Crafting Impactful Cold Emails with Clay for Job Success

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Sending cold emails for task hunting can open a whole lot of possibilities. 

Very first, it increases your opportunity of getting employed. Emailing a selection-maker right can support you stand out from a pool of candidates.

2nd, cold emailing can support you increase your network. Even if you do not get employed on your initial electronic mail, you have presently developed connections that may possibly supply you with potential task possibilities.

So, in which do we start off? How do we locate the correct individuals to connect with?

In this tutorial, I’ll display you how to enrich a listing of businesses to connect with selection-makers employing Clay

I’ll also describe how to use AI to craft a ideal cold electronic mail, along with some suggestions to support you land your dream task.

craft a cold email to get a jobcraft a cold email to get a job

What Are the Advantages of Sending Cold Emails?

Cold emailing indicates reaching out to individuals we’ve in no way contacted ahead of. Because they are ‘unsolicited,’ they are usually labeled as spam or a nuisance.

But why do we nevertheless think about cold emails an efficient method to connect with individuals? What are the rewards of sending cold emails?

Allow me share with you a couple of excellent causes:

  • Direct outreach: This indicates you can attain selection-makers right, bypassing layers of gatekeeping.
  • Reduced expenses: In contrast to attending task fairs or networking occasions, sending cold emails can be a more affordable method for task seekers.
  • Total manage above messaging and timing: This basically indicates you can tailor your strategy to every single recipient.
  • Get fast suggestions: Cold emailing permits you to obtain instantaneous suggestions, regardless of whether it is a constructive response, a no reply, or a decline.
  • Broaden your network: An electronic mail may possibly not promise a task quickly. But it can absolutely support you increase your skilled networks which may possibly lead to greater possibilities in the potential.
  • Scalability: Cold emailing aids you attain numerous likely employers in a brief span of time.

How to Publish a Cold E-mail to Get a Work Employing Clay

one) Construct Your Firm Record

Start off by checking out platforms like Monster, Certainly, LinkedIn, and RepVue. From these web sites, filter your search based mostly on the task roles and area you are seeking for. 

Use a scraping device like Quick Information Scraper to pull all the particulars from employing businesses. If you want some advice, examine out this separate tutorial about How to Scrape Indeed Job Postings in 2023

When you have the listing, it is time to import them on Clay. 

There are several techniques to import a CSV file on Clay. 

Very first, click the ‘new table’ on your dashboard. Then, you can decide on ‘Companies,’ ‘People,’ or ‘Template.’ For this tutorial, decide on ‘Companies,’ and then click ‘Browse files’ or drag and drop a CSV. 

add new table on Clayadd new table on Clay

From right here, you can decide on an enrichment device from the starter listing. Or skip this component and click ‘Add Information Later on.’

The 2nd approach to upload a CSV is to click the ‘Start from a Blank Table’ selection. This will open a new table with the default columns. At the bottom of the webpage, click ‘Import.’ Then, decide on the CSV file you want to upload.

import a list on Clayimport a list on Clay

When you have your table prepared, we can now proceed to enrich our listing.

two) Locate Contacts of the Firm

The subsequent stage is to locate a make contact with individual for the businesses that we’re interested in applying to. You may want to connect with the employing manager. They are the individuals who’ll be most interested in what you deliver to the table.

Let’s go ahead and enrich our listing.

In Clay, correct-click on your table and decide on ‘Add Enrichment’. 

add enrichment on Clay tableadd enrichment on Clay table

On the pop-up, we’ll want to locate an enrichment device that we can use to locate contacts. To make your search a minor less complicated, kind some key phrases on the search bar at the best. In this situation, you can kind ‘Find Contacts,’ and then hit enter. Clay ought to display you a couple of possibilities you can use.

For this tutorial, we’re going to use ‘Find Contacts at Company’ by LinkedIn.

