Oxygen Builder: Effortless Page Duplication Using JSON

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If you have ever needed to copy and paste material on any WordPress web site, you will know how irritating it can be to do so. There is no easy one particular-click resolution to duplicate a webpage with out requiring the use of a WordPress plugin or some other third-get together device. Nevertheless, if you happen to be employing Oxygen Builder, there is a way to duplicate a webpage employing nothing at all but the created-in JSON created for every single webpage. Oxygen employed to use shortcodes for webpage layout, but they at some point switched to employing JSON which produced it a lot simpler for developers to perform with. Now, it really is very easy to duplicate a webpage by copying the JSON and pasting it into a new WordPress submit or webpage.

What is a WordPress Shortcode?

If you have worked with WordPress plugins or themes prior to, possibilities are you have come across shortcodes. Shortcodes are easy snippets of code wrapped in square brackets that let you to speedily include complicated material or performance to a WordPress submit or webpage. For illustration, the WPForms plugin has a shortcode that permits you to very easily insert a make contact with kind into any submit or webpage. Even though shortcodes are even now employed in some WordPress plugins and themes, they’ve been replaced by JSON in Oxygen Builder. At present, you can see shortcodes on an Oxygen webpage, but they are in study-only mode. Shortcodes appear one thing like this:

[-ct_section ct_sign_sha256='f5ad2c54c51fe0e9172a9742e32b22ef5690c7de80ea1bd05a13d839801fc75c' ct_options='{"ct_id":2,"ct_parent":0,"selector":"section-2-9","original":{"image_type":"2","attachment_size":"full"},"nicename":"Section (#2)","activeselector":false,"ct_depth":1}'][/ct_section-]

What is JSON?

JSON is a normal format for information which is effortless for people to study and compose, and it really is also effortless for machines to parse and make. JSON is frequently employed in APIs and net companies, and it really is also the format that Oxygen Builder makes use of to keep internet site aspects.

Even though you may well not want to know how to study or compose JSON, it can be useful to recognize what it is and how it functions. If you happen to be ever doing work with a WordPress web site that makes use of Oxygen Builder, obtaining a fundamental knowing of JSON will make it a lot simpler for you to perform with the web site. Fortunately, if you want to recognize JSON, you could paste the code into an on the internet JSON parser which helps make it simpler to study and decode. JSON styling seems like this:

{"id":,"title":"root","depth":,"young children":[{"id":2,"name":"ct_section","options":{"ct_id":2,"ct_parent":0,"selector":"section-2-9","original":{"image_type":"2","attachment_size":"full"}]}

How to Duplicate a Webpage in Oxygen Builder (employing JSON)

Now that you know what JSON is and how it really is employed in Oxygen Builder, let us get a appear at how to duplicate a webpage by copying and pasting the JSON.

To get started out, open up the webpage you want to duplicate in WordPress. Make confident to decide on “Edit” rather than “Edit in Oxygen” because we’re going to be manipulating metadata, not real material.

After the webpage has been opened for editing, scroll down to the “Oxygen” metabox and increase the the “+ JSON” dropdown.

Copy the complete JSON code and paste it into the exact same box in the location WordPress webpage. After you have carried out that, conserve or publish the submit or webpage. That is it! The fantastic issue about Oxygen is you can use this approach for templates and other editable material, which means you can speedily develop new pages that inherit the design and style of an current webpage!


Duplicating material in Oxygen Builder is very easy. All you want to do is copy the JSON code from the Oxygen metabox and paste it into a new WordPress submit or webpage. After you have carried out that, you can develop and edit material way more rapidly than prior to. Hope this aided!