Breakdance vs Oxygen Builder: Two Paths, One Origin

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Breakdance and Oxygen are two extremely regarded web site builders for WordPress, with each have been produced by the exact same modern business, Soflyy. These builders are each extraordinary in delivering folks and companies the potential to style, produce, and handle their personal WordPress sites.

Soflyy very first launched Oxygen in 2016, and it speedily turned heads in the planet of WordPress net advancement. It provided a refreshing and strong new way to construct WordPress sites, bringing a broad range of customizable functions and sophisticated style alternatives to the table. This breakthrough platform acquired a significant following, with the Oxygen neighborhood constantly increasing and evolving above time. Common communities like Isotropic and WPDevDesign are just a couple of of them.

In June 2022, Soflyy stunned its neighborhood with the release of a new web site builder, Breakdance. The introduction of this new builder created a important sum of discussion and controversy. The original response was mixed, as several Oxygen consumers and other WordPress lovers questioned the reasoning behind building a new platform whilst Oxygen was even now actively currently being utilised and appreciated.

Regardless of these early debates, Breakdance has managed to carve out its personal room in the planet of WordPress web site builders. It has succeeded in drawing in a significant variety of Oxygen consumers as nicely as other WordPress lovers.

Above time, it has turn into clear that Breakdance was not produced to get Oxygen’s spot, but rather, to supply a various technique to web site creating.

Every builder serves the objective of producing dynamic and practical sites. Nevertheless, it is critical to note that they target various consumer bases.

Oxygen tends to be favored by a lot more knowledgeable developers due to its sophisticated functions and abilities. Breakdance, on the other hand, appeals to newcomers and intermediate consumers due to its simplicity and ease of use.

Therefore, the two are not direct rivals but equipment produced to meet the varied demands of the WordPress neighborhood. They signify Soflyy’s dedication to delivering a assortment of answers for web site builders of various talent ranges and needs.

But amongst the two of these builders come several distinctions amongst their similarities. What is the big difference amongst the two? Let us speak about it.

Distinctions Among Breakdance and Oxygen Builder

The principal distinction amongst Breakdance and Oxygen, as highlighted by Soflyy CEO Louis Reingold, is their consumer target demographic.

In a Facebook submit created in June 2022, Reingold outlined the company’s approach, stating, “Oxygen has usually been for sophisticated users…” and “Breakdance will be for non-techies…” As a result, the two web site builders diverge in their technique to web site creation, every catering to various talent ranges in the consumer base.

Breakdance Builder, in spite of carrying equivalent functions to Oxygen, is a lot more simplified and consumer-pleasant. It is made to help consumers, specifically people with out coding understanding, in producing practical and visually interesting sites. The builder gives pre-made templates and blocks, which consumers can merely drag and drop onto their net pages.

Breakdance empowers people with out an substantial (or truly any) background in net advancement to navigate the procedure of web site creating in a easy, trouble-free of charge method. You could also check out out our full review if you want to understand a lot more.

Oxygen Builder caters to a a lot more sophisticated section of the net advancement neighborhood. This builder gives a a lot more sophisticated, versatile technique to web site creation.

It integrates a visual style interface with a robust code editor, permitting consumers to meticulously tailor their sites to meet distinct needs down to the actual pixel (that was truly what Louis aimed to develop.)

With Oxygen, consumers can style complicated sites, modify code straight, and integrate sophisticated functions. This capability to fine-tune and customize, whilst invaluable to knowledgeable developers, does existing a way steeper studying curve than Breakdance.

In essence, the principal big difference amongst these two platforms is the degree of complexity and customization that they supply.

Even though Breakdance Builder focuses on simplicity and consumer-friendliness, interesting to newcomers or ‘non-techies’, Oxygen Builder requires a a lot more extensive technique, inviting consumers to go deep into net advancement.

The decision amongst the two would largely rely on the user’s technical proficiency, their website’s complexity, and the degree of customization essential. Each equipment are sustainable builders and will help WordPress sites for several many years to come.

