Link Google Forms to Slack Effortlessly with Zapier

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Striving to preserve track of Google type submissions can be overpowering. I’ve been there, and I know how inconvenient it is to be disrupted all the time…

Possibly you are making use of types to collect survey responses, input from your group, or suggestions from your buyers.

But what if there is a way to automate these duties? 

Zapier as soon as once more saves the day. This productivity instrument assists you connect your preferred apps and streamline your workflow. You really don’t even want to have technical expertise to set it up. Believe in me, it is easier than you feel!

In excess of the up coming handful of minutes, I’ll be exhibiting you how to instantly send Google Kind submissions to Slack by means of Zapier. 

Why Use Zapier in Sending Google Kinds to Slack?

Zapier is a strong platform that enables you to automate repetitive duties. And for me, it is a actual time-saver. When you connect Google Kinds to Slack by means of Zapier, you no longer want to manually preserve track of your team’s input or responses. You get quick notifications correct on your app. It assists you remain in the loop whilst focusing on other things.

What You will Need to have

Just before we get commenced, make positive you presently have:

  • An energetic Google type. There are a lot of pre-created templates you can use. Just pick a single and customize it to your wants. You can also make your personal from scratch. Check out out this tutorial if you really don’t know how to generate a Google type.
  • A Slack workspace. Make positive you have the permission to set up apps.
  • A Zapier account. If you really don’t have a single. I recommend making an attempt out their free of charge model.   

Measures to Connect Google Kind Submissions to Slack by means of Zapier

Stage one: Produce A Zap

Very first, log into your Zapier account. On your dashboard, click the ‘Create Zap’ button.

Stage two: Decide on Google Kinds As Your Set off

A set off is an occasion in your app that produces a ‘Zap.’ In our illustration, the set off is the Google Kind submission.

So, on the pop-up window, search for ‘Google Forms’ and decide on it.

Underneath the App &amp occasion segment, pick an occasion. There are a lot of attainable occasions to pick from. Considering that we want to obtain notifications on Slack each and every time a new type is submitted, we chose ‘New Kind Response’ as our occasion.

When every little thing is set, click ‘ Carry on.’

Stage three: Connect Zapier to Your Google Account

Soon after selecting your set off, you want to enable Zapier to entry your Gmail account. Really do not fret, Zapier utilizes robust protection measures to preserve your personalized information risk-free. This consists of superior encryption algorithms and safe HTTPS connections.

Underneath the ‘Account’ segment, click ‘Sign In.’ 

Enter your Google account credentials to give Zapier the essential permissions.

Stage four: Decide on A Google Kind

Up coming, decide on the Google Kind you want to send to Slack. Underneath ‘Trigger,’ click ‘Form’ to load all the types you have saved in your Google account.

In this illustration, I’ve developed an RSVP occasion type and utilized it as my set off.

Soon after selecting a type, click ‘Continue.’

Stage five: Check Your Set off

Just before you proceed, it is essential to check your set off to guarantee that you are capturing the right information or occasions. It also assists you confirm that the connection in between your Zapier and Google account is operating as anticipated.

Just click the ‘Test trigger’ button.

You must see a sample output, as proven under. As soon as you are happy, click ‘Continue with picked record.’

Stage six: Decide on Slack to Produce An Action Occasion

An action occasion takes place right after a triggered occasion. In our illustration, this occasion is the notification we obtain on Slack. So, go ahead and pick Slack to generate an action occasion.

Underneath the ‘App &amp event’ segment, you will be offered possibilities as to what variety of occasion you want Zap to execute. Right here, let’s pick ‘Send Channel Message’ as our occasion.

As soon as you are accomplished, click ‘Continue.’

Stage seven: Connect Zapier to Your Slack Account

Just like what you did with your Google account, you want to make positive that your Slack account is integrated into the Zapier app. 

Just log into your Slack and authorize Zapier to entry it.

Then, click ‘Continue.’

Stage eight: Decide on Your Slack Channel

The up coming phase is to pick a Slack channel in your workspace the place you want the notifications to seem. You can even pick a direct message if you desire.

In this illustration, I chose the  #tutorial-articles or blog posts channel in my Slack account.

Stage 9: Customize the Message You Want to Send

As soon as you have picked a Slack channel, you want to include a message that goes with your type response. You can variety your message and allow your creativity shine. Or pick a pre-created template beneath the ‘Insert Data’ segment. You can also do the two, as I did under.

Note that there is also an alternative to set your bot identify and bot icon. This enables you to personalize your automated actions or existing an identity to your buyers. Even though this is totally optional, I hugely advocate you do this.

As soon as you are accomplished, click ‘Continue.’

Stage ten: Check Your Zap Action

Just before you make every little thing reside, make positive to check your Zap action. Zapier gives a created-in check perform to support you simulate a set off and action occasion. All you want to do is click the ‘Test action’ button.

You must be in a position to obtain a sample response on your Slack account. Tweak and make changes to the settings as you please. 

Stage eleven: Publish Your Zap

As soon as you are happy with the set off and action occasions, it is time to make it reside. Click the ‘Publish’ button. And you are accomplished!

Just like that, you have managed to automate a straightforward job. From now on, you will obtain a customized message each and every time a Google type is submitted.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it!

You have just realized how to integrate Google Kind submissions to your Slack account making use of Zapier. You no longer want to waste time checking on updates. This has personally saved me hrs during the many years, specially if Slack is an integral component of your workflow. Zapier will do its issue whilst you target virtually anything at all else!

Of program, there are a lot of other great automations you can do with Zapier. For instance, you can attempt sending your notes from Notion to other apps like Slack, Trello, or Gmail. Zapier supports 1000’s of other apps. So, really feel free of charge to experiment with other straightforward duties you can automate. The sky’s the restrict to what you can do with Zapier.