Ultimate Guide: Finding Open Jobs on Glassdoor Effortlessly

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Glassdoor gives a wealth of open positions across the globe. And for several of us, it is the initial cease in our work hunt.

But, let us be trustworthy, sifting via a great number of listings can be mind-boggling. 

So, is there a way to streamline the work-hunting approach? 

Completely. And that is specifically what Clay is for.

Clay established itself not just as a strong prospecting device but also as a helpful platform for work seekers. And I’m fired up to share with you how the complete approach is accomplished, from scraping work listings to obtaining the make contact with information of employing managers. 

find open jobs in Glassdoorfind open jobs in Glassdoor

I’ll also present you how effortless it is to compose a cover letter making use of ChatGPT. By the finish, you ought to get final results like this:

write cover letter using chatGPTwrite cover letter using chatGPT

Measures to Uncover Open Jobs in Glassdoor

one) Set up Quick Information Scraper

We’ll be making use of Quick Information Scraper for this process. 

Just head above to the Chrome Net Shop, variety in ‘Instant Information Scraper,’ and click ‘Add to Chrome.’ 

install Instant Data Scraperinstall Instant Data Scraper

two) Scrape Target Firms from Glassdoor

Go to Glassdoor and enter a work part you want to apply.

For instance, I went for ‘software engineer’ and extra ‘New York’ as the spot. When you search, you will see a listing of businesses employing for that part. 

find job openings in Glassdoorfind job openings in Glassdoor

You can also include filters to refine your search, like coming into a work variety, the date the work was posted, and the salary assortment. For this tutorial, we’ll hold issues straightforward and skip the filter possibilities.

Subsequent, click on the Quick Information Scraper icon in your toolbar.

select Instant Data Scraperselect Instant Data Scraper

A little window pops up. Right here, I’ve set a delay among one to twenty seconds (truly feel free of charge to experiment with diverse delays to get much more correct final results). The delays mimic how we scroll, creating it significantly less probably for internet sites to ban our IP. 

Never neglect to decide on the infinite scroll choice to grab all the information. 

Instant Data Scraper settingsInstant Data Scraper settings

When you have acquired almost everything set, tap ‘Start Crawling’. This ought to fill up your table with information in genuine time. 

When it is accomplished, choose how you want to conserve the information. For this instance, I went with a CSV file.

three) Import Your Information to Clay

Open your Clay dashboard and generate a new table. 

You will be asked what sort of listing you are incorporating. Let’s go for ‘Companies.’ Subsequent, click ‘Browse’ to upload the CSV file. Then, you can include your information to a new table or an present table (I went with a new blank table). 

add a new table on Clayadd a new table on Clay

Note: You can also skip this approach and just proceed to generate a blank table. Then, just tap the ‘import’ button at the bottom of your webpage to upload your file.

Now, your table ought to present all the data from Glassdoor. Delete the information you really don’t require and rename the columns if required.  

import data on Clayimport data on Clay

four) Uncover Firm Domains

Firm domains are essential for obtaining the correct men and women to make contact with, in this situation, the employing managers.

But, our existing listing does not have that. So, we’ll require to enrich our listing. 

Appropriate-click on the table and choose ‘Add Enrichment.’

add enrichment on Clayadd enrichment on Clay

Choose ‘Get Domain from Firm Name’ by Clearbit.

Get Domain from Company NameGet Domain from Company Name

In the settings, let’s use Clay’s API. Then, choose the organization title as input.

Clay enrichment tool settingsClay enrichment tool settings

Click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’ In the following settings, you have the choice to include information to your table. Let’s skip this element. 

Conserve the settings and run the device.

Check out the output on your table. You ought to now see the domains for each and every organization. 

Get Domain from Company Name using ClearbitGet Domain from Company Name using Clearbit

five) Uncover Every Company’s Selection Maker

To determine the choice makers in each and every organization, start off a new enrichment. 

When the window seems, choose ‘Find Contacts at Firm.’

Find Contacts at Company via LinkedInFind Contacts at Company via LinkedIn

Use the domain as the ‘Company Identifier.’ 

Given that our objective is work hunting, we’ll require to input distinct work titles into the ‘Job Title Keywords’ area. Right here are a handful of key phrases you can use (truly feel free of charge to include much more):

  • Human Assets Director 
  • Talent Acquisition Director 
  • Human Assets Manager 
  • Talent Acquisition Manager 
  • Head of Recruitment 
Clay enrichment tool settingsClay enrichment tool settings

Proceed by clicking “Proceed to Include Fields”. From there, choose the information you’d like to see in your table, this kind of as names, titles, and LinkedIn URLs.

select data to add as column on Clayselect data to add as column on Clay

Soon after the enrichment, you will see the final results. 

Hold in thoughts that our enrichment device may possibly not capture all the data. Some businesses use other work titles for their recruitment group. So, think about incorporating key phrases like “employing manager”, “recruiter”, or “HR expert”.