Breakdance vs Oxygen – A In depth Comparison

Now, let us dive deeper into the technical distinctions amongst Breakdance and Oxygen. We’ll comprehensively assess each web site builders, going above their person qualities and functions.

Target Customers

Breakdance Builder, with its emphasis on simplicity, mainly targets newcomers or folks who lack substantial technical experience. This web site builder is an superb match for bloggers, tiny enterprise owners, or any individual aiming to craft a WordPress web site with out a steep studying curve.

Breakdance eliminates the require for consumers to grapple with complicated technical elements, guaranteeing a smooth web site creating knowledge. If you want to make your web site a lot more complicated, you undoubtedly even now have versatility in performing so – just not to the extent of Oxygen.

Conversely, Oxygen Builder caters to a a lot more seasoned audience, which includes net advancement specialists, designers, and knowledgeable folks. It boasts sophisticated equipment and functionalities that supply consumers an excellent degree of manage above their website’s style and performance. If you are a advancement enthusiast or appreciate experimentation, Oxygen is very likely to pique your curiosity.

Our really personal web site makes use of Oxygen (yes, this one particular) and I would not use anything at all else. I have utilised Breakdance on a couple of manufacturing-degree web sites because its release, but personally I desire Oxygen because net advancement is a rather robust background of mine.

Consumer Friendliness

If you inquire knowledgeable web site builders, they will most likely inform you that they desire employing Oxygen Builder above Breakdance. But if you speak to newcomers, you may very likely hear the opposite. The purpose behind this is the big difference in simplicity amongst the two builders. Breakdance is made to be easy to use, specifically for people who are new to web site creating. Nevertheless, it would not be completely honest to declare that Breakdance is a lot more “consumer-pleasant” than Oxygen.

The reality is, each Breakdance and Oxygen are consumer-pleasant in their personal approaches. They each have effortless set up processes, intuitive consumer interfaces, drag-and-drop performance, and a assortment of customizable pre-created templates. These functions make each builders normally effortless to use. Nevertheless, the degree of consumer-friendliness can even now differ based on the individual’s talent degree and familiarity with web site creation.

Important Attributes

In Breakdance, You may discover above 140+ premium aspects, a type builder, a header and menu builder, international variations, dynamic information and circumstances, and deep integration with WooCommerce. With Breakdance’s simplicity, you can appreciate all these functions and develop an on the internet retailer with just a couple of clicks (which is a massive offering level of BD above other builders).

Oxygen Builder is really equivalent to Breakdance in terms of functions. You may also discover a header builder, dynamic information and circumstances, and a broad library of premium aspects. From the get-go Oxygen lets you customize the inner workings of your sections, columns, and divs. It would undoubtedly have an comprehending of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

When it comes to creating an on the internet retailer, Breakdance has built-in compatibility with WooCommerce. Putting in the WooCommerce plugin is as effortless as putting in any other WordPress plugin. When activated, setting it up is a breeze. You can develop an limitless variety of pages for your on the internet retailer and customize them effortlessly.

Oxygen does the exact same but offers you entry to Every thing relevant to your WooCommerce setup. Yet again, this is not a poor point, but if you want to customize your goods down to the borders and results close to them, use Oxygen. If you require an e-commerce retailer just to have one particular hosted on WordPress, Breakdance is the way much better selection.


Usually speaking, Breakdance gives a excellent degree of versatility as a web site builder, courtesy of its integration with different plugins like WooCommerce.

It is made to function seamlessly with any theme, but it is suggested to begin from scratch and only use the builder aspects to develop your web site (exact same goes with Oxygen). Provided that Breakdance is catered in direction of non-technical consumers, it does have some restrictions in terms of versatility.

Oxygen gives an elevated degree of customization alternatives. In contrast to Breakdance, Oxygen opens the door for consumers with coding understanding to develop intricate sites by giving them comprehensive manage above their web site or on the internet retailer. If you can construct the web site in WordPress, you can construct it in Oxygen.

You may possibly not even think particular sites are constructed with Oxygen – just check out out CodeWP for instance. Every thing is constructed with Oxygen &amp third-celebration plugins, it is extraordinary.

