How to Effortlessly Validate Email Addresses with Clay

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Validating e mail addresses is critical for 3 causes:

  • It increases the probability of your emails currently being opened and study.
  • It protects your status. You really don’t want your messages to go straight to spam folders.
  • It assures that your messages are sent to lively e mail accounts. This prevents wasting your advertising bucks and maximizes e mail deliverability. 

Skilled marketers use e mail verification resources to get rid of fake, disposable, or inactive e mail addresses.

Now, if you pair these resources with Clay, the whole e mail validation method will get streamlined. No a lot more wasted hard work.

In this guidebook, we’ll share how you can confirm and clean bulk e mail lists making use of Clay. We’ll also check and assess 3 e mail verifications resources – Debounce, Hunter, and ZeroBounce. Read through on!

validate email addresses using Clay - outputvalidate email addresses using Clay - output

Techniques to Validate Electronic mail Addresses in Clay

Begin by including a checklist of your prospect’s e mail addresses. On your Clay dashboard, click include new table and import a CSV file.

add new table on Clayadd new table on Clay

Proper-click on the column and decide on ‘Add Enrichment.’

add enrichment on Clay listadd enrichment on Clay list

In the pop-up, kind “validate” in the search bar to discover apps that validate emails. In this guidebook, we’ll use the following integrations:

  • Debounce
  • Hunter
  • ZeroBounce

one) Validate Electronic mail Addresses Employing Debounce

Click Debounce to open the settings window.

validate email using Debouncevalidate email using Debounce

Following, enter a Debounce API essential. You can both use Clay’s essential or your very own if you have a Debounce account.

In this tutorial, let’s examine the very first selection.

Insert the column with the e mail addresses as input. Make confident that every row has a single e mail or a checklist of comma-separated e mail addresses.

Discover that Debounce has other possibilities to additional filter your e mail addresses. You can even include customized formulas beneath the run settings. 

Let’s say you want Debounce to return emails that are secure to send. Toggle this selection to ‘ON’ as proven under. 

enter Debounce API keyenter Debounce API key

When you are completed, click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’

In the following window, you can include a lot more information to show to your table. There is also a drop-down menu for end result variety. For now, let’s depart this unchanged. Conserve your settings and run the integration.

A new column “Validate Emails” must seem in your table exhibiting legitimate and invalid emails per row. 

validate email addresses using Debouncevalidate email addresses using Debounce

two) Validate Electronic mail Addresses Employing Hunter

Just like Debounce, you will require to enter a legitimate API essential to use Hunter. For this tutorial, we’ll use Clay’s Hunter API essential.

Following, enter the e mail handle column as input. Make confident that every row consists of only a single e mail handle. Click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’

enter Hunter API keyenter Hunter API key

Pick which information you want to be additional to your table. Conserve and run when you are completed.

Hunter - add column as dataHunter - add column as data

A new column ‘Validate Email’ must now be additional to your table. 

validate email addresses using Hunter - outputvalidate email addresses using Hunter - output

three) Validate Electronic mail Addresses Employing ZeroBounce

Comparable to the other possibilities, enter a legitimate API essential to use this integration. Use Clay’s API essential if you really don’t have a ZeroBounce account.

Enter ZeroBounce API keyEnter ZeroBounce API key

Then, insert the ‘Work Email’ column as input and proceed. Just like Hunter, your row must only have a single e mail handle.

In the following window, toggle the possibilities you want to be additional to your table. Then, conserve and run.

ZeroBounce - add data as columnZeroBounce - add data as column

Your table must demonstrate which rows have legitimate e mail addresses. 

validate email addresses using ZeroBouncevalidate email addresses using ZeroBounce

Which Electronic mail Verification Device Must You Select?

In this guidebook, we’ve proven you 3 distinct techniques to validate e mail addresses in Clay. Here’s what I believe about every selection.


I discover Debounce a wonderful selection if you are validating a number of emails for every consumer. It is also simpler to filter out emails that are regarded as ‘Risky.’

‘Risky’ e mail addresses are minimal good quality which means, they really don’t get delivered to your target lead. As a result, they are a waste of your advertising sources. Plus, if you maintain sending emails to these addresses, services companies may start off treating your messages as spam. And you really don’t want that!

One more function that I adore in Debounce is that it gives an selection to take away emails from totally free domains like Gmail and Yahoo. This makes it possible for you to attain out to your prospects via their business emails.


This app is excellent for newbies. The settings are easy – just enter the e mail addresses you want to confirm. That is it. 

If you want custom-made prompts to filter your e mail lists, you can do so beneath the ‘Run Settings’ selection.

Hunter also makes it possible for you to run and demonstrate other final results on your table.

For instance, you can tap the Gibberish selection to get rid of random e mail addresses. 

There is also a ‘Disposable’ selection to spot short-term e mail addresses. These emails are usually utilised for signal-ups and are not excellent for contacting likely prospects.

Maybe, the only downside I see with Hunter is that it isn’t going to allow you examine a number of e mail addresses in 1 row. Individuals usually have the two personalized and business emails. If your prospects have numerous emails, you require to place them in separate rows which can be additional operate.


Just like Hunter, ZeroBounce is easy. It might not have a whole lot of filtering possibilities like Debounce. But it has all the essentials to validate an e mail handle.  

For instance, you can examine if an e mail handle makes use of a totally free e mail services supplier like Gmail or Yahoo.

But comparable to Hunter, you can not use it for checking rows with numerous e mail addresses. 

One more downside I’ve observed is that it does not have possibilities for identifying gibberish or disposable emails. 

From the emails we’ve examined over, it is not usually exact and dependable. Random-searching emails can be labeled as legitimate, as proven right here.

Debounce, Hunter, and ZeroBounce comparisonDebounce, Hunter, and ZeroBounce comparison

My Verdict

Validating emails is not just about cleansing your e mail lists it truly is also about producing confident they are actively utilised. Why does this matter? Since when you kick off your e mail advertising, you want genuine individuals reading through people messages. 

Debounce gives a whole lot of possibilities to clean bulk e mail addresses. That is why, out of the 3, it is my favourite instrument to use with Clay.

Furthermore, when you are scraping e mail addresses from likely prospects, you will most likely get a number of e mail addresses for every. Debounce helps make it simpler to validate them all in 1 go, in 1 row. No require to juggle amongst separate rows when you enrich your checklist later on on.

What’s Following

Electronic mail validation resources make sure that the addresses you send to exist.

With Clay supporting these third-get together integrations, the method turns into seamless. This makes it possible for you to concentrate on good quality in excess of guesswork. 

But getting a verified e mail checklist is just the starting up stage. 

Your following move? Attain out to these target prospects.

And keep in mind, Clay isn’t going to just cease at validation it gives resources to compose compelling cold emails, as well. Examine out our tutorial on how to craft personalized cold emails based on a prospect’s location using Clay to find out a lot more.

If you discover this guidebook beneficial, share it and allow me know how Clay assisted you in your e mail campaigns!