2023 Guide: Finding Clients for Your Staffing Business

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Apollo is a well-liked income and advertising platform that aids you uncover and engage with prospective prospects. It has one particular of the most up to date B2B databases with hundreds of thousands of contacts primarily from the US.

If you are a staffing enterprise hunting for prospective consumers, Apollo proves invaluable for many causes:

  • It is a very good location to uncover businesses that are actively employing.
  • You can use this platform to analysis a company’s employing patterns.
  • It aids you acquire insights into industries with escalating employing demands.

Clay provides a seamless integration with Apollo so you can very easily enrich your information in a single platform.

Above the up coming number of minutes, I’ll present you how to leverage these resources to increase your lead-generation method. Stick to the methods beneath to set up a search and enrich your listing of target businesses.  

How to Find Clients for Your Staffing BusinessHow to Find Clients for Your Staffing Business

Discovering Consumers for Your Staffing Enterprise Utilizing Clay

one) Put together Your Record

For this tutorial, I’ve ready a listing of target businesses along with their domains. 

import a list on Clayimport a list on Clay

If you really don’t have the site URLs of your target businesses, then you will need to have to enrich your listing. Verify our guidebook on How to Get Site Domains of a List of Company Names to understand how it is accomplished.

two) Enrich Business Record through Apollo

Let’s use Apollo to pull the appropriate info from our target businesses.

Correct-click your table and pick ‘Add Enrichment.’

add enrichment on Clayadd enrichment on Clay

Search and click ‘Enrich Company’ by Apollo.io.

enrich company using Apollo.ioenrich company using Apollo.io

In the settings, pick your Apollo API crucial account. Then, set the organization domain as input.

Apollo enrichment tool settingsApollo enrichment tool settings

Note: If you really don’t have an API crucial, then you will need to have to develop one particular. Log in to your Apollo account. 

Go to your profile settings and click ‘Integrations.’ In the API segment, click ‘Connect.’ 

create Apollo.io API keycreate Apollo.io API key

Head more than to the ‘API Keys’ segment and copy your API crucial. If you really don’t have one particular, develop a new crucial and copy. 

create Apollo.io API keycreate Apollo.io API key

Then, go back to your Clay enrichment setting. Paste your Apollo API crucial on the designated discipline to authenticate your account.

Right after configuring, click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’

Select the information you want to append to your table.

For this tutorial, we’ve enabled the ‘Id’ selection, as proven beneath. This is the Apollo organization ID, a exclusive identifier assigned to a organization or organization inside the Apollo.io program. We’ll need to have this info later on to uncover work openings from our listing of businesses.

Apollo enrichment tool settingsApollo enrichment tool settings

When you are accomplished, conserve the settings and run the integration. Your table will now show new columns containing the enrichment end result and Apollo organization ID.

enrich Clay table using Apolloenrich Clay table using Apollo

three) Locate Open Jobs through Apollo

When once more, let’s enrich our table and search for the ‘Find Open Jobs through Apollo’ instrument. Click it to open the settings window.

find open jobs via Apollofind open jobs via Apollo

Up coming, decide on your Apollo API crucial account. Then, enter the Apollo organization ID underneath the ‘Company ID’ input discipline.

To narrow down your search, enter the appropriate search phrases in the ‘Job Search Terms’ discipline. Let’s say we’re interested in obtaining work openings for the executive assistant place. We’ll need to have to enter these search phrases, along with connected terms, into this discipline. 

Apollo integration settingsApollo integration settings

Click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’

Then, decide on which information you want to include to your table. Right here, we’ll pick the work title, city, and nation.

Apollo integration settings pageApollo integration settings page

Conserve and run the integration.

Verify your table. It ought to now show the work openings, the city area of the organization, and the nation. 

find companies with job openings using Clayfind companies with job openings using Clay

Note: Only businesses with work openings for our target roles will present final results. So, let’s type our table to see these final results at the prime.

sort Clay tablesort Clay table

four) Locate Company’s Determination Makers

We now have the specifics about our target businesses and their work openings. The up coming stage is to uncover a organization representative to speak to. 

Once again, include enrichment to your table. Seem for the ‘Find Contacts at Company’ enrichment instrument and decide on it.

find contacts at company on Clayfind contacts at company on Clay

In the ‘Company Identifier’ input discipline, enter the company’s LinkedIn URL.

Then, enter the work titles of the men and women you want to speak to. In this situation, you can use one particular or all of the following search phrases:

  • Human Assets Director 
  • Talent Acquisition Director 
  • Human Assets Manager 
  • Talent Acquisition Manager 
  • HR Enterprise Partner 
  • Head of Recruitment 
  • Product sales Growth Lead
Clay enrichment tool settingsClay enrichment tool settings

When you are accomplished, click on ‘Continue to Include Fields.’ Then, include the following information to your table:

  • Identify
  • Title
  • LinkedIn profile
Clay enrichment settingsClay enrichment settings

Conserve and run the integration.

Note: You may possibly get a number of profile final results for a organization. You can move these to a new table and enrich them later on. By default, Clay displays the initial end result on your table, as proven beneath.

Clay enrichment outputClay enrichment output

four) Extract Operate Emails Utilizing the Waterfall Technique

To uncover the perform emails of our target prospects, we’re going to use the ‘Waterfall’ approach.

So, let’s include an enrichment and decide on this selection from the pop-up. Then, pick ‘Work E mail.’

find work emails of leadsfind work emails of leads

Clay supplies many possibilities to fetch e-mail addresses. In this guidebook, we’re going to stick with the default possibilities: Clay Enrichments, Datagma, and Hunter. 

Clay enrichment tool settingsClay enrichment tool settings

Up coming, enter the contact’s title and organization domain in the input fields.

Lastly, use Debounce to validate all the emails collected. 

Then, click conserve and run.

Your table ought to now have the e-mail addresses of HR or Talent Managers.

find work emails of hiring managersfind work emails of hiring managers

And That is It!

With the speak to specifics at hand, you are now set to pitch to your target consumers.

If you need to have to automate your cold e-mail method, Clay can support with that, as well. We’ve written separate tutorials on how you can use Clay’s AI instrument for crafting compelling emails. 

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