Template Availability

Breakdance Builder gives a assortment of easy-to-setup templates which includes Single Merchandise, Store Web page &amp All Merchandise Archives, Single Merchandise Archive, Single Submit, Submit Archive, 404 Not Located, and Search Final results. You can also introduce a customized template, designate its spot, and include circumstances. These templates are also extremely customizable and effortless to style.

Oxygen functions templates equivalent to people in Breakdance and permits customized template creation. Nevertheless, the procedure of building and editing templates in Oxygen is comparatively complicated in contrast to Breakdance.

Most aspects are not pre-made, requiring you to set the template and construct the webpage employing dynamic aspects.

Oxygen enables you to introduce an ‘Inner Content’ component. This editable component lets you manage the layout of material derived from the WordPress editor. Templates containing ‘Inner Content’ can be inherited by other templates, proving specifically helpful when producing a singular entry not constructed with Oxygen.

Breakdance does the exact same, but only for sophisticated template editing (you normally never require to fear about this).

Velocity and Functionality

Even though neither Breakdance nor Oxygen involves any distinct sorts of Search engine marketing functions, their Search engine marketing abilities can be augmented via WordPress Search engine marketing plugins this kind of as RankMath or Yoast.

Each builders are clean, light-weight, and steer clear of needless bloat. To encourage swift loading, they possess functions like CDN-pleasant alternatives and constructed-in bloat eliminators.

Sluggish sites can end result in substantial bounce costs and lower conversion costs. The constructed-in bloat eliminators in these builders let you to disable unneeded scripts and variations with just one particular click.

Each builders integrate a ‘Lazy Load’ attribute, which delays the loading of photos and embedded movies unless of course essential, therefore enabling quicker webpage load occasions.

You do not have to fear about web site pace in any regard when employing Breakdance or Oxygen, each builders had pace in thoughts when currently being produced. I guarantee.

Plugins and Integrations

Breakdance Builder Plugins

Because it is pretty new, Breakdance has fewer plugins and integrations as in contrast to Oxygen. As of posting, there are four free of charge and paid include-ons specially developed for Breakdance consumers:

Destiny Factors

Destiny Factors is a Breakdance builder include-on with over 25 premium elements. Every component is very carefully crafted to assist streamline your workflow whilst conserving you time and work. All of them are effortless to customize and optimized for pace and functionality.


BD-dLibrary is a freemium plugin with a broad assortment of prepared-created Windmill blocks, solely for Breakdance builder consumers. The free of charge selection consists of one hundred blocks, whilst the paid model has 300+ blocks. You can use these for each individual and paid sites.

Factors Hive

Factors Hive is a free of charge WordPress plugin with 13+ unique elements, which includes Magnetic Cursor, Ink Mouse Cursor, and WebGL Slideshow. It gives animations, interactive UI patterns, and micro-interactions to your style. Factors Hive is offered at

BD Library Wonderful

Breakdance Wonderful is a premium plugin with 50+ layouts, 50+ headers, thirty+ footers, and one hundred+ sections known as wireframes. It at present gives two strategies – Yearly ($179) and Lifetime ($249), with a one particular-click set up procedure.

Oxygen Builder Plugins

Even even though Oxygen is a extensive webpage builder, it does not restrict you from improving your website’s functionalities. It does this via the use of include-ons and integrations, in essence plugins that can give added functions and abilities. Because the builder is so produced, Oxygen at present supports above 70 free of charge and premium plugins, substantially broadening the prospects for web site creation and customization. Right here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Company Base
  • Asura
  • Editor Enhancer
  • Hydrogen Pack
  • Nimbufy
  • Oxy Transfer Professional
  • OxyUltimate
  • OxyExtras
  • OxyMade
  • OxyNinja Core
  • OxyPowerPack
  • OxyToolbox
  • Swiss Knife Professional

WordPress Themes Compatibility

Breakdance displays a substantial degree of compatibility with several pre-established WordPress themes. Nevertheless, by default, Breakdance firmly advocates its consumers to disable the WordPress theme method completely.

