Clay’s Job Title-Based Contact Finding: Unlocking Business Opportunities

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Customizing your outreach primarily based on your prospect’s task title can be a game-changer. There are 3 motives why, and these are:

  • For targeted marketing and advertising. Realizing your prospect’s task title can make it less complicated to customize emails or services pitching. 
  • Looking for a company’s selection makers via their task title eliminates the guesswork. This is critical, specifically if you are focusing on individuals who make obtain selections.
  • Creating for partnerships or collaborations with experts strategic roles.

But here’s the challenge. You can not just examine LinkedIn profiles a single by a single. No one has time for that.

With Clay, browsing for the proper connections is less complicated. No require to sift via numerous LinkedIn profiles. And it streamlines the complete procedure, as well. It is a single of the motives why I’m enthusiastic to share Clay’s abilities via this manual.

import contacts based on job titlesimport contacts based on job titles

So, let’s dive in and see how Clay can effectively aid you uncover LinkedIn contacts primarily based on task titles.

How to Locate Contacts Based mostly on Occupation Title Utilizing Clay

one) Begin With a New table

Initial off, let’s include a new table. 

On your Clay dashboard, click ‘New Table.’

add new table on Clayadd new table on Clay

Following, you will be presented with choices to include your information. For the functions of this tutorial, let’s click ‘Start from a Blank Table.’

start with blank table on Claystart with blank table on Clay

You must now see a blank table with the default columns for Identify, E-mail, and LinkedIn Profile. Depart them blank for now (or tap ‘hidden’ to hide these additional columns) and proceed to the following phase.

two) Click Locate Men and women

Let’s say we do not have any listing offered and we’re beginning from scratch. The initial point that you require to do is tap the ‘Find People’ button on the best proper corner of your display.

find people on LinkedIn using Clayfind people on LinkedIn using Clay

three) Select Columns as Input

On the pop-up window, recognize that you have the choice to decide on ‘Clay table’ or a comma-separated listing as your input information.

But given that we are beginning from scratch, let’s decide on ‘Comma-Separated List’ then enter the web site domains of firms you are interested in.

find contacts using site domainsfind contacts using site domains

four) Consist of Occupation Titles

The highlight of this manual is to uncover speak to data of men and women primarily based on their task titles. 

Let’s just say you are interested in contacting the selection makers of the firms you have listed over. You can enter keywords and phrases like manager, head, proprietor, CEO, or co-founder on the area supplied, as I did under.

add contacts based on job titlesadd contacts based on job titles

When you are completed, click ‘Preview Men and women.’

five) Import Information to Your Table

So now you have the speak to data of prospective prospects. You have the choice to import the information to an current table or to a new a single.

import contacts to Clay tableimport contacts to Clay table

In this illustration, we’re going to include the information to our current table. So, let’s tap the arrow beside the import button and click ‘import n men and women to current table’ as proven right here.

import data to existing tableimport data to existing table

Then, decide on a table exactly where you want the data to be additional.

six) Last Output

At this stage, you must now see a new column containing the LinkedIn profiles of your prospective customers.

list of LinkedIn contactslist of LinkedIn contacts

What’s Following?

Locating LinkedIn contacts primarily based on task titles does not have to be a extended and challenging process. With Clay, it is just a matter of a handful of clicks to get all the proper connections. 

But do not cease there – Clay has other outstanding functions to aid you enhance your outreach approaches. 

I hugely advise you check out its abilities in creating personalized emails based on your prospects locations. Attempt this out and observe your skilled connections thrive like by no means ahead of.

If you have any queries or accomplishment stories with Clay you want to share, please drop them in the feedback under.