Personalize Emails with City/Location Images Using Clay

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Creating emails to your prospective customers demands a private touch. One particular of the powerful approaches is by mentioning their city or spot.

But what if you have a lot more than twenty prospective customers to attain out to? Customizing every single e-mail may possibly not be the most effective use of your time.

With Clay, you can seamlessly include customized city or spot particulars to your emails with a number of clicks. This can make your e-mail personalization method smoother and a lot more effective.

chatGPT email content outputchatGPT email content output

Allow me stroll you by way of the method under. So preserve studying!

How to Include Customized City/ Spot in Emails making use of Clay

one) Import Your Information

Let’s presume that you presently have a CSV file containing a record of your prospects’ names and LinkedIn profile. The very first point that we need to have to do is import this record to Clay.

So, let’s include a new table.

add a new table on Clayadd a new table on Clay

Tap the ‘Import Data’ button at the bottom. Then decide on your CSV file.

import CSV file on Clayimport CSV file on Clay

This phase is optional.  If you want to hide particular columns in your table, just tap ‘hidden’ and flip on the switch for the columns you want to display. 

hide columns on tablehide columns on table

two) Enrich Your Record

Time to enrich our record. On your table, click ‘+’ and decide on ‘Add Enrichment.’

add enrichment on Clayadd enrichment on Clay

We want to fetch particulars about our prospective customers by way of their LinkedIn profiles. So, search and click on the ‘Enrich Particular person from LinkedIn Profile’ alternative, which need to get you to the up coming window. 

Enrich Person from LinkedIn ProfileEnrich Person from LinkedIn Profile

three) Include LinkedIn Profile and Spot

Subsequent, decide on a column that has the LinkedIn URLs of our likely contacts. On the LinkedIn Profile drop-down menu, pick the column with the LinkedIn URLs. Then, click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’

add LinkedIn columnadd LinkedIn column

We want just the spot particulars of the prospect. So, flip on the ‘Location Name’ alternative. Click conserve and then run.

add location through LinkedInadd location through LinkedIn

Your output need to now seem like this:

LinkedIn prospects outputLinkedIn prospects output

four) Extract Your Prospect’s Initial Title

So, now you have the LinkedIn profile and spot of your prospective customers, what’s up coming?

At this level, you may possibly be tempted to start off drafting your e-mail. But seem once more. Our ‘Name’ column includes the total identify of our prospects. Addressing prospective customers by their total names can appear impersonal. So, let us get an added phase to get just the very first identify for a a lot more customized touch in our emails. 

To do that, let’s include yet another enrichment and decide on chatGPT.

add chatGPT on Clayadd chatGPT on Clay

To extract the very first identify, we can enter a prompt like this:

‘Please extract the person’s very first identify from /Title.’

extract first name on Clayextract first name on Clay

Then, click run. A new column containing the very first names need to now be extra to your table.

five) Extract the City Title

Recognize our ‘Location Name’ column includes the two the city and nation. But for a a lot more private really feel in our e-mail, we never need to have the total handle. Let us just use the city identify of the prospect.

So, let’s include yet another enrichment. Once again, we’ll be making use of chatGPT to filter our information. Let’s enter a prompt:

‘Please extract the city identify from / Spot Title.’

extract city name on Clayextract city name on Clay

Then, click run. You need to now see a new column containing only the city identify.

chatGPT outputchatGPT output

six) Create Your E-mail Employing ChatGPT

Now that we have the prospect’s very first identify and city, let us craft an amazing cold e-mail.

Once again, let’s click ‘Add Enrichment’ and decide on chatGPT. 

On the pop-up window, kind in in depth directions for ChatGPT on how you’d like the e-mail crafted. Bear in mind – the a lot more certain, the far better. If the very first try is not excellent, that is alright. Hold adjusting and striving distinct directions right up until you get the sought after end result.

sample chatGPT prompt for cold emailsample chatGPT prompt for cold email

In this manual, I’ve utilized the following prompt (really feel cost-free to copy and edit as sought after):

“You are an specialist persuader. Your occupation is to start off product sales conversations with likely consumers as a representative of Latte Design Business. You communicate in a expert tone and method with the knowledge of a twenty yr veteran in the company area. You constantly are speaking about how we would be ready to support the man or woman we are reaching out to and not just speaking about the issues the firm does. Create messages that are underneath a hundred phrases to likely consumers. Each message you create follows the message template and is underneath a hundred phrases. Your message template: 

Initial Line: Hey /Initial Title, observed you are in /City. [Mention in one sentence what makes you love about their city and you’re planning to visit one day] 

2nd line: [bridge what you noticed about their company with a question that makes them think thoughtfully about the problem you can solve and if they have that problem] [a case study that tells a story of how you helped another customer like them. Include the story and the quantitative results] [why should they care about whatever your intention is] [show social proof, be specific not vague] [a soft call to action]. Finish of template.”

chatGPT prompt for cold emailchatGPT prompt for cold email

When you are happy, click conserve and run.

seven) Last Output

You need to now see a new column containing the crafted e-mail, as proven.

sample chatGPT outputsample chatGPT output

Here’s a sample of e-mail material written making use of chatGPT:

“Hey Derek, I have observed you are in Bloomington – I totally really like the city’s wealthy culture and vibrant music scene can not wait to check out a single day.

I see your company focuses on eco-pleasant remedies. Have you imagined about how improving on the internet brand visibility could enhance your effect? For a comparable firm in Austin, we grew their on the internet presence by 80%, considerably improving their industry attain. You as well can leverage this possibility to amplify your company’s mission.

Organizations like GreenPeace have efficiently utilized our methods to improve their effect. Why not set up a short chat to investigate this even more?”

sample chatGPT responsesample chatGPT response

That is a Wrap

Alright, you are now set to send emails with that private touch by which includes your prospect’s city. Time to phase up your outreach methods!

Clay is packed with wonderful characteristics, so preserve exploring.

Nonetheless not convinced about Clay? Check out out our detailed review of Clay right here in this article. Give it a study! Realized a good deal from this manual? Wonderful! If you have acquired queries or suggestions, we would really like to hear them in the feedback under.