DALL-E 3: An In-Depth Review with Over 12 Stunning, Innovative Prompt Examples

Artificial Intelligence
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OpenAI has had its honest share of troubles recently, most of which boil down to leadership and ethics. Nonetheless, one particular issue that folks universally agree about this organization is that they make strong merchandise: ChatGPT, Codex, and, of program…

DALL-E three.

This AI picture generator was an critical milestone in picture generation, becoming one particular of the earliest to have a deep knowing of prompts and the capability to create text on pictures. But factors move quick in the AI area.

Midjourney V6 just came out significantly less than a week in the past, and it truly is previously hunting like the DALL-E three killer. So, because we have previously finished our V6 assessment, it truly is about time to shine a spotlight on DALL-E and figure out if it nonetheless has a area in AI picture generation.

What is DALL-E three?

Launched in October 2023, DALL-E three is OpenAI’s most recent AI picture generation model. This iteration is a significant improvement over DALL-E 2, with a concentrate on essential locations this kind of as prompt comprehension, text generation, and creativity. It is made to phase out complex prompt engineering in picture generation by not ignoring a single word in the prompt. 

How DALL-E three Functions

There are two approaches of utilizing DALL-E three: Via ChatGPT Plus and Bing Develop.

Let’s commence with the former. All you require to do is subscribe to GPT-four, boot up ChatGPT, and enter a prompt. For illustration:

Nonetheless, the very best use-situation of utilizing DALL-E with ChatGPT is by means of visualizing conversations. To display you what I imply by that, allow me inquire the chatbot to produce a brief children’s fantasy story. I will not give it any particulars at all. Here’s what it produced:

For my subsequent trick, I’ll inquire ChatGPT to produce an artwork primarily based on its personal story.

ChatGPT and DALL-E three are like peanut butter and jelly — they just go properly with each other. It even provides you the electrical power to edit the pictures utilizing ChatGPT conversation, like this:

Hmm, something’s off. Do you observe it?

That is proper. DALL-E three entirely altered the artwork. The purpose for this is basic: DALL-E cannot do picture-to-picture editing like Midjourney’s area variations. Rather, they entirely alter the underlying prompt for every picture. For reference, this is the authentic prompt:

In a magical forest with shimmering trees, a small dragon named Ember is breathing daily life into a withered plant, triggering it to sprout lush green leaves and vibrant flowers. Between the blossoms, a small fairy named Lily awakens, smiling at Ember. The scene is lit by a soft, magical glow, with twinkling stars noticeable in the twilight sky. In the background, a variety of forest creatures are gathering, drawn by the magic. The environment is enchanting, filled with wonder and a sense of friendship and magic.

And this is the revised prompt:

In a magical forest with shimmering trees, a small pink dragon named Ember is breathing daily life into a withered plant, triggering it to sprout lush green leaves and vibrant flowers. […]

Moving on from ChatGPT, we also have Bing Create, which is a lot far more easy. This endpoint will not flip conversations into prompts, and it does not have the advantage of reinforcement understanding from human interaction. What it does have is a freemium edition of DALL-E three and 4 variations of every prompt. Here’s an illustration of it in action.

The Output Good quality of DALL-E three

Realism (Portraits)

Photorealistic photograph of a weathered farmer’s encounter, sun-kissed skin framed by windswept hair.

These are very good, but there are no clear indicators that both are farmers. They could simply be any sort of employee or skilled. It also suffers from what I like to phone the “DALL-E effect” exactly where the topic appears so ideal that it gets unnatural. Vivid eyes, sharp jawlines, ideal hair — all apparent indicators that the images are AI-produced.

