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Tons of AI creating solutions have popped up across the copywriting and Search engine optimization planet more than the final 12 months. Some of the greater retail names contain Jasper, Copy AI, and WriteSonic.

When they initial came out, they have been wonderful. It appeared like they have been billion-dollar businesses that have been going to revolutionize the copywriting game permanently. Properly, that did not final quite lengthy.

We have been then blessed with ChatGPT, which rather a lot created individuals older creating equipment obsolete. But even with ChatGPT, it truly is usually tough to fine-tune articles or blog posts to match your creating requests following a couple hundred or so phrases, appropriate? Mix that with a lack of widespread net accessibility (it truly is only truly excellent for one-off requests) and you happen to be left with a paraphrasing instrument.

Properly, a couple of weeks in the past I ran into a magical instrument that claims to compose total articles or blog posts for you just primarily based on a couple of keywords and phrases. I did not truly think it. It was the initial time I noticed a instrument of this caliber (even although I completely knew it was coming).

The instrument that altered how I see AI creating equipment is referred to as Content at Scale. Articles at Scale is a totally automated material creating platform that generates 2500+ word website posts at the click of a button. Believe in me, you require to see these examples.

Prior to we even get into factors… I want to emphasize that Practically nothing replaces a human author. Specially a wonderful one particular. We’re quite lengthy away (in my humble view) from AI that can change the intuition and experiences that men and women carry. I suggest are not you reading through this evaluation due to the fact there is an real man or woman who considered of what to say and typed it across their keyboard?

I like authenticity, and it truly is not that equipment like C@S will not have that, but there is a degree of understanding people have that is so far innovative from anything at all a crawling/creating/producing AI instrument can do at this quite minute. We’re receiving closer to it, but nevertheless not one hundred% there however.

What is Articles at Scale?

When striving to scale material you have almost certainly experimented with and ran into difficulties employing writers, making use of material marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr, using AI equipment, or merely just generating scalable written material.

In contrast to other AI creating equipment, Articles at Scale generates totally-written, Search engine optimization-optimized, lengthy website articles or blog posts following inputting just a couple of specifics about your website &amp the key phrase you want to rank for. This is the initial AI instrument I have observed that yields a massive written output from this kind of minor input.

As of quite just lately, they extra various sources for your input – you can enter a key phrase, URL, existing blog posts,upload podcasts, or convert YouTube videos to get immediately translated into a website. How crazy!

Following paying 15 months creating with Jasper and some far more time making use of other material creating platforms like Copy and WriteSonic, Articles at Scale is the only creating platform that makes it possible for you to start off and finish articles or blog posts in just a couple of minutes totally. I will by no means go back to equipment like Jasper as they expense way also a lot for providing you marginally minor in return. This evaluation is not sponsored or endorsed by C@S, but we are element of their affiliate system. They’ve provided us a website link to share with our readers to get 20% bonus credits on every single strategy. I unequivocally advocate striving them out if you are a critical material publisher, Search engine optimization author, or are searching to develop your organization by way of material. I would not compose a evaluation on some thing I did not think in, and this is the ideal scalable AI creating software program I have ever came across.

Articles at Scale makes use of a complicated combine of three AI engines, normal language processing, and semantic examination algorithms along with crawling Google and all the prime-ranking internet sites in purchase to place with each other an total submit.

These posts regular close to two,600-three,000 phrases, and use vocabulary and syntax structures virtually comparable to a human author. Though Google does not penalize AI material – it will penalize undesirable creating. Articles at Scale creates creating in a way that flows naturally and calls for minimum editing (as lengthy as you have prompted it with the appropriate keywords and phrases).

Content at Scale average word count across three blog postsContent at Scale average word count across three blog posts

As pointed out in the organization identify, scale is a huge element of their technique (it truly is the principal target). If you very own an company, website, or organization that demands a good deal of written material (and all of it speedily), you happen to be in for a deal with. Following setting almost everything up and inputting your specified keywords and phrases, you will be capable to create totally written articles or blog posts in about ten minutes. Now assess this to the procedure of paying out a author, revising drafts, and then paying out them for their time.

I would be lying if I mentioned Articles at Scale was ideal, or if it created articles or blog posts that did not require any revision, but it does a relatively wonderful occupation. It also depends on what sort of material you happen to be striving to generate. The far more concrete articles or blog posts &amp investigation published on your keywords and phrases, the far better your outcomes will be out of the box.

The instrument nevertheless analyzes prime Google outcomes for your post key phrase, but we all know AI performs far better with static material than innovative and specialized material (positive aspects of consuming apples vs. how to start off an apple orchard in the middle of the jungle). Articles at Scale also claims almost everything is writes is undetectable from AI detection equipment, but that is not truly an situation if you just require excellent material made. AI or not, it does not matter.

