Selling Sales Training? How to Identify Potential Client Companies

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Think about you are a product sales specialist providing product sales instruction companies. You are assured that these companies can make a distinction, specifically for organizations struggling with reduced quota attainment.

You have presently scoured RepVue. You have compiled a listing of your best prospective customers. 

Excellent! What’s following?

Nicely, you will want a number of information to attain out to them. That involves LinkedIn profiles, names of the choice makers, and all people crucial operate emails. 

But picture possessing hundreds of organizations on your listing. Gathering all the info wouldn’t be the greatest use of your time. 

Is there a way to automate the complete approach? The response is a massive yes. And it is created achievable with Clay.

This effective instrument not only simplifies the information scraping approach. It also supports ChatGPT. This assures that your pitch e-mail is not just yet another message in their inbox. With a number of clicks, you’d be capable to compose a compelling proposition they can not disregard.

Sounds remarkable, proper?

In this guidebook, let’s break down each stage. I’ll demonstrate you how to scrape information from RepVue, uncover the operate emails of firm choice makers, and compose a real pitch. All of these can be carried out in mere minutes.

Let’s dive in.

write email using Claywrite email using Clay

Measures to Discover Organization Choice Makers to Promote Your Providers

one) Set Up Your Equipment

Produce a Clay account if you haven’t presently. Set up the Clay Google Chrome extension.

Then, go to RepVue and choose ‘Companies’ from the best navigation bar. Right here, you will see a listing of organizations with descriptions, quota attainments, and ratings. 

RepVue websiteRepVue website

two) Determine Organizations With Minimal Quota Attainment

We’re interested in receiving a listing of organizations with the lowest quota attainment. Let’s kind the listing, beginning from the lowest quota, by clicking the ‘Quota Attainment’ filter down arrow.

Click the Clay icon on the toolbar to extract this sorted listing along with firm information.

Clay Google chrome extensionClay Google chrome extension

Click ‘Export to’ to conserve this information as a CSV file for enrichment on Clay.

Upload this CSV to a blank table on Clay employing the ‘Import Data’ choice. Rename column titles for clarity.

import RepVue data on Clay tableimport RepVue data on Clay table

three) Get LinkedIn Organization Profiles 

Appropriate now, we have a listing of firm names, their quota attainments, and ratings. But we do not have the information we can use to attain out to them.

Very first, we’ll want to uncover their LinkedIn profiles. Appropriate-click on the table, decide on ‘Add enrichment, and choose the ‘Search Google’ enrichment instrument.

add enrichment on Clayadd enrichment on Clay

Use the following Google search query: {insert firm identify} 

enter Google search queryenter Google search query

Click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’ Then, conserve and run. 

You need to see the consequence containing a number of backlinks per row. 

Bear in mind, we’re only interested in the company’s LinkedIn webpage. You need to see this info on the main search consequence.

So, let’s include the 1st search consequence as a column to show the company’s LinkedIn webpage. 

Basically click on 1 of the rows below the ‘Search Google’ column. Search for the LinkedIn URL on the 1st search consequence. Then, click ‘add to column.’

Search Google enrichment using ClaySearch Google enrichment using Clay

four) Determine Choice Makers

Commence a new enrichment. Pick the ‘Find Contacts at Company’ enrichment instrument.

Find Contacts at CompanyFind Contacts at Company

Use the company’s LinkedIn URL as the ‘Company Identifier.’

Find Contacts at Company enrichment toolFind Contacts at Company enrichment tool

Specify the work titles you are focusing on. You can enter these search phrases (comma-separated) on the ‘Job Title Keywords and phrases.’

  • Chief Human Sources Officer 
  • Human Sources Director 
  • Talent Acquisition Director 
  • Human Sources Manager 
  • Talent Acquisition Manager 
  • HR Organization Partner 
  • Head of Recruitment 
  • VP of Human Resources 
  • Procurement Manager 
  • Chief Working Officer

Come to feel free of charge to use other search phrases as you want. 

Click proceed to include fields. Toggle the information you want to include to the table (like the identify, title, and LinkedIn URL).

Find Contacts at Company enrichmentFind Contacts at Company enrichment

Click conserve and run.

Observe that you may get a number of final results per row. In that situation, you can move the final results to a new table to get the LinkedIn profile of every single particular person in the final results. Or you can map the 1st search consequence to the table. 

Search Google enrichment resultsSearch Google enrichment results

For instance, I mapped the 1st search consequence and additional the total identify, 1st identify, LinkedIn URL, and title, as proven under. 