Realism (Landscape)

A photograph of a sun-drenched Tuscan vineyard, rows of grapevines stretching in the direction of the rolling hills beneath a vibrant blue sky

These endure from the identical troubles as portraits, only far more egregious. It is as if DALL-E did not even try to make the picture search actual. The textures are also smooth, and the setting is also ideal there is no way it would exist in actual daily life. There are also a whole lot of repetitions in the picture, a indicator of hallucination, notably with the plants and the clouds.


trend photography of an asian female, whimsical tulle gowns, soft makeup, ethereal lighting, dreamy but earthy setting

These are a whole lot far better simply because trend designs are supposed to be flawless. In this situation, the “DALL-E effect” in fact assisted make it far more practical simply because it raised the normal. This is a win in my guide, but they need to genuinely perform on fingers.

Solution Mockup

business photography of a retro platform sneakers in a pastel 80s vaporwave aesthetic, streetwear

Yet another very good entry by DALL-E three. These are specifically the sort of mockups I was expecting with this prompt. It is soft, imaginative, and has excellent background particulars that support encapsulate that “magazine photography” come to feel.

Architecture and Interior Layout

a home in a quiet community, whimsy, inspired by tudor architecture, realism, biophilic

And now we’re back to unrealistic pictures. DALL-E did not do notably properly in this prompt. It does not search like Tudor architecture at all the homes are also dreamlike to be executed in actual daily life, and there are slight rendering troubles hidden in each pictures. 


A surreal ocean scene: a sailor clings to an unraveling ship, blending into an ocean of yarn. The sailor, half-guy, half-doll, with garments unraveling into stitches, has a fierce gaze reflecting constellations in the moonlit sky.

These are not what I had in my thoughts (I was hunting for a entire body-horror-esque scene) but these are genuinely properly-carried out. I notably like the blending of the yarns and the ocean. I also like how it implemented the notion of a guy gradually getting to be a ball of yarn. This is a 10 out of 10.


a postmodern emblem of a sunflower with the word “Juniper” under the emblem

For a emblem produced by an AI, these are remarkable. I choose the one particular on the right’s design and style, but the way that the emblem on the left substituted the flower’s stem for the letter “I” is a stroke of genius. With tiny tweaking, you can previously use these logos for a flower store and most folks would feel you employed a graphic designer.

Digital Artwork

a city at evening, digital artwork, geometric, colorful gradients, in soft colour fields

For this kind of a basic prompt, these are excellent interpretations. Contrasts are very good in spite of utilizing a softer colour palette, the lower-poly design is properly-implemented, and it has a whole lot of character. My only concern is that some of the buildings in the background have a tendency to slope a tiny.

Movie Nonetheless

A film nonetheless of two teenagers, one particular lady with extended brown hair in a hoodie and jeans, and a man in a t-shirt and shorts, sitting on a grassy cliff at sunrise. The serene scene is superbly lit by the morning sun, casting a warm golden glow on the calm ocean under.

I genuinely attempted to make this prompt practical, but following a couple of tries, I gave up. This is the very best I can do. It is, by no implies, a negative picture. Nonetheless, it is so far from the standard details of what I’m asking DALL-E. If I had been trying to keep score, this would be a level deducted for positive.

Abstract Concepts 


These turned out to be far more abstract than I was hoping for. These are good artworks, but I’m locating it challenging to differentiate them from the other abstract notion visualizations I’ve carried out in the previous. 

Text Generation

a minimalist film poster titled “White Christmas”

I not too long ago developed a comparison post in between Midjourney and DALL-E three for text generation (which we’re releasing quickly!), exactly where Midjourney V6 eked out a shut win. Nonetheless, that is not to say that DALL-E is a slouch with regards to text. It is nonetheless one particular of the very best for incorporating phrases to your pictures, and these posters are evidence of that.

Substantial Context

A photorealistic painting of a grizzled guy, his encounter etched with many years of hardship, emerging from a moss-covered bunker into a globe painted in shades of burnt orange and fading green. A streak of light from the explosion streaks across the sky, barely observed by the guy as his eyes meet people of his bounding Akita, their reunion a stark contrast to the desolate landscape.

