From Breakdance to Discord: Sending Contact Forms Seamlessly

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Discord is a chat app with a following of hundreds of thousands of consumers. It truly is generally utilized by gamers to talk with each and every other whilst they are taking part in video games, but it can be utilized for all kinds of functions. For illustration, you could generate a Discord server for your organization and use it to talk internally. You can effortlessly use Breakdance to send your make contact with kinds to a particular Discord channel which is helpful if you have a staff that wants to be notified when somebody submits a kind.

What is a Discord Webhook?

Discord’s webhooks let you to automate your messages and send information updates to your Discord text channels. In buy to integrate Discord with third get together application, you are going to have to produce a webhook for your application.

Set up your Breakdance Speak to Kind

In Breakdance, generate a new web page and include a kind builder. Scroll down to Actions and choose Discord as a single of the actions soon after submission. After you have carried out this, we’ll depart it alone for a number of till we set up the webhook.

form builder with discord submission action in breakdance builderform builder with discord submission action in breakdance builder

Allow Discord Webhook Integration

Open Discord and navigate to the channel you want your message posted in. In the settings of your channel, go to integrations -&gt webhooks and generate a new webhook. Produce a new webhook and copy the URL that is produced.

webhook integration blank screen with discordwebhook integration blank screen with discord
webhook url copy in discordwebhook url copy in discord

Setup Breakdance Discord Integration

Now that we have copied our webhook website link, go back to the Breakdance Discord action and adjust the webhook from default to customized. Paste the webhook URL right here. Truly feel cost-free to customize your fields and alternatives but make certain to examine the ‘include kind data’ and ‘include timestamp’ settings. After you have saved this, you ought to be prepared to go.

discord custom webhook integration with breakdance builderdiscord custom webhook integration with breakdance builder

Check Channel Message in Discord

Conserve your Breakdance web page and navigate to it reside. Fill out a check kind and press submit and inside of seconds you ought to see your message in your specified Discord channel.

sending a sample message in discordsending a sample message in discord


Discord is a excellent way to maintain your staff organized and in the loop. By employing Breakdance to send your make contact with kinds to Discord, you can effortlessly maintain everybody on the very same web page relating to your lead consumption. Moreover, you can customize your kind fields and alternatives to make certain that all of the pertinent info is currently being sent along with each and every message. Give it a try out and support streamline your method. Have any concerns, truly feel cost-free to depart a comment beneath.