Let us dive in and get a appear at some of the product’s ideal characteristics and how we use it for our company and as a baseline for our consumer articles or blog posts.

Crucial Characteristics of Articles at Scale

So let us broaden far more into the real material. How does Articles at Scale operate and what characteristics are integrated with it:

Total-length, AI-written blogs Optimized for Search engine optimization in Seconds

You are going to have a close to-full post written in minutes. The instrument gives an Search engine optimization and investigation report primarily based on what your title, URL slug, and meta description need to be (of program these are just suggestions, adjust them as you want). This saves tons of time and vitality in performing the menial meta operate for your posts – you will not require to do this, it truly is automated!

Content at Scale SEO Optimization screen giving suggestions for a title, URL slug, meta description, optimization score, and word countContent at Scale SEO Optimization screen giving suggestions for a title, URL slug, meta description, optimization score, and word count

Content articles are created with an regular word count of two,667 (primarily based on the ones I have created more than the final couple of weeks). You can change the word count as necessary (from underneath 750 to 3000+ phrases per generation). You can also regenerate total posts if you are not satisfied with what you see (up to three occasions).

If you want to adhere to a far more streamlined checklist, you have the potential to see factors you happen to be missing in the Search engine optimization tab. These are just common tips (and not all of them are essential for creating a excellent post), but it truly is a wonderful listing to adhere to if you want some thing far more concrete in a way comparable to SurferSEO.

Content at Scale AI on-page SEO checklist for making sure content is up to proper standardsContent at Scale AI on-page SEO checklist for making sure content is up to proper standards

On the internet Investigation &amp Search Crawling Assistance

Expanding a bit far more on what I pointed out earlier, you can see specifically which posts have gotten crawled to compose your website. You can broaden into these and see what headings, text, and other variables right resulted in your created post. This is also excellent for competitor investigation – if you see a bunch of substantial good quality domains, you will know it may be more difficult to rank for what you happen to be searching to compose about.

Content at Scale research tab showing top ranking content for the keyword you enter, this is what gets moved into the blog that gets writtenContent at Scale research tab showing top ranking content for the keyword you enter, this is what gets moved into the blog that gets written

Copyscape Plagiarism &amp AI Detection

In the investigation tab, you can get a short, see what information your creating was pulled from, check out plagiarism and AI all primarily based on C@S’s proprietary techniques. I in fact use their standalone AI detector often if I am just searching to scan my material.

Content at Scale AI detection and plagiarism checker screens, using an internal tool to detect AIContent at Scale AI detection and plagiarism checker screens, using an internal tool to detect AI

You can get your creating checked by way of Copyscape (constructed into the platform as nicely) by going into the plagiarism tab and scanning the web site. This need to get a couple of minutes but will allow you know if anything at all received flagged.

WordPress and Shopify Website Integration

Articles at Scale also gives the two a WordPress and Shopify plugin which lets you website link your dashboard to your person WordPress web site. If you have writers who are going to edit right within the C@S dashboard, connecting the dashboard to your web site will allow editors immediately publish material on your web site when creating is full.

The plugin is totally free (you just have to have an account with credits) and then you can set up the plugin and activate it by way of an API essential.

Content at Scale WordPress and shopify integration screen showing plugin downloads and API codesContent at Scale WordPress and shopify integration screen showing plugin downloads and API codes

A Free of charge 12 months of Articles Preparing

If you get the starter strategy or greater (anything at all but the standard strategy), you will get a many years well worth of material technique organizing immediately integrated.

This offers you accessibility to investigation &amp keywords and phrases right from the C@S crew to aid discover prime material in your niche. And it truly is all integrated with a premium strategy.

This mixed with a massive update the crew is organizing quickly (focusing on competitor examination) is going to be a massive game-changer to aid outrank competitors. Often Search engine optimization is not just about creating the ideal material, it truly just has to be far better than your rivals.

The time you happen to be placing into your articles or blog posts to be “ideal” could probably be invested scaling your creating efforts that have been previously (or on the border of) ranking anyways.

Who Need to Be Employing Articles at Scale?

On the internet Bloggers: Articles at Scale is a lifesaver for bloggers and material marketers who are searching to improve their output even though keeping the good quality of their material. With the potential to create 2500+ word website posts at the click of a button, bloggers can conserve time and energy specially on subjects that are far more informative of what their website has to provide (not requiring a lot expanding)

New Businesses: New businesses that are just starting up to construct their on-line presence can advantage drastically from Articles at Scale. The platform’s potential to generate substantial-good quality, Search engine optimization-optimized website posts speedily and effortlessly will let new businesses to target on other facets of their enterprise even though nevertheless keeping a sturdy on-line presence. It will take many years for a new organization to dominate a material niche. Scaling from the start off is the ideal way at establishing authority for a merchandise or services.