Every single single component in my prompt was met, so DALL-E obviously has no troubles with nuance. Nonetheless, there is one thing incorrect with the proportions. The man’s encounter appears to be as huge as the Akita, which helps make for an odd photograph. 

Pros &amp Cons of DALL-E three



  • Topnotch creativity, specially in making artwork.

  • Remarkable text generation abilities.

  • By far, nonetheless the very best AI picture generator when it comes to nuance.

  • Prompts are produced effortless with GPT-four.

  • Functions seamlessly with OpenAI’s item suite.

  • Can be utilised for free of charge with Bing Develop.

  • Stringent with copyright policies, which implies you cannot use artist names or earlier artwork as a prompt basis.

  • Incredibly challenging to create practical pictures.

  • You can only create a handful of pictures with DALL-E three in ChatGPT due to utilization limits.

DALL-E three vs. Other AI Picture Generators

Midjourney V6

Midjourneyis a well-liked AI picture generator with far more than sixteen million end users as of November 2023. It not too long ago came out with its most recent edition: V6, which is only a base model and but, it is been blowing me away.

Right here are some examples of Midjourney V6 pictures towards DALL-E three.

This comparison is constrained (examine out this post if you want far more), but it truly is genuinely apparent how very good Midjourney has turn into because DALL-E three was launched. Their largest gap is with making practical pictures, which DALL-E can not do at all. Their text generation and nuance are also on par with every other now.

Why Choose DALL-E more than Midjourney?

  • Way far better in nuance.
  • Browser accessibility is obtainable.
  • Significantly less very likely to have frequent AI mistakes.
  • Tends to make your prompts less difficult for DALL-E three to grasp.
  • You can flip your conversations into artwork.
  • Totally free with Bing Develop.

Why Choose Midjourney more than DALL-E?

  • Midjourney surpasses DALL-E three in text generation abilities.
  • Midjourney excels in each realism, surrealism, and digital artwork in contrast to its counterparts.
  • DALL-E three does not have the identical customization attributes as Midjourney.
  • You can be far more certain with your prompts simply because it is not as stringent with utilizing earlier artwork as a basis in contrast to DALL-E.
  • You have total handle more than the model, factor ratio, selection of pictures, and realism degree.


A bit late to the game, but Meta AI just not too long ago unveiled their picture generator earlier this month. This model is entirely free of charge, but it lacks most of the accessibility attributes that other generators supply.

Right here are some Meta images that I produced utilizing the identical prompts I utilised for DALL-E:

Realism is so a lot far better with Meta, but it truly is nonetheless unreliable with duties this kind of as knowing extended prompts and making pictures with text.

Why Choose DALL-E more than Meta?

  • DALL-E is far better in nuance, text, and general creativity.
  • DALL-E keeps track of your earlier picture generations.
  • Meta’s coaching information is unethically sourced from Facebook and Instagram end users.

Why Choose Meta more than DALL-E?

  • It is entirely free of charge.
  • Quicker turnaround time.
  • Meta is far better than DALL-E three in practical images.

How A lot Does DALL-E three Value?

You can accessibility DALL-E three with ChatGPT Plus for $twenty per month. Alternatively, you can also use this model with Bing Develop, which provides you 15 free of charge generations a day. Bing Develop makes it possible for you to create pictures following that, but the turnaround time doubles in my expertise.

The Bottom Line

So, is DALL-E three the very best choice for AI picture generation? In my expertise, no.

At the finish of the day, it just has also numerous “buts.” It truly is inventive but it can not take care of practical pictures. It truly is conversational but you can not immediately customize pictures. It truly is correct but it truly is hard to get the search you want simply because of their stringent copyright policies. You can revisit previous pictures but you have to sift by means of your a great number of GPT conversations just to uncover the one particular you are hunting for.

With this a lot dealbreakers, I can not advise DALL-E three more than Midjourney V6 — whose largest concern is that it truly is very good but it isn’t going to have a separate net platform.

So, here is my general verdict of DALL-E three:

Shut, but no cigar.