Clay Review: The Ultimate Lead Enrichment Tool of 2024

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I will not believe I have been happier to send cold emails right after studying about Clay.

As a person consistently on the lookout for equipment that enhance productivity and can make the general prospecting approach simpler, I should say Clay has been the greatest breath of fresh air.

Initial becoming found in 14,000 BC, Clay is a organic, fine-grained sedimentary materials composed mostly of hydrated silicates of aluminum. Just kidding.

Clay is an progressive information automation device that revolutionizes how to locate and qualify each men and women and organizations. Their potential to collect challenging-to-locate information from in excess of 50 companies, cuts down substantially on the time and assets invested on guide searches.

The degree of personalization and automation is some thing by no means just before witnessed at this degree, and I will not see myself employing an additional device for as prolonged as I run any variety of organization.

Regardless of whether you are interested in a company’s tech stack, newest information, open task listings, development metrics, and much more, Clay has you covered at the click of a button. The device can even determine if organizations are remote-1st, SOC II compliant, or if they mention particular search phrases on their internet site. It truly is secure to say that the depth of insights presented is 2nd to none, setting the stage for outbound prospecting. There is no other device like this on the marketplace.

Clay can also scrape issues like a internet site sitemap. You can go ahead and scrape a company’s pricing web page to decide if they could afford your solutions just before even reaching out.

Clay has fundamentally transformed our agency’s expertise with outbound product sales, permitting our product sales staff to boost the prospecting abilities and entirely stand out from the mountain of rivals in today’s marketplace.

Regardless of whether it is data about a company’s funding quantities, headcount development, or tech stacks – you are now capable to capture the data at your fingertips. You can discover about the organizations you are striving to operate with and attain them with hyper-customized outbound messages at scale.

Truthfully, the approach of reaching out to prospects has by no means felt much more satisfying &amp effortless. Here is our trustworthy evaluation right after employing the device for a handful of months.

What is Clay?

Clay is an automated prospecting device that launched in February 2022 as a no-code platform to aid locate &amp enrich prospects. I would not take into account them to be a information supplier, rather a information aggregator.

They glue with each other the applications you use every day into one particular. Regardless of whether it is Crunchbase, Apollo, Google, LinkedIn, Hunter, Shopify or even Yelp, Clay is capable to get the benefits you get from every single platform and mix them into one particular to produce a genuinely personalized information set for a prospect.

Need to have to locate their make contact with information? Use Apollo. Need to have to locate a current information report? Use Google. Need to have to locate their e mail deal with? Use Hunter. Need to have to see if they use Shopify? Use BuiltWith.

And guess what…you can then mix people benefits and pass it by way of OpenAI’s GPT-four and produce the greatest personalization you want for your essential prospect to reply to your e mail. All carried out at scale.

Be confident to hop into their slack channel at to commence studying how every person can make the greatest use of the device.

In the slack channel, customers speak about innovative techniques to use AI in your prospecting, tutorials, and are super super fast to react to bugs, characteristic requests, and delivering aid. It is truthfully extraordinary to see how quick they react and how swiftly they ship new updates and attributes.

Who Need to Use Clay? 

This may possibly sound odd, but every person who runs any kind of organization demands to be employing Clay. Regardless of whether you are a modest solo organization, or a business with a product sales staff of 50, Clay enables you to stand out in your prospect’s inbox or DMs.

At each sides of the table, prospective customers are becoming spammed with provides and promotions that will not look related. You have to have an edge to even have a slight likelihood of receiving the reply. Clay offers you that edge.

If we want to get particular to industries: technological innovation/software program, pharmaceuticals, genuine estate, manufacturing, and consulting are only a handful of industries that do outbound prospecting – they want clay.

Clay’s Important Functions

The greatest way I could describe Clay is becoming a combine of AirTable, Google Sheets and Zapier on steroids.

