Midjourney: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Controversy

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I don’t forget employing DALL-E two for the initial time final yr and was utterly shocked. They had this kind of a hefty movement of targeted traffic I had to keep up late just so I could give it a try out.

But I don’t forget that when I lastly received my hands on it, I was actually disappointed with its overall performance. The picture was distorted, inconsistent, and did not even make any sense. 

I noticed the potential of AI artwork but knew that actuality did not exist however.

By some means, in a blink of an eye, every person just started to generate artwork and photographs employing AI. The turning level? Nicely it was Midjourney.

It is challenging not to see its affect in the digital landscape and its likely to disrupt the artwork business. But who is behind Midjourney and can you believe in the firm?

What Is Midjourney?

Midjourney is a generative AI model that transforms text into photographs. To attain this, this model combines strategies from pc vision and all-natural language processing to generate gorgeous artwork.

Midjourney Landing PageMidjourney Landing Page

A key differentiator that helps make it various from DALL-E and Firefly is since it is even now in open beta, Midjourney does not exist as a separate platform or standalone site. It truly is presently just a bot integrated inside Discord.

Its gone by way of 5 iterations because its original release, with the newest currently being V5.two. There has been no strong data however with regards to V6’s release, but rumors level to late 2023 (I am obtaining doubtful even though).

Is Midjourney Reputable?

Can you believe in Midjourney as your primary AI picture generator in excess of DALL-E 3, Firefly, and Stable Diffusion? I would say yes. Here is why.

Who Is Behind Midjourney?

Midjourney was founded by David Holz, a single of the co-founders of Leap Movement. Their biggest aim is to “expand the imagination” of the human species.

The firm is presently in the middle of a consumer surge, with much more than 15 million lifetime customers and a day-to-day consumption of one hundred,000+.

In the previous, I’ve usually pointed out that Midjourney is not suited for producing practical photographs, that they have a tendency to stylize their outputs. Want to know why?

In accordance to David Holz, the primary aim of Midjourney is not to generate photorealistic photographs that can pass as images, but to emphasize the aesthetics as described by the prompt. This is truthfully a excellent and ethical policy to have when it comes to generative AI.

He also mentioned that he is unpleasant with the “uncanny valley” and exclusively averted them in producing the model.

The High quality of Midjourney Outputs

To measure how excellent Midjourney is, we want to separate its outputs into classes. This will support us get a far better overview of its abilities and the place it falls quick.


Midjourney RealisticMidjourney Realistic

Like David Holz mentioned, Midjourney actively avoids producing photorealistic photographs. In spite of my prompt starting up with “a practical picture,” the generator even now designed an picture that is quite simple to clock as AI. The subject’s attributes are also flawless, has a wax-like texture, and it seems like a even now straight out of a film.


Midjourney SurrealisticMidjourney Surrealistic

Surrealism is a single of Midjourney’s biggest strengths. Even with a easy, a single-line prompt, the generator can generate gorgeous photographs that call for a great deal of creativity and imagination. The output for this certain prompt is whimsy and exclusive. It also by some means injected colour into paper, one thing that is generally lifeless and monochrome.

Abstract Ideas

Midjourney AbstractMidjourney Abstract

Even for men and women like us, it is challenging to envision abstract ideas. It needs a great deal of creativity and nuance. Midjourney was capable to do so in just a handful of seconds. The artwork it created has a “renaissance” truly feel to it, which aids evoke emotions of softness and kindness — one thing that is existing in sympathy.

Large Context

Midjourney High ContextMidjourney High Context

Midjourney is not as excellent as DALL-E 3 when it comes to knowing context, but it does hold up quite effectively. In spite of the prolonged prompt, it was even now capable to give a exclusive get into what I asked. The artwork effectively provokes a feeling of passing, melancholy, and wonder.

We’ve also accomplished comparisons of Midjourney against other AI image generators. If you want to see much more of what it can do, be confident to verify our articles or blog posts out!

What Else Can You Do With Midjourney?


If you ever locate an artwork someplace that you want to imitate employing Midjourney, you can use the Describe command to support you out. This attribute lets you upload an picture into Discord and its model outputs 4 prompt variations that closely match your authentic input.

Midjourney Describe CommandMidjourney Describe Command

But how near specifically are the new prompts’ output to the authentic picture? Near ample. For instance:

Midjourney vs. DescriptionMidjourney vs. Description

It is not specifically ideal, but it captures the intent of the authentic picture. I’d say this attribute is ideal suited for obtaining certain artwork variations rather than how to describe the authentic picture. You can see that in the photographs over, as they are each imitating oil paintings and a rainy ambiance but neither topics search alike.


