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Decoding the get_theme_mod() Function in WordPress

The get_theme_mod function makes it easy to access customizations made by the user in the Customizer. It retrieves these theme options stored in the database, allowing you to change things like colors, fonts, and layout.
Artificial Intelligence

CodeWP: The AI-Driven Revolution in WordPress Coding

CodeWP is an AI-powered WordPress code generator that can quickly and accurately generate code for WordPress plugins, custom post types, taxonomies, and ACF, among many other things. This is the first AI tool that is extremely powerful in the WordPress niche.
Web Development & Design

Understanding POST admin-ajax.php in WordPress

Admin-ajax.php is an important part of the WordPress platform because it helps to manage and process AJAX requests. This file is used to handle administrative tasks, such as creating or deleting posts, adding new users, or changing passwords. Because this file is so important, it’s crucial to understand the basics.
Web Development & Design

Synchronizing Publish and Modified Dates in WordPress

We'll create a PHP function that returns the more recent date between the modified date of a post and its published date. If the modified date is more recent, the function returns the modified date. Otherwise, it returns the published date.