Tailoring Email Openers Based on LinkedIn Posts via Clay

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Envision getting an e-mail that mentions one particular of your LinkedIn posts. Wouldn’t it make you come to feel observed and valued? You most likely wouldn’t feel it is automated both.

Customized e-mail is a wonderful approach to connect with folks. It catches consideration. It builds meaningful connections. It increases engagement.

But here’s the challenge – creating powerful very first lines can be very time-consuming. You need to have to invest time scouring someone’s LinkedIn bio or a company’s description. That is a whole lot of operate, correct? Undertaking this manually at scale is also a horrible allocation of your valuable time.

Fortunately, there is a way to automate the total procedure. 

In this guidebook, I will demonstrate you how to personalize the very first line of an e-mail based mostly on LinkedIn posts making use of Clay. So, grab a coffee and let’s go!

Why You Ought to Use Clay to Customize E mail 1st Lines

Clay is a effective device that aids you swiftly mass-personalize your emails. 

Gone are the outdated days of investing hrs reading through business bios or LinkedIn posts. You can just inform Clay to fetch the posts and insert them into your very first lines. How hassle-free is that!

Clay is not just constrained to crafting e-mail very first lines. You can also use the device to develop meaningful connections with other folks on your social media. For me, it is the greatest platform to attain out to a colleague, a possible consumer,or a task collaborator. 

So, as an alternative of sending out generic emails, Clay aids you craft an e-mail that prospects to meaningful conversations, a extended-phrase partnership, or hopefully a enterprise deal. 

If you are a enterprise proprietor hunting for approaches to boost your prospects, this app could be a game-changer.

Actions to Customize Your E mail 1st Lines Based mostly on LinkedIn Posts

Phase one: Set Up Your Table on Clay

Generating a table on Clay is extremely straightforward. 

Log into your Clay account. On your dashboard, click ‘New Table.’

At very first, Clay will at first offer you a table with 3 columns – Identify, E mail, and LinkedIn Profile. You can include a lot more columns, edit them, and fill them with information as you want. You can also import a CSV file.

For now, let’s just develop a straightforward table with the customer’s title, e-mail deal with, and LinkedIn profile.

Phase two: Enrich Latest LinkedIn Posts

Let’s now enrich our table with our contact’s most current LinkedIn posts.

On the table, click ‘+’ symbol &gt Enrich Information.

Right here, we wished Clay to fetch the most latest posts from our contact’s LinkedIn account.

A pop-up window opens on the correct side. Below the ‘Enrichments’ tab, decide on ‘Find Latest LinkedIn Posts for Consumer.’ You can also sort the key phrases on the search bar to swiftly uncover it.

Subsequent, let’s set up the input. Below the ‘LinkedIn Profile’ dropdown menu, choose  ‘LinkedIn Profile.’ Then, click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’

Let’s include yet another column to show the real LinkedIn posts. All you need to have to do is to decide on ‘Post’ by toggling the switch button, as proven beneath.

Last but not least, click ‘Run one rows in this view’ to demonstrate the benefits. 

You need to now see two new columns additional to your table –  the ‘Find Latest LinkedIn Posts for User’ and ‘Posts’ columns.

Phase three: Publish An Efficient AI ChatGPT Prompt

The AI prompt is the heart of the customization procedure. 

I truthfully uncover this element a bit tough. That is simply because it calls for a excellent prompt to generate the greatest texts for your e-mail. You really don’t want to send a extended, robotic e-mail to your clients, are not you? It undoubtedly is a large flip-off.

The golden rule is to make your prompt as comprehensive as achievable. It is like offering certain instruction to a fifth grader. 

In this tutorial, it really took me a handful of attempts to lastly generate a greater e-mail. 

Here’s how to do it.

As soon as yet again, click the ‘Add Column’ on your table and decide on ‘Enrich Information.’ Below the ‘Enrichments’ tab, choose ‘Use AI (ChatGPT).

This is exactly where the exciting element starts.

On the supplied text box, sort your AI prompt.

In your very first try, you may well not get the greatest benefits nevertheless. Do not fret. Creating a excellent prompt is a ability that you can discover. Just keep in mind these ideas:

  • Be certain about what you want to come about. For illustration, you want AI to compose an e-mail about your contact’s latest LinkedIn posts. 
  • Specify your inputs. It could be the contact’s title, posts, or e-mail. For illustration, you can inform AI ‘This is the contact’s title: /[input].’ The function of inserting ‘/’ is for Clay to fetch the user’s information.
  • Make certain to describe the output that you want. For illustration, you can inform AI to make the e-mail informal and pleasant. You can also be certain about the word count. 

As soon as you are happy, click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’ Then, run the very first row.

You need to now see a new column on your table with the AI-produced text.

Phase four: Boost AI-Created E mail and Finalize

As I’ve talked about, your very first output will not be ideal. So really don’t be afraid to experiment with the prompt until finally you get a excellent outcome.

In this illustration, my ultimate AI prompt is:

‘Pretend that you are a product sales expert. 1st, I want you to compose a warm e-mail concerning the client’s latest LinkedIn publish to make it personalized. Adhere to this up by introducing your company’s digital advertising providers and how it may well aid the consumer. Please make it quick, close to a hundred – 150 phrases. Use a pleasant, informal tone when creating the e-mail. Please personalize the e-mail topic based mostly on their Linkedin publish. 

The client’s title is this: / [insert Name]

The LinkedIn publish is this: / [insert Posts]

Here’s the AI-produced e-mail:

Topic: Cheers to Latte Style’s 2nd Birthday and Onward Accomplishment! 

Dear Justin, 

I not too long ago came across your LinkedIn publish celebrating Latte Style’s 2nd anniversary and your astounding track record with website site visitors. Kudos on the considerable milestone! Taking into consideration the extraordinary stats, it seems you have a hang on the standard advertising approaches. This tends to make me feel about how considerably a lot more you could obtain with our digital advertising providers at ABC Organization. Our customized approaches could aid Latte Type additional entice international audiences and boost your on the internet presence, probably even crossing that elusive full international presence! I would adore to talk about how we can contribute to your thrilling journey ahead. Let us catch up? 

Cheers, [Your Name]

Suggestions to Produce Compelling E mail 1st Lines

Creating a compelling very first line is not straightforward. Whilst AI is right here to aid us compose more quickly, making an AI prompt can also be just as difficult.

But I’m a believer in the saying ‘practice tends to make ideal.’ So, really don’t be afraid to experiment with various designs and tones of creating.

You can also apply these ideas which I uncover extremely useful in making customized emails:

  • Do not make your e-mail also formal. Alternatively, try out to use a informal, pleasant tone to make your recipient come to feel relaxed.
  • Display your recipient that you are interested in what they do. In this tutorial, we’ve proven you how to use your contact’s LinkedIn posts to include a personalized touch to your e-mail.
  • Maintain it quick and sweet. Everyone’s active. And believe in me, no one particular has the time to go through a extended, dull e-mail. An e-mail about 50 – 150 phrases need to suffice. 
  • Be real. Asking for AI’s assisting hand does not suggest you cannot be real to your recipient. Make certain your e-mail does not sound like you are pitching. Maintain it pertinent and pleasant.

What’s Subsequent?

Clay has tons of incredible functions you can use to develop your prospects. For illustration, you can use the app to develop automated comply with-up emails. You can even use it to find key decision makers at a company or personalize an email based on where a prospect lives.

Hopefully, you have discovered this app useful in making deeper connections with your target audience! Drop a comment if you have any inquiries!