2023 Guide to Selling Art Online: Print on Demand Services

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You have almost certainly noticed people pesky Facebook advertisements – “Promote your artwork without having stock!” or “Commence your very own t-shirt company nowadays!” They make it all search so simple, but is print-on-demand truly the ideal resolution for your company?

If you happen to be beginning off and have small capital – yes. The danger to reward is fantastic, you do not truly have to do something up front apart from supply the real artwork. But also yes, your margins are way decrease than if you have been to fulfill items oneself – but that comes with way much more danger.

Here is a run-down of the pros and cons of making use of a print-on-demand support to promote your artwork (specifically AI-created pieces produced with DALL-E and Midjourney).

What is Print on Demand?

Print-on-demand (POD) is a printing technologies in which things are only printed as they are ordered. This is in contrast to the classic technique of printing, in which things are developed in bulk and then stored right up until they are offered.

Many print-on-demand organizations will print and ship your items for you, this kind of as Printful and Redbubble. You upload your design and style to their platform and they consider care of the rest – printing, packaging, and shipping your items to your consumers.

All of this is nearly danger cost-free and expenses absolutely nothing to you, but you are going to recognize that ease charge when you understand how considerably of the real sale you get to consider property (a great deal much less than if you did not use one particular of these solutions)

As fantastic as this sounds, there are some disadvantages to making use of a print-on-demand support that you must be mindful of prior to generating the leap.

How to Promote Digital Prints On-line

I consider anything a lot of individuals do when they understand how tiny the barrier to POD solutions are is they rush into it without having obtaining a method or merchandise line in thoughts.

When you are just beginning it can be difficult to come up with a cohesive merchandise line that will curiosity purchasers and make sense for your brand. I advocate taking some time to figure out what sort of items you want to promote, and who your target audience is prior to setting up store on a POD web site.

You also want to consider about how you are going to industry your items. Just simply because you have a retailer on a POD web site does not suggest individuals are going to discover it – you want to place in the operate to drive targeted traffic to your retailer and persuade individuals to get from you. Believe in, design and style, and most of all – excellent items. You could effortlessly set up a WordPress site with Breakdance or just flip to Shopify, but irrespective of in which you host, the web site has to be excellent.

The merchandise will not promote without having advertising and marketing, and you can not industry a poor merchandise – so consider the time to figure out what you want to promote, and who you want to promote it to, prior to setting up store on a POD web site. You must commit a couple of days studying patterns, variations, and target audiences prior to you launch your retailer.

You also have to differentiate your very own company model – are you offering solely to make funds, or are you offering artwork you have produced that you want to share with the globe? If you happen to be in it just for the funds then you want to be incredibly strategic about the items you promote and how you industry them. But if you happen to be offering artwork then you can emphasis on creating a following and neighborhood about your operate and generating product sales will be a secondary concern.

Don’t forget you are offering to true individuals! What would you want to get? How would you want to be marketed to? Be genuine, and do not consider to promote individuals items they do not want. You also may not be your merchandise audience (and most very likely will not be) so get suggestions from pals or family members prior to finalizing something.

You Need to have to Have a Niche

The most significant error I see individuals make when they start off offering items is that they consider to be almost everything to everybody. They consider that if they promote a bunch of diverse items then they’ll appeal to a wider variety of individuals and make much more product sales.

But what ends up taking place is that they spread themselves as well thin, and their merchandise line turns into a hodgepodge of random things that really don’t truly go with each other. It is critical to have a centered merchandise line that appeals to a certain group of individuals.

When you are just beginning out it can be tempting to consider to promote almost everything beneath the sun, but it is critical to have a centered merchandise line that appeals to a certain group of individuals. It is much better to have a tiny group of engaged and loyal consumers than a huge group of individuals who are not truly interested in what you are offering.

Feel about who your target audience is, and what sorts of items they would be interested in. Then, emphasis on producing a merchandise line that appeals to them. You can usually broaden your merchandise line later on on down the street, but it is critical to start off tiny and emphasis on good quality more than amount.

You also want to make certain that your items are priced properly. If you are offering items that are as well costly then you are going to have a challenging time generating product sales. But if you are offering items that are as well inexpensive then individuals will consider they are reduced good quality and not well worth purchasing.

It is critical to discover a pleased medium when it comes to pricing your items. You really don’t want to cost oneself out of the industry, but you also really don’t want to undervalue your items. Do some investigation on your rivals to see what they are charging for comparable items, and then cost your items accordingly.

Feel about each main productive firm, none of them do it all. In truth, the ideal organizations I discover typically stick to a really small merchandise variety. Why? Since it makes it possible for them to emphasis on good quality and not get bogged down in the information of as well a lot of items.