You can also upload two photographs into Midjourney and transform them into a single employing the Mix attribute. To give you an instance, let’s use these photographs:

Blend Images #1: OriginalBlend Images #1: Original
Blend Images #1: BlendedBlend Images #1: Blended

As you can see, Midjourney somewhat tweaks some factors of each photographs to guarantee that the blended picture has a coherent theme. The previous man’s clothing have altered, the layout of the street is various, and the characters in the alley are much more prominent in the new picture.

This is a excellent instance, but these photographs are even now quite comparable to each and every other. Each have factors of realism, which helps make blending them far less complicated. So, what transpires when you combine two wildly various photographs?

Blend Images #2: OriginalBlend Images #2: Original
Blend Images #2: BlendedBlend Images #2: Blended

What Midjourney does is generate a middle-ground. It requires the most prominent factors of each and every a single and discards the rest. For the left picture, it is the woman’s hair and the light peeking by way of the window. For the appropriate a single, it is the artwork design and the sun. The end result is quite excellent but, in undertaking so, I truly feel like the authentic intent of each and every picture received misplaced in the combine.

Area Variations

This is a single of my favored Midjourney attributes so far. Have you ever created an picture which is ideal apart from a single single detail? Generally, what transpires is you choose a various variation of the picture or create an fully new batch. You really don’t have to do that with Midjourney.

Midjourney Region Variation InputMidjourney Region Variation Input

With area variations, you can choose the regions of your created picture that want to be altered. No want for trial and error, no want for repeating the identical prompt in excess of and in excess of once again. Just a easy choose device and you will get 4 various variations of that certain area.

Midjourney Region Variation OutputMidjourney Region Variation Output

Can You Monetize Midjourney Artwork?

Yes, you can monetize Midjourney artwork. The firm specifies that you personal the artwork, but not the copyright. What this fundamentally implies is that the picture is technically yours and you can use it even so you see match — but so does every person else. If you locate somebody else employing your AI-created artwork, you really don’t have the energy to declare intellectual residence rights.

So, how can you make funds employing Midjourney? I have a couple tips in my thoughts, exclusively:

  • Promote your artwork as stock photographs. Shutterstock and iStock lets you promote AI-created artwork on their platform. From there, you can acquire royalties each and every time somebody downloads your picture.
  • Promote your artwork right to clientele. You can also promote your Midjourney artwork right to clientele, both by way of your personal site or by way of social media platforms. Even so, you want to be transparent if you are undertaking this.
  • Promote digital artwork prints. You can promote digital artwork prints on your personal site, on Etsy, or on other on the internet marketplaces.
  • Sell your prompts. There are also platforms like PromptBase that allow you promote innovative prompts for $two to $one thousand.

The Controversies of Midjourney

The root of most Midjourney controversies basically boils down to creativity. To be much more certain, how ethical is it to use AI artwork even if it is employing your personal thought?

Final yr, The Atlantic was place beneath scrutiny right after they utilised Midjourney to generate photographs of the controversial figure Alex Jones. Later on that yr, Théâtre D’opéra Spatial won the 2022 digital artwork competitors of the Colorado State Honest. The dilemma? It was designed by Midjourney.

There have been tons of debates about regardless of whether or not you personal artwork from Midjourney contemplating that it is skilled employing hundreds of thousands of photographs on the internet. Some men and women also truly feel that AI artwork is taking jobs from artists. 

That mentioned, the most significant implication of Midjourney and other AI picture generators is not however right here. We’ve witnessed glimpses of what deepfakes can do right after the fake viral picture of Pope Francis and the men and women who fell for the Mr. Beast scam, but that is nothing at all in contrast to what’s about to come.

For the most element, we can even now spot deepfakes. The mouth motion is unnatural, the tone of voice is monotone, the rest of the encounter stays even now even in emotive conditions. But what transpires when we get rid of people troubles? What transpires when deepfakes can imitate true daily life with an alarming degree of accuracy? Only time will inform.

How Various Is Midjourney From Human Artwork?

AI photographs usually have telltale indicators about its origin. For instance:

  • Subpar text generation.
  • Aesthetics in excess of realism.
  • Inconsistency in design and style.
  • Added fingers or non-circular pupils.
  • Off-center topics, usually vertically.
  • Rendering troubles, especially in the edges.

Do you want to see how effectively you can spot AI photographs? Take the test here.