Articles Companies: Companies that specialize in mass material creation can advantage drastically from Articles at Scale. The potential to create substantial-good quality website posts speedily and effectively will let companies to scale their material manufacturing, meet their clients’ demands, and in the long run improve revenue. With Articles at Scale in collaboration with a human editor for proofreading, companies can create dozens of articles or blog posts in a single day that are manufacturing-prepared.

On the internet eCommerce Firms: eCommerce retailers that depend heavily on written material to give them a internet presence can also drastically advantage from Articles at Scale. If you are marketing a merchandise, you can produce tons of articles or blog posts about the class of goods you provide. eCommerce Search engine optimization is not straightforward &amp absolutely will take time. Once again, conserve oneself the headache &amp automate the mundane blogs.

Articles at Scale Post Varieties &amp Examples

So we have examined the post on all five input kinds. Articles at Scale presently supports lengthy-type website posts from the following sources:

Which is text, video, and audio material. I am not fairly positive what else is missing but they look to have captured every single medium that can dual as a website submit.

When you register for an account and obtain a credit score strategy, you need to see a stability at the prime of the app. Every single credit score corresponds to a single post, no matter what input supply:

Content at Scale long-form blog post input generator options (from what source of content)Content at Scale long-form blog post input generator options (from what source of content)

Pick include material and you will be taken to the generation web page. Right here you will prompt the instrument for the key phrase you want to rank for (every single key phrase is a single credit score).

Pick a word count among 750 and 3000 phrases, then include a short about the material you want it to create.

For the initial post, we’ll create some thing a bit far more definitive. There are tons of sources obtainable close to scientific and info subjects, so it truly is a wonderful subject for C@S.

keyword generator for content at scale based on a single word and descriptionkeyword generator for content at scale based on a single word and description

For this evaluation, I am only going to highlight how factors came straight out of the box. No editing, no re-runs, absolutely nothing.

When you developed material primarily based on a short you have to wait a couple of minutes to see your sample. Sit back, wait about five minutes, then refresh the web page. Oh btw, if you happen to be not satisfied with the post that was created, you have two re-generations for the exact same key phrase. This was a rather huge promote for me.

You could combine and match what performs from one or two revisions into a single post.

When a couple of minutes go by, you will see a submit that is “prepared for optimization.” This signifies it truly is written and prepared for editing! Click the title and open the editor.

Within the document editor, you will see meta specifics, key phrase targets, and key phrase recommendations all on one particular web page. This is in which my private use circumstances for post generation will get a minor wonky.

I would not base creating an post on obtaining to target a specified quantity of keywords and phrases, I would rather make positive the material is human-readable and mimics the length of prime ranking articles or blog posts. You can analyze patterns all day lengthy, but what genuinely issues is the material.

Genuine people with heartbeats and other factors are gonna be reading through this!

Okay, let us get into how the real post appears. I have gone ahead and pasted almost everything into a single Google Doc if you want to study it all at as soon as.

Once again, I have not altered anything at all. The post has some essential callout paragraphs and other enhancements past common material. I would say it wrote a rather wonderful post! You see an introduction, table of contents, and Search engine optimization info prior to even performing anything at all.

Total, the instrument made an informational and nicely-written post. The framework helps make it straightforward to adhere to, with clear headings and a table of contents that let readers to discover the certain info they are searching for speedily. (side note: the TOC is not truly necessary if you have a WordPress plugin to format almost everything for you)


  1. Complete coverage: The post gives a in depth overview of ADHD, discussing its definition, signs, kinds, brings about, diagnosis, therapy alternatives and sources for mothers and fathers. It touches somewhat on almost everything mothers and fathers require to know.
  2. Crucial takeaways: Every single area contains a essential takeaway that highlights the principal factors talked about. This assists readers speedily grasp the important info in every single element. This could be wonderful for splitting up into shorter material briefs, or just maintaining it as a TLDR area.
  3. Organization: The article’s organization is nicely-considered-out and straightforward to adhere to, creating it available for readers who could not be acquainted with ADHD or associated subjects. Dependent on your consumer intent, this could be fantastic! You may want to target a certain subset of men and women seeking for info on little one ADHD.