What can make Clay distinctive and not like something we’ve witnessed just before is that it is capable to pull information from numerous sources, categorize and filter the information, mix that information into a set, and then employ the electrical power of GPT-four to manipulate and customize that information all although ever leaving the platform. Completed in seconds and at scale.

Obtaining Prospects

Clay serves as a quick and potent lead finder, permitting you to uncover the operate emails of prospective customers from in excess of 50 information companies, such as LinkedIn profiles, Apollo, BuiltWith, Clearbit, and Twitter followers. With Clay, you can automate Google searches to check out business web sites, search for search phrases, and convert net pages into lists. 

There is a handful of distinct techniques to go about discovering prospects in Clay. It is critical you 1st publish down who it is that you are seeking to get linked with to aid oneself visualize issues.

  • Are you taking an ABM (Account Based mostly Advertising) method in which you have a guide of accounts you want data on?
  • Do you want HR executives of organizations with at least 500 personnel positioned in New York City? 
  • What about organizations that just raised a Series A and have open task listings browsing for SDRs (Product sales Growth Representatives) or BDRs (Organization Growth Representatives)?

These are the inquiries you want to have answered just before you dive into Clay since one) you will get overwhelmed, and two) you will burn up credits (we’ll speak much more about credits later on).

Let’s get the 1st situation as an instance. Presume you are a business that would like to promote some thing to the HR division at LinkedIn. 

When you produce your 1st Clay table, this is what you will see.

You will have the Identify, E-mail, and LinkedIn profile as the default columns. I typically delete the defaults so I can commence from scratch.

New table view in list building and prospecting screenNew table view in list building and prospecting screen

You are going to click the “+” signal to include a column This is in which you also click to include an enrichment, use their AI characteristic, or the other sorts of formars they provide like formula generator, information, checkboxes, e mail, url, and so forth. 

Adding a new column to tableAdding a new column to table

You are going to want to produce a column, not an enrichment, pick “Text” from the dropdown and title it “Domain.”

In that 1st row beneath the “Domain” column you are going to kind or paste the URL of LinkedIn. Which is It must appear like this:

Adding a LinkedIn domain to a tableAdding a LinkedIn domain to a table

Now you are going to include a new column, and it is going to be an enrichment.

Click “Enrich Data” from the dropdown. You must now see and have entry to all of the integrations Clay has to provide. 

Enrich Data options when working with tables and data in Clay.comEnrich Data options when working with tables and data in

Just kind in the word “LinkedIn” and you will see the distinct alternatives we have obtainable when employing LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn data enrichment list for use with Clay.comLinkedIn data enrichment list for use with

Search for the one particular that says “Enrich Firm, and pick it. You must now see a handful of distinct alternatives. 

Entering in custom data to enrich a LinkedIn Company with clay.comEntering in custom data to enrich a LinkedIn Company with

Now we have a handful of alternatives. Bear in mind in which we typed in LinkedIn, the URL?

Typically if you have a particular LinkedIn URL you would then use the 1st one particular that says “Company LinkedIn URL” but in this situation, we just have the regular URl deal with. So we’re going to use the generic “Website” enrichment.

Click on “Website” and then it must prompt you to pick a column. As soon as you click, it will display you a dropdown of your columns. In this situation, we only have one so just pick the “Domain” column. As soon as chosen, click “Continue to Include Fields”. You must see the following information factors to grab.

Enrich Company columns to add to table in Clay.comEnrich Company columns to add to table in

For this instance, you only want the URL (the 1st one particular) so toggle that one particular. You see the blue bar at the bottom? If you click this, it will run a number of rows at a time which is not what you want when testing it out. On the proper of the bar, you will see a modest arrow/modest blue box. Click that and then click “Save and Do Not Run”. 

You must be redirected back to your table and must now see the LinkedIn URL. 

To be honest, you could have discovered this on your very own and saved a credit score – but we’re assuming you only have the URLs of the organizations you want to connect with.