If you happen to be nevertheless missing some data, it could be due to the tool’s limitations or simply because particular information are not shared publicly. 

Go ahead and clean your table or type the rows to get a clear see of the final results.

find company decision makers via LinkedInfind company decision makers via LinkedIn

Tip: If you want to show much more information about your lead, just click on the row, choose a consequence from the listing, and hover your mouse above the information you happen to be interested in. Then, click ‘Add as column.’

how to add data as column in Clayhow to add data as column in Clay

six) Uncover the E-mail Handle of Selection Makers

Let’s enrich our table more. In the open window, go to the ‘Waterfall’ tab and choose ‘Work E-mail.’

find work emails using Clayfind work emails using Clay

In the settings, you ought to see all the accessible resources to uncover electronic mail addresses.

For this tutorial, let’s stick with the default settings with Clay Enrichments, Datagma, and Hunter as electronic mail companies. 

In the input fields, include the contact’s title, organization title, and organization domain.

Lastly, use Debounce to validate all electronic mail addresses. 

find email enrichment toolfind email enrichment tool

Click conserve and run.

Check out your table. You ought to now have the function emails of your target prospects.

find the email of target leadsfind the email of target leads

seven) Use ChatGPT to Publish a Cover Letter

Now you have the function emails of employing managers, following up is a standout cover letter.

But feel about it – creating a exclusive letter for each and every organization? Which is a whole lot, particularly if you happen to be reaching out to much more than twenty.

Fortunately, you really don’t have to do that. We can use Clay’s AI integration to compose a cover letter in no time.  Basic include a new enrichment and click ‘Use AI’ from the pop-up.

using AI enrichment toolusing AI enrichment tool

But here’s the trickiest element – creating a excellent prompt to make the correct output. 

Right here, you have to be innovative and distinct in providing guidelines to AI. At initial, your message may possibly sound off. So, tweak your prompt and include much more distinct guidelines. With a handful of changes, you ought to make the correct message.

Here’s a sample ChatGPT prompt I’ve developed. It is not ideal. But you can use it as a beginning level.

Presume you are a application engineer with five many years of market knowledge and you happen to be at the moment searching for a work. Publish a cover letter below 200 phrases. Each message you compose follows the message template. 

Your message template: 

Commence with Dear /Employing Manager Identify

1st Line: [mention your interest in applying to their company, and why you want to work for them] 

2nd line: [mention that you’ve finished your computer science degree from New York University][mention that you took your internship from Microsoft][mention some of the projects you’ve done, like the Giggawhat Design Suite and Smart Navigation for mobile]

Third line: [mention about your experiences working for XYZ Company. mention how you’ve helped implement a new software review system that improved efficiency by 55% for the team. mention the positive feedback about the software and how it helped potential customers and partners]

Fourth line: [add details about your availability for an interview]

Sincerely yours,

[Your name]

Finish of template.

writing chatGPT promptwriting chatGPT prompt

When you run the integration, you ought to see the customized cover letter for each and every organization in a separate column.

writing cover letter using chatGPTwriting cover letter using chatGPT

Here’s a sample output written by AI:

[Subject line: Experienced Software Engineer Seeking Opportunities at Your Esteemed Company]

Dear Paul Anderson, 

I am creating to express my curiosity in applying to your influential organization, which has prolonged been at the forefront of technological innovation. I am drawn to your firm’s dedication to making use of engineering as a device to resolve complicated troubles and inspire good alter.

As a Laptop Science graduate from New York University and a former intern at Microsoft, my knowledge spans a variety of tasks. One particular notable instance is the Giggawhat Design and style Suite and the growth of Intelligent Navigation for mobile, each of which garnered favorable responses for their efficiency and consumer-pleasant interfaces.

The vast majority of my market knowledge was acquired at XYZ Firm, exactly where I implemented a novel application overview program that boosted our team’s efficiency by fifty five%. The application was effectively-obtained by each our customers and collaborators, contributing considerably to our business’s development and consumer fulfillment.

I am accessible to examine my background and prospective match with your group at your earliest ease. 

Sincerely yours,

[Your Name]

That is A Wrap!

You have just taken a massive phase forward in your work search journey. 

Truthfully, understanding how to scrape promising work listings from Glassdoor and obtaining organization choice-makers making use of Clay ought to give you an edge. 

Plus, crafting customized cover letters with a tiny assist from ChatGPT helps make work hunting a breeze.

With Clay, the sky’s the restrict for you. You have acquired the resources, the know-how, and hopefully, a sprinkle of pleasure to venture out there and get that work you have been dreaming of.

Prior to you go, we have acquired a bunch of other tutorials that function Clay’s abilities. Really feel free of charge to verify them out:

If you have any inquiries, please allow me know in the remarks. Content work hunting!