PhantomBuster & Clay: A Beginner’s Guide to Data Extraction

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Ever felt overwhelmed juggling in between a number of apps for distinct duties?

I really feel you.

In the true globe, it is all as well frequent to bounce in between apps to control distinct tasks, attain out to our peers, or even do some easy study.

But Clay is about to alter that.

Clay is a platform you can use to integrate and streamline every thing you require. It even supports third-get together apps like PhantomBuster. How wonderful is that!

Possibly, you are making an attempt to consolidate scattered information to refine your campaign insights. Or, you want to improve your consumer outreach. With Clay, all of these can be accomplished with a number of clicks.

I’ve written this guidebook to stroll you by means of pulling information from PhantomBuster to Clay. No jargon or technical capabilities are essential. 

Hopefully, by the finish, you can simplify your workflow making use of Clay. Let’s get started out!

PhantomBuster to Clay resultPhantomBuster to Clay result

Producing an Automated Job in PhantomBuster

In this tutorial, we’re going to presume that you previously have an lively account in PhantomBuster

Prior to we can integrate PhantomBuster on Clay, we’ll require to set up a number of issues. 

Initial, you will require to have an current output file. This is carried out by a easy automated action referred to as a Phantom. 

A Phantom enables you to complete automated duties for numerous networks or social media platforms. This involves scraping profile information, following individuals, liking posts on social media, posting feedback, and exporting search outcomes. 

Later on on, we’re going to pull this information and enrich them on Clay.

Now, let’s attempt to include a Phantom.

For the sake of this tutorial, we’re aiming to collect a record of US-primarily based digital advertising and marketing businesses. Here is how to get there:

one) Decide on a Phantom

Go to your PhantomBuster dashboard and navigate to the Phantom shop. Right here, you pick any action you want. In

For this guidebook, we’ll use the LinkedIn search export.

LinkedIn Search ExportLinkedIn Search Export

two) Connect Your Phantom by way of Session Cookies

Subsequent, you will require to connect your Phantom to your LinkedIn account by way of a session cookie. If you require support, please refer to this tutorial for a lot more data.

connect Phantom to LinkedInconnect Phantom to LinkedIn

three) Include Search Information

There are several methods to include search specifics in PhantomBuster.

Inside the ‘Your searches’ area, you have the alternative to:

  • enter key phrases
  • enter a LinkedIn search URL
  • enter a Google sheet URL containing the key phrases or LinkedIn search URLs
  • enter a URL of a CSV file containing the key phrases or LinkedIn search URLs

For simplicity, we’ll enter the key phrases ‘Digital Marketing and advertising United States as proven beneath.

Phantom searches to scrapePhantom searches to scrape

In the Search Group, let’s pick Firms considering that we are seeking for digital advertising and marketing businesses in the US.

Click conserve to proceed.

four) Configure Phantom Habits

Let’s set the variety of outcomes to scrape per search and launch. 

But ahead of we do that, make confident to stick to the fee limits permitted on social media platforms to steer clear of any troubles!

Price limits are the optimum variety of automation you can do in a particular time frame per platform. This measure is implemented by social networks to avert abuse and guarantee honest utilization between consumers. 

If you failed to stick to the advisable fee limits, your Phantoms may well glitch out, or worse, you could get banned from the platform.

For now, let us restrict the outcomes per search and per launch to ten. Then, proceed to the up coming stage.

configure Phantom behaviorconfigure Phantom behavior

five) Tweak the Settings and Launch

PhantomBuster offers alternatives to set up guide or automated launches for your Phantoms. For now, we’re going to set every thing to guide.

Phantom launch settingsPhantom launch settings

Click ‘save’, then ‘launch’.

When accomplished, you ought to see a record of information beneath the ‘results’ tab. Subsequent, let us enrich this making use of Clay!

Pull Information from PhantomBuster Making use of Clay

one) Produce a New Table

On Clay, commence with a blank table. Include the information you want to enrich, as proven beneath.

list of data on Claylist of data on Clay

two) Include Information Enrichment

Click ‘add enrichment’ and pick ‘Pull data’ by PhantomBuster.

add enrichmentadd enrichment
pull data using PhantomBusterpull data using PhantomBuster

three) Enter PhantomBuster API Crucial

On the up coming window, you will be prompted to enter a PhantomBuster API crucial.

To find your API crucial, head in excess of to your PhantomBuster dashboard. Below ‘My workspace settings’, click ‘Add API key’ and copy. 

PhantomBuster API keyPhantomBuster API key

Back in Clay, paste the API beneath the ‘Choose an account’ area to authenticate.

enter API key on Clayenter API key on Clay

four) Decide on Your Agent ID

Subsequent, we’re going to pick an Agent ID. This is the identify of the automated job (or Phantom) that you produce on our PhantomBuster account.

Recall the job we manufactured: ‘Digital Marketing and advertising LinkedIn Search Export’. Pick this from the dropdown.

select agent ID on Clayselect agent ID on Clay

five) Conserve and Run

Overview your settings. Then, click conserve and run. 

Your table will now show a new column, ‘Pull Data’, with gathered information.

pulled data from PhantomBuster to Claypulled data from PhantomBuster to Clay

six) Organize Your Information

The up coming stage is to organize the information we’ve just pulled from PhantomBuster. 

Recognize that each and every row consists of a number of outcomes. Every single row is an object containing lists of data, this kind of as a firm identify, Linkedin profile, firm description, brand URL, and several other people.

Let’s organize the information in rows and columns so we can effortlessly enrich them later on on. In this tutorial, we’re going to produce a new table and publish the collected information right here.

So, produce a new Clay table named ‘Affiliate Marketing and advertising Test’. Define columns like Niche, Organization Identify, LinkedIn Profile, and Description.

add new table on Clayadd new table on Clay

Back to your authentic table, include an enrichment, and pick ‘Write to Other Table’.

write to other tablewrite to other table

Map your information to movement into the suitable columns of the new table.

write to other table inputswrite to other table inputs
mapping columns on Clay tablemapping columns on Clay table
map columns on Clay tablemap columns on Clay table

When every thing is set, click conserve and run.

Your authentic table ought to now seem equivalent to the one particular beneath. Recognize that the ‘Write to Other Table’ column consists of ten values for each and every row. 

write to other table resultwrite to other table result

Verify your new table. This ought to now be populated with the organized information, as proven beneath.

organized data from PhantomBuster to Clayorganized data from PhantomBuster to Clay

That is a Wrap!

Excellent task! You have just realized how to pull information from PhantomBuster to Clay

Now you have the data, the up coming stage is to discover Clay’s attributes to meet your targets.

For instance, you can more enrich your firm record to get the most recent information about them. This can be effortlessly accomplished in Clay with a number of clicks. Verify our tutorial on “How to Discover Current Information About Firms Making use of Clay” to understand a lot more.

And, if you have any inquiries, just drop a comment. We’ll attempt our greatest to support!