report we acquired created was only 1400 phrases which is really disappointing. Most of the posts I create with C@S is in between 2000 and 2500 phrases. I am not saying you ought to emphasis on a certain word count to have a very good weblog, but in this situation a two hour weblog almost certainly has adequate content material to fill up at least 2500 phrases on a web page!

You do have the potential to rerun the very same submit as several instances as you want, which I will do in a couple of minutes to display you the variations.

Beneath the introduction paragraph is the total table of contents. I feel this does a really nicely occupation and describing a vast majority of the podcast. You are going to all see an audio file of the real podcast get extra beneath right here. I would delete this, but which is just me!

Previous the TOC is when we really get into the meat of the podcast. This is a quite fascinating resource it pulled. The instrument also did its personal investigation on alcohol and sourced an report from Healthline (I am quite satisfied with this).

Also, different components of the weblog are filled with a CTA that lets a consumer “click to tweet.” I am not the greatest fan of this for this sort of report, but I variety of get what they are going for.

What tends to make Content material at Scale various than other transcription resources is the interest to every component inside of an report. I have by no means observed a instrument that hyperlinks to its sources or generates bolded, bulleted lists. It really is extraordinary.

The rest of the weblog continues as regular, pulling in information from various factors in the podcast. It will take a couple of minutes to go through but almost everything I have observed is correct from the podcast.

There is a small FAQ area but it did not format the headings precisely how I would’ve wished (h2 tags as the query, with paragraph text as the solution). It even now gave some very good insight.

At the finish of the report you will see a conclusion which in this situation summed up the complete podcast with a couple of takeaways. This is related to a TLDR if you wished to move it up to the best.

And yet again, apart from the podcast, it also referenced two large high quality sources. I am not positive how this would be with a non-scientific podcast, but I am really satisfied with the extra sources for this report.

And which is quite considerably it relating to the real content material of the report. The appropriate side of the instrument has a investigation tab in which you can supply an extra quick, see what ranks the highest, do a plagiarism and AI verify, and lets you rewrite the content material.

Rewrite Your Content material Limitless Instances for Totally free

So we just went more than the authentic submit, which I feel did a excellent occupation as summing the podcast up. Considering that I was a bit disappointed with the word count, I went ahead and regenerated the submit yet again.

The 2nd submit was 1800 phrases but was a bit much less dense in every area. I also observed a area on the positives of alcohol (without having citing any references past the podcast if correct).

I would say this report was quite considerably on par with the final 1, so it was even now very good. If you want to verify the two of them out, here is the first article &amp here is the second article.

How Considerably Does Content material at Scale Charge Per Submit

Irrespective of what sort of content material you are generating (from a keyword, existing blog post, youtube video, podcast episode, or customized audio file) you will have to invest one credit score.

C@S most affordable pricing model begins at $250 a month and provides you eight credits. I personally feel these rates are a bit steep, but you are paying out for the ease of receiving almost everything accomplished for you.

If you break it down, it expenses $31 an article if you purchase the solo strategy. This scales in your favor with every greater strategy you purchase (the company strategy breaks down to $15 an article).

If you are not inclined to invest this for every of your posts, one more instrument may possibly be greater for you. I can not blame you at initial glance, but I would suggest making an attempt a test post if you have any curiosity in the solution. I truly feel you will be shocked with how very good the output is.

Ultimate Ideas &amp Is It Well worth It?

So I have utilized Content at Scale for quite considerably almost everything now. The podcast to weblog instrument was the final point I checked out.

I would say this certain function is quite very good, its not great or excellent, but absolutely very good. If you are making an attempt to flip a longer podcast into a weblog I would say it really is really worth it at the present cost level. If you are making a bunch of content material and need to have issues turned all around swiftly, I would also say it really is really worth it.

If you have quick type content material, or will not truly generate podcasts or audio on a constant routine, it really is almost certainly much more really worth it to transcribe manually or use one more 1-off summation instrument to get your posts written.

The following couple of months will absolutely function a whole lot of enhancements to an presently reliable instrument, and I am positive the staff has much more suggestions to aid customize your input/output into these podcast blogs.

Have you utilized C@S for podcasts or any sorts of AI weblog creating? Drop a comment to allow us know your ideas, we would really like to hear them!