Integrating MailerLite with Breakdance Builder Forms

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MailerLite is a excellent platform to streamline your advertising and marketing efforts. I discover this platform a single of the greatest remedies for organizations, whether or not you are hunting for techniques to capture new subscribers, collect suggestions, or encourage a program on your weblog.

But what if I inform you there is a way to additional simplify your workflow method? 

If you enjoy making use of Breakdance kinds on your WordPress internet site, then here’s the very good information. You can immediately send kinds straight to your MailerLite app with no lifting a finger. 

test mailerlite listtest mailerlite list

The integration method is extremely effortless – it only requires a number of minutes to set every thing up. 

Adhere to the measures in this manual to discover how to send consumer information to your MailerLite account every single time somebody submits a type.

Generate a Type in Breakdance

On your WordPress dashboard, generate a new web page. Open and edit it on your Breakdance Builder.

Generate a new area and include the ‘Form Builder’ component. Modify the dimension, background colour, and spacing to your liking. 

create breakdance formcreate breakdance form

When you are completed, conserve your web page. Come back to it later on following setting up your MailerLite API.

Setup MailerLite Group and API

one) Generate a Group on MailerLite

Let’s generate a ‘group’ to retailer consumer information anytime they submit a type. By performing so, you can group subscribers who have proven curiosity in a distinct subject or solution.

Just before we proceed, make confident you have registered an account in MailerLite. 

On your dashboard, navigate to Subscribers &gt Group. Go ahead and click ‘Add new group.’

create mailerlite groupcreate mailerlite group

Enter a group identify and click ‘Create.’ 

two) Make Your MailerLite API Token

Up coming, we’ll want an API crucial to integrate MailerLite with Breakdance. Navigate to ‘Integrations.’ On the API area, click ‘Use.’

generate mailerlite keygenerate mailerlite key

On the API tab, tap ‘Generate new token.’

generate mailerlite API tokengenerate mailerlite API token

Right here, you will see a pop-up window. Enter a token identify, click the ‘Terms of Use’ checkbox, then tap ‘Create token.’

add mailerlite api token nameadd mailerlite api token name

Crucial note: When producing an API token in MailerLite, you will only get to see it when. So, make confident to copy and conserve it in a safe location ahead of closing.

copy mailerlite api tokencopy mailerlite api token

Setup MailerLite WordPress Integration

one) Paste API Token on WordPress

Open your WordPress dashboard. On the left-hand side, click Breakdance &gt Settings &gt API Keys. 

Then, paste your API token on the MailerLite API Essential area, as proven.

paste mailerlite apipaste mailerlite api

Conserve the adjustments.

two) Include MailerLite on Type Actions 

Back to your Breakdance editor, choose the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu, and find ‘‘Actions Following Submission.’ You will see a listing of apps that you can integrate with Breakdance. Go ahead and select ‘MailerLite.’

When you have completed this, a ‘MailerLite’ alternative will emerge under the ‘Actions Following Submission’ menu. Click its edit icon to set up the integration.

add mailerlite form actionadd mailerlite form action

You ought to see a pop-up window like the a single under. Pick a group and map your type fields properly.

mailerlite field mappingmailerlite field mapping

Make confident that you properly map all the fields. Examine that the fields are organized in the very same purchase. 

Check Your Breakdance Type

one) Enter Consumer Data on Breakdance Type

Open your dwell type web page on the browser. Enter a identify and electronic mail handle. Then, click submit.

test breakdance formtest breakdance form

two) Confirm Consequence in MailerLite

When you see a good results message, confirm the consequence by opening your MailerLite dashboard.

On the left-hand side of the web page, navigate to ‘Subscribers.’. At the bottom, you ought to see the listing of consumers that submitted a type.

test mailerlite resulttest mailerlite result