When you choose the “Disable Theme” selection, you are unlocking the prospective to exert comprehensive manage above each and every component of your web site style. This technique is specifically helpful if you want to begin creating your web site from scratch or if you are going to break free of charge from the constraints imposed by pre-current themes (the sluggish and unoptimized pre-constructed themes that have not been up to date in many years.)

Nevertheless, if you make a decision to stick with the “Hold Theme” selection, there are approaches to override your theme/plugin templates. This can be accomplished via the use of functions.php and a kid theme (for instance, the Breakdance Zero Theme).

A kid theme is a sub-theme that inherits all the functionalities, functions, and fashion of its mother or father theme, permitting you to modify with out affecting the unique theme. This technique enables you to proceed making use of the current theme whilst also customizing it to much better suit your distinct needs.

Contrastingly, Oxygen operates a bit in a different way from Breakdance in that it does not demand a theme to perform. Far more exclusively, Oxygen truly disables the complete WordPress theme method, fully separating it from conventional WordPress web site creating.

So, what does this indicate for you as a consumer? Effectively, if you are employing an additional webpage builder in conjunction with a theme and are contemplating a switch to Oxygen, there is an critical issue to hold in thoughts. Your current theme’s variations and layout will not carry above or be utilized to your web site inside Oxygen. This is a essential big difference that could substantially affect your transition procedure.

Nevertheless, this does not always indicate it is a disadvantage. This will normally end result in way quicker web site functionality. This is simply because there is no further theme-relevant code for your web site to procedure, that means your pages would load a lot more speedily, improving consumer knowledge.

Nevertheless, one particular prospective downside is that you are relatively limited to beginning from scratch. You will not have the selection of bringing above a pre-current theme, so you may require to construct from the ground up.

The excellent information is that Oxygen does give a assortment of pre-created, in-property themes that can kickstart your web site style procedure (as nicely as plugins that assist pace this procedure up.) These can serve as a useful beginning level if you are new to Oxygen or if you want to pace up the procedure of producing your web site.

Keep in mind, this technique could demand a lot more upfront work, but it also signifies you have absolute manage above each and every element of your site’s style.

Breakdance Pricing

Breakdance gives a two pricing plans, one particular web site for $99, and limitless for $199. This is a drop from the potential $349 which will boost sometime in the potential. This price reduction in essence signifies you get to conserve $200 per yr, permanently.

Breakdance gives a trouble-free of charge 60-Day cash-back ensure, that means if you are not fully happy with the solution, you can inquire for a refund, no inquiries asked. There is also a free of charge model of Breakdance offered, but it comes with restricted functions and fewer style aspects.

The free of charge model of Breakdance Builder involves:

  • The potential to construct limitless sites and consumer web sites
  • Accessibility to 80 style aspects
  • Constrained dynamic information fields
  • Partial integration with WooCommerce (Constrained Factors/Problems)
  • Accessibility to templates, albeit with restricted circumstances

The premium Breakdance Pro model gives:

  • Even now, the potential to construct limitless sites and consumer web sites
  • Accessibility to 120+ style aspects
  • Above forty sophisticated dynamic information fields
  • Consumer Mode/Consumer Part Manager, enabling you to manage consumer entry
  • A CSS Class and Selector Manager
  • An sophisticated type builder
  • Popup triggers for engagement
  • Limitless entry to the Style Library
  • Far more extensive WooCommerce Factors/Problems

Oxygen Pricing

Oxygen Builder gives a assortment of strategies with significant functions, all of which consist of lifetime updates, lifetime help, and the potential to set up on limitless sites. What is a lot more, you can use Oxygen on sites you develop for your customers. They do not require to obtain their personal license.

First of all, we have the Standard program priced at $129. Attributes incorporated with this program are:

  • A lifetime limitless license, that means you can use Oxygen Builder on an limitless variety of sites with out worrying about renewal fees.
  • WooCommerce integration, which enables you to construct eCommerce web sites with Oxygen and WooCommerce.
  • Gutenberg Block Builder, which allows you to develop Gutenberg blocks employing Oxygen’s visual interface.
  • Simplified Consumer UI, permitting you to restrict what your customers can see and do in the backend of WordPress.
  • Composite Factors, enabling you to construct and use your personal reusable aspects.

