Bricks Builder vs Oxygen: The Battle of Yearly Pricing Strategies

Bricks Builder leans into subscriptions to fuel product development as Oxygen makes the same choice only a few years late. Both builders will soon be yearly subscriptions
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Adding Custom Fonts in Oxygen Builder (2023 Guide)

Here are the easiest & most efficient methods for adding fonts to any site using Oxygen. They take a few minutes to setup & configure but you should be smooth sailing after that!
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Bricks Builder: Shaping the Future of WordPress Design?

Bricks is extremely powerful and has an incredible future ahead. This is one of (if not the top) WordPress page builders available today. Here's an overview of what you could do with it
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Oxygen vs Bricks: A Detailed Comparison of WP Builders

Oxygen and Bricks are currently the most advanced WordPress page builders in existence. They both offer a similar, yet competitive, landscape to one another. But what's the best choice for you? Let's go over it:
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Breakdance vs Oxygen Builder: Two Paths, One Origin

Breakdance and Oxygen are both incredible WordPress page builders built by the same company, but what's the difference between them? They're both regarded as fast and powerful builders to help you create amazing WordPress websites. Breakdance is focused on simplicity & ease, while Oxygen is meant for more advanced developers. Here's our full comparison of the two.
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Streamlining WordPress: Removing Category and Tags in Oxygen Builder

Are you tired of the "Category:" and "Tags:" prefix in Oxygen dynamic archive pages? You can easily remove it by installing a PHP code snippet and calling a specific function. With the help of a code snippets plugin, you can achieve a cleaner look for your category, tag, or custom archive titles in Oxygen.
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2023’s Top WordPress Drag & Drop Builders: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress is the most popular website management platform in the world. With it comes the beautiful world of page builders. Each one offers their own unique features and community, but which one is best for you? Here's the best 4 drag and drop page builders to use in 2023.
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Oxygen Builder in 2023: Is It Still the Go-To Choice?

With the recent increase in WordPress Page Builders, where does Oxygen stand? Does the builder still hold its ground?
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Breakdance Builder vs Elementor: Why It’s Time to Switch

Breakdance is a new WordPress page builder that focuses on ease of use. With over 130 elements and simple drag & drop UI, Breakdance makes creating beautiful websites easy and fun.
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Calculating Reading Time in WordPress Without Plugins

You can add estimated reading times to your articles without having to install a plugin using simple PHP.
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Adding Dynamic Particles.js to Oxygen Builder: 2023 Guide

Particlesjs is a powerful, lightweight javascript library that allows you to create animated particle backgrounds for your website. We can easily use them in an Oxygen Wordpress Site
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Building a Related Posts Section in Oxygen Builder

Add a related posts section to Oxygen using custom query and easyposts widgets.
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Designing an Effective Search Bar & Template in Oxygen

Oxygen Builder comes with a built-in search form widget that you can use to add a search bar that can integrate with a search results page.
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Synchronizing Publish and Modified Dates in WordPress

We'll create a PHP function that returns the more recent date between the modified date of a post and its published date. If the modified date is more recent, the function returns the modified date. Otherwise, it returns the published date.
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Oxygen Builder: Effortless Page Duplication Using JSON

If you've ever wanted to copy and paste content on an Oxygen Wordpress site, it's extremely simple to do so by just copying the JSON and pasting it into a new WordPress post or page.
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Crafting Custom 404 Templates in Oxygen Builder

As you browse a website, you may occasionally stumble across a web page that doesn't exist. When this happens, you'll see a 404 error message. Here's how to build one in Oxygen Builder
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Removing the Google reCAPTCHA v3 Badge in WordPress Websites

Google reCAPTCHA v3 is a program that helps protect websites from spam and abuse. It is a type of challenge-response test used to determine whether or not the user is human. reCAPTCHA is a service provided by Google that helps to protect websites from spam and abuse