Duplication Made Easy in Breakdance Builder

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When creating and constructing internet sites, you frequently want to generate duplicate pages. With Breakdance Builder, this method is super simple – and you can even conserve your duplicated webpage as a template for potential use.

Why Duplicate Pages?

Two factors individuals duplicate pages are to conserve time and to generate templates. When you duplicate a webpage, you generate an precise replica of the unique, like all content material, formatting, and layout. This can be a excellent timesaver when you want to generate a number of pages that are equivalent in design and style. It can also be valuable when you want to generate a template that you can use yet again and yet again.

Duplicate Components on Singular Breakdance Pages

Breakdance supports cross-website duplication of pages and factors. This signifies you can duplicate a webpage or component from a single website to one more, as prolonged as the two internet sites are utilizing Breakdance Builder. To do so, basically decide on the component you want to copy from the selector panel on the left, then copy it utilizing keyboard commands (Ctrl/Cmd+C) or the toolbar button. Ultimately, paste it into one more website webpage utilizing keyboard commands (Ctrl/Cmd+V)

When you duplicate a webpage, all content material, formatting, and layout from the unique webpage will be copied to the new webpage. You can then edit the new webpage as necessary.

How to Duplicate a Complete Web page in Breakdance

If you want to duplicate an whole webpage or template with out possessing to copy and paste every single component on the webpage, you can use the Duplicate Web page characteristic in Breakdance.

To duplicate a webpage, we’ll have our outdated webpage and our new webpage open in two separate tabs (our outdated webpage is the a single we’re going to duplicate). We’ll make certain that the two pages are in Edit mode, and then we’ll go to our new webpage and click include. Go ahead and click on Library as an alternative of include which will deliver up the prebuilt component library integrated with Breakdance.

At the prime, alter Component Demos to This Internet site. This will deliver up all pages you have developed in Breakdance. Uncover the webpage you want to duplicate, hover in excess of it, and click the Include To Web page button that seems. And that is it! You need to now have accessibility to all the content material, formatting, and layout from your outdated webpage on your new webpage.

Add to page button on Breakdance Builder Import ScreenAdd to page button on Breakdance Builder Import Screen

Video Tutorial

There are a couple of items to hold in thoughts when duplicating pages:

– Web page settings will not be duplicated, so if you want to alter anything like the webpage title or URL, you may want to do that on the new webpage (in Gutenberg).

– Any hyperlinks on the webpage will even now level to the unique webpage. If you want to alter them, you may want to do that on the new webpage.

– Any photographs or other files that are linked to from the webpage will be duplicated as nicely.

– Any code blocks on the webpage will be duplicated as nicely.


Duplicating pages is a rapid and simple way to conserve time when creating internet sites with Breakdance Builder. It is also a excellent way to generate templates that you can use in excess of and in excess of yet again. Give it a try out and use the saved time to grab your self a cup of coffee! 😉 Allow us know if you have any queries in the feedback.