Find Contacts at Company using ClayFind Contacts at Company using Clay

This will open an additional window to set your inputs. For the ‘Company Identifier,’ you can input the LinkedIn URL, Revenue Navigator URL, or Firm Domain. 

The LinkedIn URL gives the most precise outcomes. But we do not have the LinkedIn URLs of the businesses but. So, let’s use the business domain.

Following, enter a task title key phrase you are interested in. Because we’re applying for a task, let’s use the key phrase ‘Hiring Manager.’

Find Contacts at Company settingsFind Contacts at Company settings

Note that you can also refine your search by filling in the other fields on the settings window. For now, let’s skip these possibilities and click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’

On the subsequent pop-up, you will be offered with a listing of information you can include as a column to your table. For this tutorial, let’s activate the toggles for the LinkedIn URL, Identify, and Title.  

Find Contacts at Company settingsFind Contacts at Company settings

Click conserve and run.

You ought to now see new columns additional to your table. 

enrich table on Clayenrich table on Clay

three) Locate the Operate E-mail of Determination-Makers

Now with your listing of names and LinkedIn profiles, the subsequent stage is to locate their perform emails.

Yet again, correct-click your table and decide on ‘Add Enrichment.’ On the pop-up window, head above to the ‘Waterfall’ tab. This approach permits us to enrich information by employing numerous equipment, in which every single phase depends on the final result of the earlier one particular. 

Below ‘Waterfall,’ decide on ‘Work E-mail.’

find work email of contactsfind work email of contacts

On the settings window, Clay immediately selects Clay Enrichments, Datagma, and Hunter as default electronic mail suppliers. You have the selection to decide on other equipment by clicking the dropdown. For this tutorial, we’ll stick with the default settings.

Following, include in the Total Identify, Firm Identify, and Firm Domain. 

For the electronic mail validation supplier, we’ll use Debounce.

find work emails using Clayfind work emails using Clay

When you are set, hit conserve and run.

Your table ought to now be populated with electronic mail addresses, as proven beneath.

find emails of decision makers using Clayfind emails of decision makers using Clay

Note that Clay may possibly not be in a position to pull all the emails in your listing. 1 purpose is due to the app’s limitations. An additional is that some employing managers basically want to preserve their emails personal.

four) Substitute Approach – Use Clay’s Recipe 

In the earlier methods, we’ve enriched our table twice to locate the names, LinkedIn profiles, and perform emails of employing managers.

If you do not want to go by way of these numerous methods, you can basically decide on one particular of Clay’s recipes to immediately pull all the related data for you.

To do this, just correct-click on your table and head to the ‘Recipes’ tab. Pick ‘SMBs – Locate and Confirm Determination Makers + Speak to Info.’

find and verify decision makers and contact informationfind and verify decision makers and contact information

On the settings window, Clay will immediately produce the recipe enrichments, as proven beneath. 

You can also click the settings button of every single device and decide on Clay’s or your individual API crucial for every single app. Just preserve in thoughts that employing Clay’s API on some equipment may possibly expense you far more Clay credits.

Following, enter the organization identify and site. Then, click apply and run.

find decision makers and contact information using Clayfind decision makers and contact information using Clay

The outcomes ought to practically be the very same. You can go ahead and hide individuals further columns you do not want. Then, proceed to the subsequent stage.

five) Use AI (Chat GPT) to Publish An Email  

With individuals electronic mail addresses in hand, it is time to attain out. 

But alternatively of creating personal emails, we’ll use ChatGPT to automate the method.