Regions for improvement:

  1. Repetition: There is some repetition in the introductory paragraphs in which possible brings about of ADHD are pointed out twice in somewhat various techniques. Combining these sections could make the introduction far more concise. A couple of minutes of editing and this is not a dilemma any longer.
  2. Tone consistency: The tone alterations somewhat in the conclusion when addressing “your digital enterprise,” which would seem out of area provided that this subject was not previously talked about in the post. A sound proofread and this would get caught &amp eliminated.

Is it ideal? Definitely not. Would I use it? YES, but not on my principal web site. It truly is also early to fully shut my eyes and automate a web site, but with tweaking this is quite a lot publishable on a reside web site. There is no doubt in my thoughts I am going to use C@S material for a secondary website I often needed to start off!

I would use this material for creating quite certain niche articles or blog posts about a narrow subject. I believe it would do Really nicely there. For innovative or reviewable subjects, human creating is nevertheless absolutely necessary. If you have been to commit twenty minutes reviewing every single post, you’d almost certainly have a wonderful movement and fantastic articles or blog posts.

I will give Content at Scale credit score for generating the ideal AI creating I have ever observed. No instrument that I have experimented with even comes remotely shut to establishing this scale and readable piece of material.

The language is far more complicated than equipment like Jasper or ChatGPT and does not get itself caught into key phrase stuffing loops (my principal Jasper complaint, it truly is the explanation I received rid of my subscription).

Once again, if you have been to commit twenty minutes polishing this post up (assuming all the context and keywords and phrases you offered earlier have been in the ideal format they could be) you would have an post quite comparable to some thing a employed material author would almost certainly compose (minus the private and anecdotal bits!)

If you happen to be making use of this instrument, give it concrete subjects.

Inquire it to compose you factors about why specified animals are the ideal, eight positive aspects of everyday operating, the six ideal areas to get images in Manhattan. Subjects like that are what Articles at Scale will compose ideal.

Multiply this by twenty, thirty, forty articles or blog posts a month, and you happen to be nicely on your way to creating a topical empire. But once again, often revise, include human touch, and be real about what you publish. These equipment need to be assistants, not replacements!

Plagiarism and AI Detection Outcomes

Okay now that we have gotten the evaluation out of the way, what about plagiarism and AI detection? This is gonna be a hefty check, but I am performing it right here to conserve men and women probably hrs of time. I am going to use three credits (three keywords and phrases) and create every single one particular of them three occasions. I will not edit anything at all within of them, and will check them every single with Originality and Copyscape. Right here are the outcomes:

Articles at Scale Post

Variation #

Originality Human%

Originality AI%

Plaigerism %

Post one (Subject: WordPress)





1st variation




2nd variation




Post two (Subject: GPT-three)





1st variation




2nd variation


fifty five%


Post three (Subject: Application)





1st variation




2nd variation




of the 9 post variations examined resulted in any flag of Plagiarism. So irrespective of your ideas on the good quality of material, its natural. Relating to AI, this is up to you to choose. Once again, if you are organizing on editing these articles or blog posts or obtaining an assistant go by way of them to make positive they movement accurately, this instrument will get you 90% of the way there.

I would say twenty to thirty minutes for every single of these articles or blog posts will consequence in about two-three hrs of a material writers time (resulting in a 6x productivity enhance.) The reality that it pulls in prime Google outcomes also is this kind of a bonus, so you can inquire it for an post on rather a lot anything at all.

I was quite pleased with the outcomes (at least out of the box), I have by no means observed totally AI-made material even look relatively undetectable from the start off. There are absolutely a couple of syntax alterations that would require to be created and paragraphs that would advantage from getting switched close to, but every single variation stood sturdy.

How’s The Consumer Interface?

A huge element of equipment like these are how straightforward (or tough) they in fact are to use. I discover Articles at Scale to be rather direct and clean. I by no means had to figure out how to use anything at all certain, most of it was intuitive. Even individuals who are new to AI creating equipment will discover it straightforward to get close to, but knowledgeable material writers (specially individuals with Search engine optimization understanding) will get the hang of it a good deal faster.

I like that you can organize posts into undertaking folders and also visualize how a lot time and income you have saved appropriate from the merchandise dashboard. Even though that can be a minor misleading… it nevertheless offers insights into the energy you’d be paying out to have these articles or blog posts written by a true author.

I also believe that obtaining a direct WordPress integration removes a layer of complexity and annoyance that some creating equipment have. The potential to organize your posts and go right to WordPress is not some thing you can do with a instrument like ChatGPT (even although I do believe the customization &amp chat characteristic you get with ChatGPT is way far better then the one-click car posting with Articles at Scale). Ideally you’d be making use of the two.