Table list of prospect data in a tableTable list of prospect data in a table

Now you are going to produce an additional column and include an additional enrichment. This time, you are going to search for the enrichment that says “Find People”. It must appear like this:

Find people enrichment for LinkedIn when using Clay.comFind people enrichment for LinkedIn when using

Pick that enrichment and include it to your table. As soon as chosen, you will only want to appear for the “Company Identifier”, “Job Title Keywords”, and “Locations”.

Company Identifier custom options in Clay.comCompany Identifier custom options in

For the business identifier, when chosen, you are going to see the dropdown yet again and for this you are going to decide on the new URL you produced. So it must be the new information stage you produced. 

Using dynamic data to feed into an enrichment in Clay.comUsing dynamic data to feed into an enrichment in

For “Job Title Keywords” you are going to input the search phrases relevant to HR or Human Sources. 

I really utilised ChatGPT itself to determine possible search phrases to refine the benefits, but for this instance we’re only going to use “Human Resources” as the key phrase in Clay. This was the ChatGPT prompt and consequence:

ChatGPT result for keywords to target to identify human resourcesChatGPT result for keywords to target to identify human resources

The ultimate inputs in the enrichment must appear like this. If it does, click “Continue to Include Fields” at the bottom.

Adding job title keywords to the find people enrichment in Clay.comAdding job title keywords to the find people enrichment in

You must now see fairly a bit of data to pass in excess of. 

Btw, all of this is sample information – really don’t fret.

But if you see this, you are going to toggle “URL” (Contact’s individual LinkedIn profile), “Name” and “First Name”.

Now back in your Clay table, you will see a bit of data.

Adding Find People columns to clay table in Clay.comAdding Find People columns to clay table in

Let’s break down what you see. You must see the “Find People” Enrichment, and then 3 other columns: Url – Individuals, Identify – Individuals, and Initial Identify – Individuals.

Bear in mind, this is just mapped in excess of information from the “Find People” enrichment we ran. 

Although I bet some thing caught your intention. Discover men and women says “Returned ten profiles”. This implies it discovered ten distinct contacts that are related to your search, containing search phrases about Human Sources, operate at LinkedIn, and dwell in the United States.

This is essentially a checklist of benefits.

When you click within that “Find People”, you must see a handful of distinct things. These 9-ten things are contacts. Each and every one particular is a make contact with containing a distinct make contact with, and the data you want about every single prospect.

Find People enrichment in tableFind People enrichment in table
Cell details to find a specific person when using a enrichmentCell details to find a specific person when using a enrichment

For this instance, we’ll use the default make contact with Clay gave us. Now we have Piper Galt’s LinkedIn data, and her complete title. That is all we want

Using these enrichments, Clay is capable to locate possible accounts to prospect inside of a handful of clicks of a button. You go from getting small to no data about a prospect to understanding almost everything about the make contact with or account inside of seconds.

You have total entry to all of this information. LinkedIn is not even the only information supply you can pull from. I took a customers area from their LinkedIn and asked Clay to use ChatGPT to grab me a distinctive reality about the area. This would be excellent for an e mail 1st line.

Send a message to ChatGPT using custom dynamic data from a enrichmentSend a message to ChatGPT using custom dynamic data from a enrichment

Like what! Picture opening an e mail with this line. I would be so intrigued (if I lived in Miami!)

A cell with information responded from a ChatGPT call after using a enrichmentA cell with information responded from a ChatGPT call after using a enrichment

Discover Emails &amp Confirm Them

You have now witnessed a glimpse of the enrichments we can connect with each other by way of Clay to boost your prospecting. Now that you have a small bit of data about a make contact with, you can now use these other integrations to locate and confirm their operate e mail deal with. 

Regardless of whether it is employing Apollo, Hunter, or even Clay’s very own e mail finder/verification device you can locate someones e mail deal with, guarantee it is legitimate, and have a verified prospect’s make contact with data for you or your product sales staff to attain out to. 