When once again, let’s enrich our table and decide on ‘Use AI.’

enrich Clay table using AIenrich Clay table using AI

On the settings window, publish a prompt. You are free of charge to be innovative right here. But I extremely suggest you adhere to these suggestions to get the greatest outcomes:

  • Your prompt have to be certain. 
  • Make positive to specify your inputs, this kind of as the contact’s identify, LinkedIn URL, or electronic mail.
  • Describe the output that you want. For instance, you can inform ChatGPT to make your electronic mail formal or informal. 
  • Maintain your electronic mail brief. You can inform the AI author to restrict the electronic mail up to 150 phrases or significantly less.
write AI prompt for cold emailwrite AI prompt for cold email

Here’s a sample prompt I’ve entered on ChatGPT (come to feel free of charge to edit this template to meet your requirements):

Publish a cold electronic mail to apply for a task at [company name]. Maintain the tone of the electronic mail assured and preserve the length of the electronic mail to 150 phrases. Inform them who you are, in which you perform, how you received their data and why you are interested in the business. Examine some of the issues that are intriguing to you about the perform the recipient does and how that connects you the two. Inquire about open positions relevant to managerial roles for product sales. 

The company’s identify is /Firm Identify

Start off the electronic mail with Dear /Identify – Individuals

Finish the electronic mail with Sincerely, [Your Name]

When your prompt is prepared, click conserve and run. You ought to see the outcomes additional to your table.

craft cold email using chatGPTcraft cold email using chatGPT

Tip: On your initial try, you may possibly not get the outcomes you want correct away. Maintain refining your prompt until finally your electronic mail seems to be greater. Even though you are at it, I propose you run only a single row every single time you make changes. This will support you conserve far more time and Clay credits. When you have finalized your prompt, you can then run all of the rows.

Here’s an output of our AI author employing the prompt over.

chatGPT cold email outputchatGPT cold email output

Topic: Managerial Revenue Position Inquiry at American Express

Dear Shawn Rose,

I am [Your Name], at present functioning at [Current Employer], and I took place on your make contact with by way of LinkedIn’s network. As an ardent follower of American Express, I am intrigued by your constant affect in the fiscal sector.

Your dedication to innovation and buyer services-oriented approaches strongly resonate with my skilled path. Especially, the transformative strategy American Express adopts in the direction of product sales and advertising and marketing has drawn my curiosity due to its direct alignment with my occupation development trajectory. 

I would be delighted to discover any likely possibilities for a product sales management part inside of your respected organization in which I think my extensive leadership and product sales skills would deliver substantial worth.

Hunting forward to hearing from you.


[Your Name]

Note: In this tutorial, I’ve addressed the employing managers employing their complete identify. You can also use the suitable salutation, like Dr., Professor, Mr., or Ms. (please do not use Mrs., except if you know the individual). But if you are not positive about their title or gender, you can deal with them employing their complete identify.

Guidelines Ahead of Sending Cold Emails for Work Inquiries

Cold emails, when completed appropriately, can be extremely efficient in constructing relationships and growing your network. 

Stick to these suggestions to make your attain-out efforts a good results:

  • Proper timing is crucial. So, send your emails for the duration of weekdays and ideally mid-morning. Employing managers are most probably checking their inboxes for the duration of this time.
  • Make positive your electronic mail is free of charge of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Your electronic mail ought to highlight your adept written communication abilities.
  • Construct a connection by way of shared interests. Analysis the recipient’s perform and mention it in your electronic mail.
  • Publish a topic line that piques curiosity and encourages the recipient to open your electronic mail.
  • Briefly highlight how your exclusive abilities or experiences align with the company’s objectives or the recipient’s perform.
  • Finish with a skilled signature that consists of your complete identify, make contact with particulars, and back links to your LinkedIn profile or portfolio, delivering an simple reference stage for even more particulars about you.
  • If you do not hear back inside of a week or two, send a polite adhere to-up electronic mail to reiterate your curiosity and preserve the conversation going.

That is A Wrap!

When completed correct, cold emailing can enhance your possibilities of acquiring employed. 

With Clay and AI, you can enrich your target businesses, collect make contact with particulars of selection-makers, and craft a customized electronic mail all in a brief span of time.

But preserve in thoughts, even if you did your homework nicely, there is no promise that you will get a task correct away. Rejection is your buddy – deal with it as a understanding expertise. 

So hang in there, you ought to quickly locate a business that is a correct match for you. Satisfied task hunting!