Articles at Scale Pricing

Now for pricing. This is in which factors get a minor shaky. Considering that the merchandise makes use of a bunch of AI engines, not just GPT-three, it charges far more to run (hence outputting greater material). Pricing commences at $250/month and offers you eight articles or blog posts at .012 cents per word. The greater the strategy, the far more articles or blog posts you get integrated per month and at a more affordable price.

If the solo strategy is even also pricey for you, they have a custom-made reduce strategy at $150/month (for four articles or blog posts). Don’t forget this all contains their WordPress plugin and car posting characteristics.

If you element the solo strategy pricing for the expense of studying and locating a author + proofreading what they send you, it truly is in fact really sensible. If you could create most of an post in a couple of seconds, then commit twenty minutes editing or retain the services of somebody to do this. It truly is in fact a fantastic bundle [if you like the content that is produced].

Update: As of June 13th 2023, it appears like C@S gives a trial post for $39.99! This is equivalent to one credit score and performs just as it would if you obtained a strategy (you get three reruns integrated).

Content at Scale pricing model as of June 13 2023Content at Scale pricing model as of June 13 2023

Even if you finish up striving outContent at Scale, they provide a income-back promise, so you will get a complete refund if you are unhappy with your initial couple of posts. If you indicator up by way of Latte Type, you will get 20% bonus credits every single month also!

They also have a “have us do it for you” bundle. For $2000, you will get twenty articles or blog posts fully drafted and delivered to your inbox, every single month. Rather amazing.

Pros and Cons of Articles at Scale

This is truthfully a quite excellent merchandise. The far more time I invested making use of it and tweaking my short settings the far better outcomes I received. I will not require to scale articles or blog posts at the degree this instrument can offer, but I one hundred% would take into account performing so if I could invest a couple hundred bucks a month into a advertising campaign. With all the wonderful characteristics also comes with a couple of cons. Here is a listing of my ideas:



  • Content articles sound &amp study like a human wrote them

  • Extended output (2000-300 phrases)

  • Pleasant UI/UX

  • Constructed by Search engine optimization pros

  • Really minor repetitive material

  • one hundred+ language assistance

  • Different post word count alternatives

  • No plaigerism detected

  • Modest % is AI detectable

  • Autopost to WordPress internet sites

  • Pricey starter pricing

  • Articles is not often ideal (contains two totally free re-runs)

  • Somewhat buggy at occasions

  • Articles can often be detected by AI (depends on post material)

Meet The Founder: Justin McGill

We interviewed the Articles at Scale founder, Justin McGill, to find out his considered procedure on visualizing and producing one particular of the ideal lengthy-type material creation equipment on the industry. Here is our candid conversation with Justin, such as how he commenced, what he is presently operating on, and his programs for the long term.

Jasper AI VS Articles at Scale

When speaking to Justin, it was rather emphasized that a lot of men and women attempt to assess Articles at Scale to Jasper (at least when it utilised to be a excellent merchandise). The most significant differentiator apart from how a lot material it made was truly the good quality.

I will not just suggest by robots, I suggest practically by the human eye. I asked Jasper to compose three paragraphs about WordPress, threw it into Originality, and it came back one hundred% as AI. It was so minimal good quality I questioned myself why I even purchased it once again for the sake of this evaluation.

Past these two equipment, if you happen to be searching for some thing far more inexpensive even though nevertheless getting effective – just use ChatGPT. Jasper is horrible now, Articles at Scale can be expensive, and I believe ChatGPT has wonderful characteristics highlighting the ideal facets of the two of them.

Ultimate Remarks

Total, I truly really like this merchandise. At initial I was really skeptical because I know how straightforward it usually is to detect AI. Following testing this out for myself on different subjects, it truly is quite clear to see this is some thing various. Once again, AI need to by no means be utilised to fully compose and publish some thing (specially if it truly is material for Google), but making use of some thing that could get you most of the way there is by no means a undesirable factor. I would test out the instrument for at least a month, see how it does for your niche, then choose if it truly is well worth paying out for lengthy phrase. 1 factor I want the crew did was provide a one-post totally free trial. I believe it would aid showcase how various this instrument is in contrast to what is presently on the industry. Hope this evaluation aided, truly feel totally free to depart any queries and feedback beneath!

Regularly Asked Concerns

Is Articles at Scale Creating Detectable by AI?

Not usually, they declare this takes place quite seldom. As you can see in the graph over, two of the three articles or blog posts have been typically AI-totally free when experimented with in It depends on the material you happen to be generating and can look random at occasions.

Does Articles at Scale have a totally free trial?

No, but they provide a income-back promise if you happen to be not satisfied with the merchandise. Signing up by way of Latte Type also will get you 20% more credits per month.