Search Google enrichment resultsSearch Google enrichment results

I incorporated the 1st identify since it offers our emails a individual touch. Addressing somebody by their 1st identify frequently feels warmer and much more real than employing their total identify.

five) Enrich LinkedIn Profile to Get the Organization Domain

Up coming, we’ll want the prospect’s firm domain to scrape their operate emails.

Even so, we do not have that.

So, what we’re going to do is enrich their LinkedIn profile. Undertaking so will assist us acquire all their public info. 

Let’s use the ‘Enrich Particular person from LinkedIn Profile’ enrichment instrument.

Enrich Person from LinkedIn ProfileEnrich Person from LinkedIn Profile

Include the LinkedIn profile of our contacts from the ‘LinkedIn Profile’ drop-down.

enrich LinkedIn URL using Clayenrich LinkedIn URL using Clay

Click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’ 

Now, scroll down to the ‘Latest Experience’ area. Toggle the firm domain. Click conserve and run.

find company domain using Clayfind company domain using Clay

You need to now see a new column additional with the firm domain.

five) Use the Waterfall Approach to Extract Emails

Once again, let’s include enrichment to our table. Go to ‘Waterfall’ and click ‘Work E mail.’

find work emails using Clayfind work emails using Clay

Clay gives you with a number of choices to fetch your contact’s e-mail handle. Right here, we’re going to use Clay Enrichments, Datagma, and Hunter. 

Then, enter the contact’s identify, firm identify, and firm domain in the supplied fields.

find work email using Clayfind work email using Clay

Use Debounce to validate all the emails collected. 

Then, click conserve and run.

Check out your table. You need to now have a listing of operate emails for your target choice-makers.

Note that you may not get all the e-mail addresses of your prospective customers. This could imply that some of their info is not offered to the public. So, you can clean your listing or use other techniques to uncover their operate emails.

six) Publish Your Pitch Employing ChatGPT

With all the required information at hand, it is time to strategy your prospective customers. We’ll be employing ChatGPT to compose a compelling e-mail.

Once again, let’s enrich our table. Search for the ‘Use AI (ChatGPT)’ action.

Use AI (ChatGPT) enrichment toolUse AI (ChatGPT) enrichment tool

Enter a prompt. 

You may not get the final results you want in the 1st number of attempts, and that is okay. Refine your prompt until finally you get the proper consequence. Be inventive.

You can refer to our separate tutorial on how to compose customized cold emails employing Clay. We’ve incorporated all the ideas right here to craft a excellent e-mail employing ChatGPT.

For this guidebook, I’ve written the following prompt. You can copy this template and edit it to meet your very own demands:

Presume you are a product sales specialist. Your work is to start off product sales conversations with prospective clients as a representative of the XYZ firm. You talk in a specialist tone and method with the expertise of a twenty yr veteran in the company discipline. 

Publish messages that are below a hundred phrases to prospective clients. Mention anything that you observed about their firm. Will not make it as well complimentary. Consider to attain out to your prospective customers by mentioning their reduced quota attainment. Provide them a product sales instruction answer to assist their firm increase their product sales. Bridge what you observed about their firm with a query that tends to make them consider thoughtfully about the issue you can fix and if they have that issue, why need to they care about no matter what your intention is. Include a soft contact to action. 

Commence the e-mail with: Hi /Very first Title

Finish the e-mail with: Sincerely, [Your Name] 

After you are happy, click conserve and run. On a new column, you need to be capable to see the created cold e-mail.

write cold email using ChatGPTwrite cold email using ChatGPT

For this instance, here’s my consequence:

Hi Michael,

I have been following your firm and observed your current dip in quota attainment. Even though numerous aspects may possibly contribute to this, have you regarded as investing in product sales instruction to increase your team’s functionality? Our answers at XYZ could be a reliable match. Does Friday at eleven am operate for a rapid chat about how we can increase your attainment charges?


[Your Name]

write cold email using ChatGPTwrite cold email using ChatGPT

Time to Leap In!

Offering instruction programs to organizations is not an straightforward journey. 

But with Clay smoothing out the lead generation approach, you have the greatest possibilities to immediately engage with choice makers.

So, leverage this instrument to double your income.

And if you are seeking for deeper insights from Google critiques of organizations, Clay can assist, as well. Check out out our tutorial on Finding a Business’s Google Review Information With Clay to understand much more.

Lastly, we worth your ideas. Please do not hesitate to share your remarks under.