When Must You Use Midjourney?

Midjourney is ideal for producing artwork, rather of practical photographs. If you are searching for excellent AI picture generators for realism, I propose employing DALL-E 3 or Adobe Firefly rather. You can read through much more about their variations in this post.

How Considerably Is Midjourney?

Midjourney has 4 pricing choices. These are the following:





Regular monthly










Quick GPU Time

three.three hrs/month

15 hrs/month

thirty hrs/month

60 hrs/month

  Chill out GPU Time




  Acquire Added GPU Time





  Operate Solo In Your Direct Messages

  Stealth Mode

  Optimum Concurrent Jobs

three Jobs
ten Queued

three Jobs
ten Queued

twelve Quick Jobs

three Relaxed Jobs ten Queued

twelve Quick Jobs

three Relaxed Jobs ten Queued

Midjourney Choices

DALL-E three

DALL-E is OpenAI’s picture generator, launched even just before ChatGPT. At present on its third iteration, it is now much more potent than ever just before, even displaying indicators of far better prompt knowing and creativity.

Not like Midjourney, DALL-E three can use conversations rather of prompts to generate photographs. This is feasible by way of the robust all-natural language processing (NLP) of GPT-4, which makes it possible for conversion of conversations into a language that the model can comprehend.

DALL-E 3 Prompt ConversionDALL-E 3 Prompt Conversion

As for the output comparison, here’s what Midjourney seems like towards DALL-E three with the identical prompt:

DALL-E 3 vs. MidjourneyDALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney

Each gorgeous but for various causes. Midjourney went to a much more abstract, virtually Lovecraftian route even though DALL-E three designed recognizable factors of the universe. I’ve also presently examined these resources in the previous and I’ve discovered that Midjourney is ideal for stylized outputs even though DALL-E is far better suited for longer and much more certain prompts.

DALL-E three can be utilised with a subscription to GPT-four, which fees $twenty, or employing Bing Image Creator, which has 25 totally free credits day-to-day.

Adobe Firefly two

Adobe Firefly 2 is an AI picture generator created to match seamlessly into the Adobe ecosystem. It is designed to assist designers in producing digital artwork by delivering totally free-to-use assets employing artificial intelligence.

Adobe Firefly 2 vs. Midjourney: IllustrationAdobe Firefly 2 vs. Midjourney: Illustration

Across all my exams, Midjourney has usually been the far better model for creativity but Adobe Firefly is just remarkable at realism. So, if you are searching for one thing that can pass as an real photograph or a stock photograph, use Firefly two.

Adobe Firefly 2 vs. Midjourney: RealismAdobe Firefly 2 vs. Midjourney: Realism

Not like Midjourney, Adobe Firefly two is totally free, as prolonged as you really don’t thoughts the little watermark on the bottom left side of each and every picture.

Steady Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an open supply text-to-picture generation model that can generate gorgeous photographs from easy prompts. This implies you happen to be totally free to use, modify, or distribute their code and outputs legally.

Midjourney vs. Stable DiffusionMidjourney vs. Stable Diffusion

I may just be obtaining exhausted of Midjourney, but I in fact favor the artwork design of Steady Diffusion’s picture. It is way easier, but it conveys a sense of wonder and imagination whereas the former evokes awe. It is a various but much more grounded viewpoint, which I actually like.

Steady Diffusion’s expense depends on the place you are employing it. Dream Studio comes totally free with 25 credits. If you want much more, you want $ten for one,000 credits. On the other hand, Clipdrop lets you generate 400 reduced-good quality and watermarked photographs day-to-day. It fees $9 a month for one,500 photographs a day and without having a watermark

In A Nutshell

So, is Midjourney reputable?

As somebody who’s been employing Midjourney for a prolonged time now, my reply is an emphatic yes.

It can generate surrealistic, abstract, and even large-context photographs even with a easy, a single-line prompt. As for its other attributes, it also has a quite reputable describe command and mix attribute.

Other AI picture generators could have a specialty, but Midjourney is the most constant of the bunch. Even so, if you request me what I dislike about it, I’d say that it is actually challenging to get what you want without having persistence. It does not have the nuance of DALL-E three however, so I’ve been undertaking a great deal of prompt experimentation just to get what I want. But, when I do, it is usually really worth it.

Over all else, it is a evidence that your tips are really worth one thing. Following all, Midjourney art can be monetized because you personal the artwork. As we shift in direction of a potential that is much more dependent on AI, it is ideal to invest and capitalize in Midjourney now.