The WooCo program, priced at $149, is in essence the Standard program plus added WooCommerce integration functions. This program is excellent for consumers who want to get complete benefit of Oxygen’s integration with WooCommerce.

Lastly, the Greatest program gives all Oxygen Builder functions for daily life, for a one particular-time payment of $179. This program is the ideal decision for consumers who want to get benefit of every thing Oxygen Builder has to supply with out any limitations. Like the other strategies, it involves a lifetime limitless license, WooCommerce integration, Gutenberg Block Builder, a simplified consumer UI, and Composite Factors.

Oxygen created a important announcement in November 2022, stating that their Lifetime Limitless License giving would very likely be replaced by yearly licenses sometime in 2023. This alteration in the pricing construction will only apply to new subscribers, who will join soon after the implementation of the new price tag program.

Oxygen has usually been much less high-priced than Breakdance. Nevertheless, with the switch to yearly strategies on the horizon, some consumers have speculated that this could be a approach to encourage them to use Breakdance alternatively. Pricing truly should not be the purpose you switch webpage builders – but for some it however helps make sense.

Local community and Client Assistance

Each Breakdance and Oxygen have really lively social communities.

On Facebook, Breakdance Website Builder – Official Group has above six.8K members, whilst the Official Oxygen User Group has 36.7K members. You can discover members answering every other individuals inquiries and sharing their experiences.

Other equivalent Facebook groups are the Official Breakdance Website Showcase (two.0K members), Oxygen Builder – No Code Beginners (one.3K members), and Oxygen Builder WordPress Community (900+ members). Folks typically talk about plugins and share their builds inside these groups.

When it comes to consumer help, Breakdance and Oxygen each have their respective Get in touch with pages, the place you can submit help tickets. Each webpage builders have substantial documentation, video tutorials, and FAQ pages – but Oxygen has a lot more due to its age. We have tons of Breakdance tutorials that we have created above the final yr if you are interested in seeing that as nicely!

Consumer Testimonials and Testimonials

On its official web site, Breakdance claims that it presently has 1000’s of consumers.You could even read through some awesome testimonials (which includes mine!) Most of them praise the builder for its functions, pace, and usability. A lot of declare that the builder is way better than Elementor.

Oxygen claims to have above thirty,000 satisfied clients. At G2, it has a existing rating of four.five out of five, with 26 evaluations. Oxygen consumers are normally really happy with its pace, functions, and versatility. Most consumers inspire bloggers and on the internet retailer owners to get benefit of the lifetime program supply ahead of it is also late.

My Ultimate Ideas

The decision amongst Breakdance and Oxygen truly boils down to your distinct demands, technical talent degree, and all round objective for the web site.

Breakdance has solidified itself as a robust, consumer-pleasant WordPress webpage builder which is excellent for newcomers and non-techies, delivering a trouble-free of charge and fulfilling knowledge.

On the other hand, Oxygen stands out as an sophisticated, strong device giving unprecedented manage and customization abilities to people with a knack for coding and a wish for intricate patterns.

It also just came out, which I consider is a substantial professional. There is this kind of a push to expand this builder I am so good it is not going away anytime quickly.

Each builders supply an amazing suite of functions, with a keen emphasis on consumer-friendliness and adaptability, catering to various talent ranges. They each come with robust consumer help programs and a multitude of studying assets, reflecting their dedication to consumer fulfillment (I indicate… consumers are the purpose these builders are productive).

With Oxygen’s impending shift to an yearly subscription and Breakdance’s simplified nevertheless efficient technique, it is clear that each equipment are continually evolving.

Keep in mind, the greatest decision lies in what you discover to be the most fitting for your creating journey.

I most likely will not get rid of Oxygen anytime quickly. Truly ever. I will use the solution until it dies or until I discover a much better option (I have been eyeing Bricks), but I also would absolutely construct a web site with Breakdance. It is just so effortless.