The crucial is to discover that stability amongst obtaining a centered merchandise line and giving a broad ample variety of items to appeal to your target audience. Discover a niche industry and emphasis on producing substantial-good quality items that they’ll enjoy.

You Need to have A Very good Merchandise

This looks like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed how a lot of individuals consider to promote items that are subpar. If you want to do well in the globe of on the internet offering then you want to have a excellent merchandise.

Your merchandise does not want to be excellent, but it does want to be excellent ample that individuals will want to get it. Consider the time to produce a good quality merchandise, and make certain that it is anything that you would want to get oneself. The ideal way I have noticed artwork produced is with DALL-E 2 and Midjourney.

It is also critical to don’t forget that your merchandise does not want to be totally distinctive. In truth, it is typically much better to promote a merchandise that is comparable to what’s presently out there.

Individuals are creatures of habit, and they are much more very likely to get a merchandise that is comparable to anything they’ve presently purchased prior to. If you can discover a way to promote a merchandise that is comparable to what’s presently out there but somewhat much better, then you will be in excellent form. You Really do not usually want to consider to reinvent the wheel, just discover a way to make it much better.

Now that we have gone more than studying and creating your merchandise, let us speak about how you are going to can use POD solutions to promote it.

Pros of Print-on-Demand Companies

So you have a fantastic merchandise and relatively of a neighborhood or industry to promote to, but you do not have the time, funds, or information to set up your very own printing and shipping operation. This is in which print-on-demand (POD) solutions come in. As a novice, it could be well worth taking a cost reduce to be in a position to promote practically danger-cost-free.

No upfront expenses or stock danger

You do not have to commit any funds upfront to get started out, and you do not have to fear about storing stock.  With POD solutions, you only pay out when somebody buys your merchandise. This implies that there is really small danger concerned in beginning your very own on the internet retailer.

Minimal Barrier to Entry

It is comparatively simple to get started out with a print on demand company. All you want is a design and style and a platform to promote your merchandise (like Etsy, for illustration).  You do not want to fear about setting up your very own printing and shipping operation. Most of these platforms and solutions are totally cost-free to use and only charge you a tiny charge when you make a sale.

No minimal purchase needs

Most print on demand organizations do not have minimal purchase needs, which implies you can promote just one particular merchandise if you want to.  This is fantastic for individuals who are just beginning out and testing the waters.

Capability to Check Items

POD solutions make it simple to check diverse items to see what sells and what isn’t going to. You can consider out diverse patterns and merchandise sorts without having obtaining to invest a great deal of funds upfront. This is a fantastic way to figure out what your consumers want and to discover a niche industry.

Automated Fulfillment

One particular of the ideal elements of making use of a print on demand support is that you do not have to fear about fulfilling orders oneself. The printing and shipping is all taken care of for you. All you have to do is sit back and view the product sales roll in! But yet again, do not allow this fool you (you even now want a fantastic merchandise &amp advertising and marketing efforts!)

The Cons of Print on Demand Companies: 

Significantly less Lucrative than Other Organization Versions

Since you happen to be not in charge of manufacturing, you have much less manage more than your margins. This implies that print on demand firms are usually much less lucrative than firms that manufacture their very own items. 

Restricted Merchandise Variety

When you happen to be making use of a print on demand support, you happen to be constrained to the items that they offer you. So if you want to promote mugs, you happen to be out of luck if the only point the print on demand support delivers is t-shirts. Luckily, most POD solutions will have a respectable selection of the items you are most very likely searching to manufacture

Decrease Good quality Items

An additional downside of making use of a print on demand support is that the good quality of the items tends to be decrease than if you have been manufacturing them oneself. This is simply because print on demand organizations mass generate their items, which implies that every single personal merchandise is not provided as considerably interest as it would be if it have been produced by a supplier strictly for that merchandise. The ideal way of lowering this good quality situation is by testing a couple of diverse solutions for the exact same task and evaluating them all with each other.


So there you have it, the pros and cons of making use of a print on demand support for your company. Don’t forget: merchandise usually comes initial! Develop a fantastic merchandise, discover a fantastic supplier who can generate good quality items at a affordable cost, then industry and grind! At the finish of the day, it really is up to you to determine what is ideal for your company. If you happen to be just beginning out and want to check the waters with minimal investment, a print on demand support may be a excellent selection for you. But if you happen to be searching for greater good quality items and greater earnings, you may want to think about manufacturing your very own items as an alternative. Irrespective of what you decide on, ideal of luck all through your journey!