Auto-Find LinkedIn Contact Work Emails Using Clay

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Gathering electronic mail addresses from prospective prospects manually can be a laborious approach. What if I advised you that there is an straightforward way to automate this approach?

In this manual, we’ll discover how to use Clay to uncover perform emails from a checklist of LinkedIn profiles with out investing tens of hrs, or investing in a assortment of distinct resources.

By the finish, you must be ready to understand how to filter names and include enrichments to your Clay table to fetch LinkedIn details from your prospective customers.

Clay work email outputClay work email output

So, let’s dive in!

Why Get Function Emails from Linkedin?

LinkedIn has grow to be the very best platform to network with other organizations and specialists in any market. With hundreds of thousands of lively end users, you can leverage this platform to attain targeted prospective customers, from a company’s determination-makers to the influencers in a respective sector.

Nevertheless, producing prospects in bulk can be a challenging occupation. Sending customized emails and staying linked with your prospective customers can consider a whole lot of time and work.

This is specifically a single of the issues that Clay is making an attempt to remedy. 1 purpose why I really like utilizing this platform is that it aids me collect electronic mail addresses from my LinkedIn contacts with just a number of clicks. 

With Clay, your electronic mail marketing and advertising efforts grow to be far more productive with out lifting a finger.

Actions to Discover Function Emails of Linkedin Contacts Making use of Clay

one. Import Listing of LinkedIn URLS of Contacts

On your Clay dashboard, produce a new table. By default, Clay will load a table with the Title, E mail, and LinkedIn Profile columns. Note that you have the choice to hide some of these columns by tapping the ‘hidden’ button.

Clay new tableClay new table

Let’s include the LinkedIn URLs of our contacts. If you have a CSV file, you can basically import it by hitting the ‘Import Data’ button beneath the webpage. Then, select import CSV.

Clay import CSV fileClay import CSV file

In this instance, let’s just enter the LinkedIn URLS manually below the LinkedIn Profile column, as proven beneath.

Clay LinkedIn URL tableClay LinkedIn URL table

two. Include Enrich Particular person from LinkedIn Profile

The following issue we need to have to do is extract all the public details of our LinkedIn contacts. 

Tap the ‘+’ symbol following to the LinkedIn Profile column to include a new column. Then, select ‘Add Enrichment.’

add enrichment in Clayadd enrichment in Clay

Let’s search for the ‘Enrich Particular person from LinkedIn Profile’ action. Right here, you can kind the search phrases on the search bar and then tap this choice, as I did beneath.

Clay enrich person from LinkedIn profileClay enrich person from LinkedIn profile

You must now see a new window with alternatives to set up your inputs. Let’s try out to include the ‘LinkedIn Profile’ of our contacts below the ‘LinkedIn Profile’ dropdown menu. This will set off the app to fetch all our contact’s details from the LinkedIn URL.

Clay linkedin profileClay linkedin profile

You must now see a new column additional with the contact’s complete identify. 

Clay output tableClay output table

Recognize that Clay may well occasionally fetch names with salutations or positions incorporated. Usually, you will not need to have these further titles in your database. 

Fortunately, Clay has integrated GPT4 to aid you filter your contacts’ names. This is specifically what we’re going to do in the following stage.

three) Use AI Prompt to Clean Get in touch with Names

Let’s include yet another enrichment to our table. 

Inside the ‘Actions’ tab, select ‘Use AI (ChatGPT).’

Clay chatgpt promptClay chatgpt prompt

Subsequent, we’re going to give chatGPT directions on how we want our make contact with names to be filtered. For instance, I entered the following prompt:

‘Please extract the user’s complete identify from / identify and get rid of titles, commas, backslashes, and other particular characters. Make confident to capitalize the 1st letter of the 1st identify and final identify of the consumer.’

You can also edit the identify of your column to make it far more descriptive, as proven in the picture over.

After you are carried out, conserve your settings and run.

four) Include the Business Title and Domain

Subsequent, we’re going to need to have our contact’s organization identify and domain to get their perform emails. 

Initial, tap a single of the rows inside the ‘Enrich Particular person from LinkedIn Profile’ column. A new window must seem, displaying all the public details about our LinkedIn make contact with.

Clay enrich linkedin profileClay enrich linkedin profile

Now, scroll down to the ‘experiences’ area and tap it. Then, search for the organization identify and hit the ‘Create column.’

Clay add company nameClay add company name

Once more, go back to the experiences area and search for the company’s domain. Then, tap ‘Add as Column.’

Clay add company domainClay add company domain

You must now see the two new columns additional to your table.

five) Discover Function Emails Making use of the Waterfall Strategy

Often, utilizing a single app could not be adequate to uncover our contact’s right electronic mail deal with. For this purpose, Clay makes it possible for you to integrate third-celebration apps so you can have the alternatives to increase your benefits.

Right here, we’re going to use 3 apps in a cascaded purchase and these are Clay Enrichments, Datagma, and Hunter. This basically signifies if the 1st app are not able to uncover the details, the following app will be activated to search for the information. If it fails yet again, the following app will run.

So, let’s include enrichment to our table. 

Then, go to ‘Data Points’ and click ‘Work E mail.’

Clay data points optionsClay data points options

You must now see a new window containing all the alternatives you can include to fetch your contact’s electronic mail deal with.

As talked about, we’re going to use 3 companies. Then, we’ll need to have to input the contact’s identify, organization identify, and organization domain, as proven beneath.

Clay work emailClay work email

At the bottom, we’ll use Debounce as our electronic mail validation supplier. This plugin will aid us make sure that all emails fetched are legitimate and lively. E mail validation will also aid you conserve assets and increase the efficiency of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

After every thing is set, click conserve and run.

You must now see new columns additional containing the perform emails of your LinkedIn contacts.

Clay find work emailsClay find work emails

What’s Subsequent?

Receiving electronic mail addresses from LinkedIn is just the starting.

Your following emphasis is to produce engaging and customized emails to hold your target prospective customers interested. Clay also has developed-in characteristics to aid you publish wonderful 1st-line messages that stand out. 

For instance, you can publish custom-made cold emails based on your leads location. With the aid of Clay, you considerably increase the odds that every message you send is not only opened and read through but also escapes the dreaded spam folder! 

Hope you uncover this manual beneficial. If you have any ideas to share, please depart them in the feedback beneath!