Creating a Dynamic Shrinking Header in Breakdance Builder

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A header is a single of the principal visual aspects of your internet site. It assists customers navigate to your website. It displays critical info about your organization. It sets the tone for every of your pages.

However, often, headers can appear a bit plain.

Why not degree it up a bit and make it far more intriguing? For instance, shrink your header on scroll. 

shrinking header in Breakdanceshrinking header in Breakdance

I think this method has actual positive aspects. A single, it tends to make your web page far more engaging. 2nd, it maximizes display area. This signifies much less clutter as customers scroll. And, my preferred purpose, it offers a contemporary and interactive truly feel!

Let’s discover how we can employ a shrinking header utilizing Breakdance Builder. Adhere to this fast manual to give your website that polished search.

How to Shrink Header on Scroll in Breakdance

one) Open a header template in the Breakdance editor. Start off with a predesigned header, or generate a single from scratch.

In this manual, let’s start off with a blank canvas.

add new header template in Breakdanceadd new header template in Breakdance

two) Include a header builder component. 

Sections are also an alternative. But for this objective, I personally discover the header builder component far more versatile. It offers unique styling characteristics, like scroll conduct, not located in sections.

add a header builder in Breakdanceadd a header builder in Breakdance

three) Customize your header. Include aspects like a menu builder, brand, hyperlinks, and so on.

customize header in Breakdancecustomize header in Breakdance

Then fashion it the way you want.

add header style in Breakdanceadd header style in Breakdance

four) When you are pleased with the visual appeal of your header, it is time to make it sticky.

Tap the header builder component. Then go to the Settings tab on the left. Click Animations &gt Sticky and select a place to show the sticky header. Right here, we’re going to decide on ‘top.’

set sticky header on topset sticky header on top

Check your sticky header.

Breakdance sticky headerBreakdance sticky header

five) Following, include a scrolling animation to the header. Back to the settings tab, click ‘Scrolling Animation’ and toggle the ‘Enabled’ switch to ON.

enable scrolling animation in Breakdanceenable scrolling animation in Breakdance

six) A record of scroll animations will seem. 

For a shrinking impact, decide on ‘Scale’. A new window will pop up. 

add scroll behavior in Breakdanceadd scroll behavior in Breakdance

As the purpose is for the header to start off huge and shrink on scrolling, input a worth in the ‘Start’ area. I have opted for two.five, but perform all around with various numbers to discover your match.

seven) Conserve the settings. Preview your header on the front-finish. You must be in a position to attain one thing like this.

shrinking header in Breakdanceshrinking header in Breakdance

And there you have it! 

If you have other suggestions on how to shrink headers on scroll in Breakdance, please allow me know in the remarks.

In the meantime, truly feel free of charge to discover Breakdance’s in depth animation libraries. Examine out our separate manual on integrating Element’s Hive in Breakdance. I’m confident you will enjoy it!