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As marketers, salespeople, or men and women who want to discover an e mail deal with from a LinkedIn profile, you want to comply with this manual.

LinkedIn, as a platform, does not publicly show e mail addresses. So we have to use Clay to scrape, enrich, and confirm the e mail addresses. Let’s dive in!

Clay is the information enrichment computer software we’re going to use to make our lives 10x simpler. If you want to find out how it performs, verify out our entire review.

one) Generate a Table in Clay

Generate a table by clicking “new table”

two) Title Your Columns 

This is most probably going to be utilised for cold emailing or cold calling, so we’re going to want a handful of variables: the LinkedIn profile, complete title, very first title, final title, and the organization title.

But bear in mind, we’re going to pull that from a single enrichment, so appropriate now we’ll just want a single column. 

This is what your table need to seem like. 

three) Enrich Your LinkedIn Profile

Generate a new column.

Search for the “Enrich Man or woman From LinkedIn Profile”.

Now you are going to decide on the column you want to enrich. 

This is what it need to seem like. 

You are going to click “Continue to Include Fields” and then you will see information that we’ll be capable to map by means of. 

We’re going to toggle “Name”, “Company” and “Is Current”. This is what your table need to seem like. 

Now let’s start off the enrichment. Below the LinkedIn profile, click “Run”. 

four) E mail Handle from LinkedIn Information

Let’s seem at what we have been capable to pull from our enrichment. 

We now have their complete title, the title of the organization, and a checkmark to make confident that this is their present organization. 

But we have a problem…

In purchase to discover someone’s e mail deal with we want the actual URL of the organization they operate for. Great information although, Clay has an integration with Clearbit which permits you to pass in a organization title and it returns the url of the organization. 

Let’s produce an additional column and seem for the clearbit integration. 

Decide on the “Get Domain From Business Name” and you are going to pass in the column “Company – Experience”. 

This is what your table need to seem like. 

Let’s run the enrichment. 

And now we have the actual URL. 

Now we’re prepared to discover their e mail deal with. 

Go ahead and produce a new column. When you go to produce a new a single, you need to see two possibilities. Information Factors and Enrichments. 

You are going to decide on Information Factors and decide on “Work Email”.

You need to now see inputs and you are going to decide on the columns to reference. Beneath is what your inputs need to seem like. 

Go ahead and run the enrichment. 

What we just did is regarded a waterfall integration. We connect a handful of diverse platforms that are capable to discover and confirm an e mail deal with. If a single platform does not discover it, then an additional a single will. 

But in this situation, it seems like we identified a legitimate e mail deal with with the very first application.


With Clay, you are capable to go from only obtaining a checklist of LinkedIn profiles to a totally enriched checklist of prospective customers that is made up of their names, businesses, and even verified e mail addresses. 

By getting capable to mix in excess of 80+ platforms into a single platform you are capable to assault difficulties with a selection of diverse options. 

I hope you identified this tutorial useful. Be confident to allow us know your ideas and tips in the feedback part under.