One thing even cooler? It truly is known as the waterfall result.

Let’s say you try out discovering a person’s e mail employing Apollo and it does not locate it? You can then instantly try out employing Hunter. Nevertheless did not locate it? Use Clay’s very own characteristic. All automated employing a click of a button. 

Also some thing quite awesome really worth noting: Want to conserve on Clay credits? Do you have your very own Hunter or Apollo account? You can connect your very own accounts to Clay so you conserve the credits on your account.

Validate emails in using one of their enrichments. You can use Clay's API key or your own.Validate emails in using one of their enrichments. You can use Clay's API key or your own.

AI Formula Generator

Clay also attributes an AI Formula Generator which lets you especially request for some thing you want carried out to a cell. Let us say you have a checklist of LinkedIn profiles but nothing at all else. You can request to grab the individuals complete title from the profile cell… and boom. This also does not use any Clay credits (which we’ll get into the pricing later on)

  1. Get the domain from {{E-mail}}
  2. If there is a worth in {{LinkedIn URL}} use that otherwise use {{LinkedIn Profile}}.url
  3. Get the worth right after @ in {{Twitter Manage}}
  4. Split {{city}} by the comma and give me almost everything just before the 1st comma. If it says “Location” in the input, delete Location. Following that, include “” to each input.
  5. Get the 1st word from {{Column_one}} and include it to {{Column_two}}. Then get rid of all non letters.
  6. Get the sum of days among {{Designed Date}} and {{Closed Date}}}}

It operates excellent for conditional statements, cleansing up information, and when you fail to remember that google sheet or excel formula that you want to use, You inform it precisely what you want it to do and it does it! 

“Remove the https element from the URL” , or “Combine 1st and final name” and inside of seconds your information is cleaned. No want to know or realize the formulas behind it. It just does it. 

AI Formula Generator in Clay.comAI Formula Generator in
AI Formula generator outputting a name formatted differently when using a enrichmentAI Formula generator outputting a name formatted differently when using a enrichment

Chrome Extension

With the cost-free Clay Chrome Extension, you can simply scrape any internet site this kind of as Crunchbase and LinkedIn Product sales Navigator. This awesome characteristic automobile-detects your scraped information and maps it, so you can export it to your Clay table or download it as a CSV file. If the checklist is undetectable or lacks some information, you can map it manually just before exporting it.

Chrome Extension visualization of a LinkedIn profileChrome Extension visualization of a LinkedIn profile

How Does Clay Pricing Operate?

So Clay has four strategies every single offering you better entry to information &amp permitting you to use much more credits. A credit score is something that pulls data from someplace. Want to enrich a LinkedIn profile? That is a credit score. Want to confirm an e mail? Yet another credit score. Request some thing to ChatGPT? Yup, which is a credit score.

So at 1st glance this does not look also undesirable, proper? But now envision if every single lead in your checklist calls for five Clay credits to sequence out a single e mail. Multiply that by twenty prospects and you are at one hundred credits.

The cost-free trial of Clay offers you one,000 credits to discover how it operates (which would be ample to enrich the checklist over if you want to place some thing into viewpoint).

Clay has 3 (three) premium strategies – Starter (for men and women and recruiters), Explorer (for startups and companies), and Professional (for product sales teams and much more medium to bigger sized organizations).

Totally free Prepare

The Totally free strategy is developed to showcase Clay’s abilities for your organization. It supplies one hundred cost-free credits for testing, but note that these credits do not roll in excess of they are on a use-it-or-shed-it basis. You can now also include limitless seats to your account even although on the Totally free strategy.

Starter (commencing at $129/Month)

The Starter Prepare provides two pricing alternatives. The 1st selection, priced at $129 per month, supplies two,000 month-to-month credits. Although for $199 per month, you can decide on the 2nd selection that comes with three,000 month-to-month credits.

