Stay Updated: Tracking Company News with Clay

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Want to keep up to date with the most recent information about your target organizations?

Maybe, you are scouting for partnerships or collaboration possibilities. Or you are a product sales specialist seeking for prospects to provide your goods or solutions.

What ever the explanation possibly, we know that staying informed is crucial for personalized prospecting. But we also know that manually monitoring the freshest information of a variety of organizations can be challenging. 

Fortunately, there is an effective resolution accessible. Here’s the place Clay methods in.

In this fast tutorial, I’ll educate you how you can leverage Clay’s strong attributes to fetch current firm information in just a couple of clicks. Keep informed about your target prospects with ease by following the methods under. 

Locating Current Information About Businesses Employing Clay

one) Import Listing of Businesses

Let’s begin by incorporating a new table on Clay. Then, at the bottom of the web page, tap ‘Import Data’ to upload your CSV file.

import CSV fileimport CSV file

Make positive that your record includes each the firm title and web site domain. 

If you do not have the web site domain, no worries. Just include a new enrichment on Clay, and tap ‘Get Domain from Organization Name’ as proven under.

get domain in Clayget domain in Clay

Set the firm title column as input. 

Clearbit set inputClearbit set input

As soon as you are completed, click conserve and run. Your table must now be filled with the corresponding web site domain of every single firm.

clay sample company tableclay sample company table

two) Include Enrichment

Our primary aim is to fetch the most current information about the organizations we’re interested in. To do that, let us include an additional enrichment.

add enrichment in Clayadd enrichment in Clay

On the pop-up window, search for the ‘Find Most Current Information By Domain’ choice inside of the ‘Actions’ tab and click it.

find recent news by domain in Clayfind recent news by domain in Clay

three) Set the Input and Classes

On the new window, select a column that includes the record of domains of organizations. 

add domain column in Clay tableadd domain column in Clay table

Incorporating classes is optional, but I extremely suggest you include classes to filter your search and only include the pertinent information you want. As well a lot information can also trigger your cells to attain its dimension restrict, and you do not want that to come about.

So, let’s say you are interested to know about the company’s new partnerships, growth, or investment routines. Tap the ‘News Categories’ dropdown menu and select:

  • Organization acquires other firm
  • Organization tends to make investment into an additional firm
  • Organization launches a new partnership
add news categories in Clayadd news categories in Clay

There are other twenty+ possibilities you can discover below this menu. Truly feel totally free to investigate these possibilities to boost your search.

four) Pick Information to Show

Following, we’re going to select the information to consist of in our table.

For the functions of this tutorial, we’re going to include the ‘Title,’ ‘Found At,’ and URL. Toggle these things below the Occasions area, as proven under.

add data as column in Clayadd data as column in Clay

The information identified date is optional, but I identified this truly valuable if you are seeking for the most current occasions. 

Based on your aim, you may want to enter a certain date. By undertaking so, Clay will give you information identified much more current than the date you have entered.

You can also enter a relative date. In this instance, I’ve entered ‘2 weeks in the past.’ This signifies Clay is going to fetch the information identified because two weeks in the past on a relative basis. 

As soon as you are happy with your possibilities, go ahead and click conserve and run. You must see queries starting up to run on your table.

five) Confirm the End result

As soon as the search is comprehensive, you must see new columns in your table. These have the event’s title, date, and a hyperlink to that occasion. 

Bear in mind that you can usually tweak the possibilities over to boost your search demands. Clay will instantly fetch all the data you want. Hopefully, this could assist you attain your objectives or boost your enterprise strategies.

What’s Following?

Staying up to date about your target organizations isn’t going to have to be a challenge! With Clay, the method turns into streamlined and automated. No want to scour the web and waste hrs of your time.

Being aware of the current information about organizations is just the starting. So, go ahead and use Clay to automate other time-consuming duties. You have received the equipment and information, so consider that subsequent phase and make an influence.

For instance, if you are a marketer, you can use Clay to find key decision-makers within companies and craft a compelling cold e-mail. We have developed a separate tutorial for this. Make positive to check out this out to discover much more.

So, what do you consider about Clay’s wonderful attributes? Please do share your experiences under – we’d adore to hear from you!