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In this manual, we’re going to go over how to scrape LinkedIn Product sales Navigator securely and then enrich these contacts to discover their e-mail addresses.

We will be making use of Clay.comfor each scraping and enrichment. Of program, we will also want entry to LinkedIn Product sales Navigator. Let’s dive in! 

Stage one: Recognize Target on LinkedIn Product sales Navigator

In this instance, we are searching for “CEOs” in the United States.

Stage two: Download the Clay Chrome Extension

The Clay Chrome Extension is excellent simply because we do not have to maintain switching among tabs when doing work with Product sales Nav. You can download it from the Chrome Keep. When set up &amp configured, open it up when you are on the LinkedIn Product sales Navigator webpage. 

This is what you must see. 

  • Untitled Recipe
  • Clay Verified Recipes
  • Autodetected Lists

You are going to decide on “Clay Verified Recipes” 

When you decide on it, you will see information becoming collected. Exclusively a amount of rows. 

The way Clay’s Chrome Extension performs is that you have to manually scroll by way of the information. So, as you go by way of the LinkedIn pages, it will choose up the appropriate information.

Observe how I’m now on webpage eight and have collected 191 rows? This signifies we’ve completed it effectively.. 

Stage three: Enrich Information with Clay

Now we’re prepared to commence enriching the information we collected. 

You see the “Add to Workspace” button? Go ahead and click that. It must open a brand new Clay table with the information that was collected. 

Now that we have information to perform with, let’s discover these people’s e-mail addresses.

Let’s seem at what information factors we have entry to:

  • Identify
  • Firm
  • Place
  • Profile
  • Product sales Nav Profile Website link
  • Product sales Nav Firm Website link
  • Title and Company 

To discover people’s e-mail addresses we normally want their complete title + business URL. By searching at the information, you would believe we have what we want. 

But if you seem closely, you will recognize a number of factors. 

Numerous rows for organizations are blank, and as an alternative of URLs, there are only business names.

So now we have to do a number of factors:

Initial, let us fill in the empty rows and flip these business names into URLs. 

You are going to generate a new column, exclusively an enrichment and we’re going to enrich through “Enrich Particular person from LinkedIn Profile”. 

Below “LinkedIn Product sales Navigator Profile” you are going to reference the column titled “Sales Nav Profile Link”. If your column is titled in a different way, be positive to reference the column that includes the Product sales Navigator website link of their profiles. 

Click “Continue to Include Fields”

You are going to see a number of possibilities to toggle on. 

You are going to toggle the following: Most current Experiences -&gt Firm Domain

This will give you a URL. 

Right after operating the enrichment, this is what your table must seem like. 

Although I have to note a number of factors. We have a whole lot of empty rows and this is due to the information not becoming accessible. So now, we have to get innovative!

Stage four: Making use of Conditional Formulas in Clay

Stick with me right here, we’re going to get a bit technical. 

Keep in mind the aim is to get a URL of the business title. 

For some rows, the business title is accessible on the left, but on the correct we couldn’t pull the precise URL from the LinkedIn enrichment. That is okay! We have an additional path to get this URL. 

We’re going to include an additional column to our table, exclusively an enrichment, and this time we’re going to search for a Clearbit enrichment titled “Get Domain from Firm Name”.  *It truly is also totally free to run (no further credits)*

When referencing a column, you are going to decide on the unique business column, the a single on the left. You are then going to toggle the “Domain”. 

Just before you run the enrichment, we have to set a conditional formula. 

You are going to click the column and decide on “Settings”. 

Then go into “Run Settings” and decide on “Conditional Formula.

You are then going to click the “Use AI” button. 

Now you must see the AI Formula Generator. 

You are going to kind in the following: 

“only run if /Firm Domain – Most current Knowledge does not exist” 

This will reference the new column we produced from LinkedIn. We’re saying, if LinkedIn was not ready to supply what we essential, then let’s try out this strategy. 

This is what your generator must seem like. 

Click the green button. 

Run the new enrichment and then this is what your Clay table must seem like:

Stage five: Clean Up The Information

Now that we have two columns, every single containing back links, we want to consolidate them. Go ahead and generate a new column, exclusively a text format. 

Click settings, and then you are going to use the AI Formula Generator yet again. 

Right here you are going to create the following: 

“Return both /Firm Domain – Most current Knowledge OR Clearbit -&gt Domain”

This is what it must seem like.

Now your Clay table will seem like this. Containing only the domain URL from both of the two sources. 

We can truly clean this up even more. Let’s hide the two columns, we only want the new column with the URLs. And we can also hide the blank rows, rows that we couldn’t discover a URL for. 

To hide columns, you are going to click into every single column and decide on “Hide”. 

To eliminate blank rows, go to the final column and decide on it. Then click “Filter on this column”. 

You are going to adjust this to “Is Not Empty”.

Now our Clay table is cleaned up and we’re now prepared to discover e-mail addresses. 

Stage six: Locate Lead Electronic mail Addresses

Now we have the information essential to discover their e-mail deal with. 

Go ahead and generate a new column and you are going to decide on “Work Email”. 

Stick to the directions to fill in the inputs.

Go ahead and click “Save &amp Run Initial ten Rows”. 

And now we have verified emails! Go ahead and do what you did just before to clean up the column. We do not want to see empty rows. 

Summing It Up

Alright, we’re lastly completed. We did this without having harming our account, investing far more than we have to on third get together resources, and with only a number of clicks.

Clay is so effective. If you want to discover about every thing it provides, verify out our complete review. You could also minimize your devote on long term credits by connecting to the OpenAI API.

There is actually limitless prospects. Also, if you go through this just for enjoyable but are lastly prepared to hop in, we have a particular website link that lets you bypass the Clay waitlist to signal up for an account!

Satisfied prospecting!