Synchronizing Publish and Modified Dates in WordPress

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We publish tons of material for our company website (like this 1!). We frequently publish a number of content articles a day but routine them out in excess of a week or two. In these circumstances, the “Publish Date” may be distinct than the “Modified Date”. At first, the modified date would present the date we wrote the write-up, but our publish date would be in the long term.

The difficulty is, when we published the write-up, the modified date would not update and present the recent date/time, rather it would present the date we at first wrote it. This can be complicated for our readers, considering that they may see a publish that was published nowadays, but final up to date a week in the past. This is the two incorrect &amp just seems weird! And let us be truthful, we are not manually going back to edit a publish to make certain the modify time is equal to or newer than the publish time. The very good information is… we manufactured a straightforward repair to put into action on your WordPress website. All you require to do is include a straightforward piece of code to your site backend to make certain the publish modified date is at least the very same date the write-up was published on.

When creating blogs, tutorials, or other pieces of material, it is frequently valuable to consist of a “final up to date” date. This is valuable for two motives:

one. It displays your readers that you are trying to keep the material up-to-date &amp adjusting material
two. It lets them know how outdated the details may be.

In this tutorial, we’ll safeguard our WordPress website by creating positive the publish modified date is at least equal to the material publish date.  If your publish modified date is prior to the publish date we’ll show the publishing date to your customers. Here is what we imply:

graphic showing post modified date & post publish date, with publish date being the latest update of the articlegraphic showing post modified date & post publish date, with publish date being the latest update of the article

Determine Submit Modified Date in WordPress

To basically determine anytime the publish was final modified, you can wrap the built in WordPress function to get the modified time. In buy to put into action this code, you have to download &amp activate a plugin like Code Snippets. Then, generate a new snippet and paste in the code. Conserve the alterations and make positive the snippet is is set to ‘run everywhere’.

perform gp_final_modified_date( ) {
return get_the_modified_time('F j, Y')


Show Submit Modified Date in Oxygen

Now you are going to have to get this code and insert it in the Oxygen Builder. In the styling bar, insert information. Within scroll down to PHP perform return worth. For the identify, enter the perform title (with no parenthesis) and depart the arguments discipline empty.

Show WordPress Submit Modified Date Only If Newer than Publish Date

It truly is relatively straightforward to get the publish modified date in WordPress, but at times the modified date is really prior to the publish date (in the situation of someone who schedules blogs weeks in advance). If you are scheduling material and want to present the most current date (regardless of whether it is the publish date or the modified date), it will take a minor far more operate:

perform gp_show_newer_date() {

$datePosted = get_the_modified_time('F j, Y')
$dateUpdated = get_the_date('F j, Y')

$postedTime = strtotime($datePosted)
$updatedTime = strtotime($dateUpdated)

if ($postedTime > $updatedTime) {
return $datePosted
return $dateUpdated


What this code does is get the modified date and publish date, convert them into seconds considering that the Unix Epoch, and return the newer of the two dates. If your publish was scheduled, it will show the most recent date of the two. If you edit and make alterations to a published publish, it will present the date people alterations had been manufactured. You can put into action this perform just as prior to, but make positive to update the perform identify.

If you’d like to paste this into your website with any html/php component go ahead and include the following code (bear in mind the earlier perform need to be activated)


echo 'The most current date for this publish is: ' . gp_show_newer_date()



Scheduling material is a wonderful way to strategy ahead, but if you want to make positive your publish modified date is at least equal to your publish publish date you would have to put into action this perform.

We hope this tutorial assisted you discover how to present the most current publish modified date in Oxygen Builder (or any WordPress site for that matter!). If you have any inquiries or recommendations, please allow us know in the remarks beneath. Hope this assisted!