  • Every thing from Totally free
  • Generate Limitless Tables
  • Use your very own API keys

Explorer (commencing at $349/month)

The Explorer Prepare comes in 3 pricing alternatives. The 1st is $349 per month, supplying twelve,000 month-to-month credits. The 2nd is priced at $449 per month, delivering 18,000 month-to-month credits. The third selection, obtainable for $649 per month, contains thirty,000 month-to-month credits.

  • Every thing from Starter
  • E-mail Device Integrations
  • Accessibility to Webhooks
  • Accessibility to HTTP API

Professional (commencing at $700/month)

The Professional Prepare comes with a whopping 5 distinct pricing alternatives. The 1st is priced at $700 per month, supplying 50,000 month-to-month credits. The 2nd selection, priced at $950 per month, supplies 75,000 month-to-month credits. The third selection, obtainable for $one,200 per month, contains one hundred,000 month-to-month credits. The fourth selection, at $one,500 per month, provides 150,000 month-to-month credits. Last but not least, the fifth selection, priced at $two,000 per month, supplies 200,000 month-to-month credits.

  • Every thing from Explorer
  • CRM Integrations

It truly is quite critical to mention that every single Clay strategy offers you entry to a host of information companies at substantially reduce expenses than sourcing straight. Bundling Clay with these other companies can be up to twenty occasions more affordable and much more precise than if you had been going straight to people other companies. Thanks to Clay’s partnerships with these organizations, you can get this information at a fraction of the price you’d incur if you sourced them individually.

Clay also provides yearly payments, in which you can conserve about 25% month-to-month. I would hugely advise undertaking this to conserve on a strategy, but 1st you must realize how the credits operate and how a lot of you are going to be paying on every single lead. Certainly commence with a month-to-month strategy.

Pros and Cons of Clay



  • Totally free trial with limitless customers

  • 50+ information companies

  • 15+ Native Integrations

  • Chrome Extension

  • GPT-four Integration

  • Constant updates

  • Simple to use

  • Starter pricing could be a barrier to some

  • Some enrichments you may possibly locate bugs in, even so the engineering staff fixes something reported ASAP

  • Pretty modest local community but increasing with time

Very best Clay Options


Founded in April 2017, Uplead is a well-known B2B prospecting device that has comparable essential attributes as Clay. This lead generation platform has an e mail finder, information enrichment equipment, and supplies genuine-time e mail verification. In accordance to the business, Uplead has entry to 135+ million e mail addresses with about 95% accuracy. A worthy substitute to verify out if you want to examine a handful of organizations.

It truly is a bit more affordable than Clay, but does not have the comprehensive integrations and speedy help as Clay.


Founded in 2014, FindThatLead is an additional well-known freemium B2B prospecting device that enables you to locate neighborhood organization data, irrespective of market and area. This is the least expensive out of all the lead discovering equipment, but does not have the complicated customization and depth that other equipment have.

Last Ideas

Clay genuinely sets a new regular for lead generation and information automation equipment. With all its attributes and smooth integrations, it is like a magic wand for e mail advertising and marketing.

With Clay, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming hunt for information and target much more on producing messages that hit the mark. It truly is not just about discovering prospects any longer it is about understanding your prospects in depth, knowing their demands, and reaching out to them in the most customized way.

That is what Clay brings to the table.

Clay is not just a device it is like your individual assistant in the globe of digital advertising and marketing. It finds prospects, enriches them with beneficial information, and aids you attain out in a way that resonates. You cannot send generic emails to 1000’s of contacts and genuinely assume something to stick any longer. It truly is 2023.

And hold in thoughts, all of this is backed by the electrical power of AI, which can make the whole approach smooth and fast.

So, if you are a organization hoping to make your product sales and advertising and marketing approaches much more successful, Clay is absolutely really worth a shot. It is a device that simplifies your operate, saves you time, and delivers benefits.

Just place, your e mail advertising and marketing will get simpler, smarter, and much more potent when employing Clay.