Stable Diffusion XL: Redefining AI Image Creation

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Text-to-picture generators is gradually getting to be the essential to unlocking a globe of creativity and expression. All it will take is a couple of seconds to generate gorgeous pictures from a single sentence. It isn’t going to matter if you happen to be creating thumbnails or your following masterpiece, imagination is your only restrict.

And it really is for every person as well! Regardless of whether you happen to be a organization proprietor, a content material creator, or merely an enthusiast, AI picture generators are right here to transform your suggestions into gorgeous and (probably) income-making artwork.

So, in this complete evaluation, let’s dive into 1 of the most common AI picture generators: Stable Diffusion. We’ll go in excess of how it performs, how significantly it expenses, closest rivals, and much more!

What Is Steady Diffusion?

As the identify suggests, Steady Diffusion is a freemium text-to-picture generator that generates gorgeous, in depth pictures from prompts. This latent diffusion model was designed by Stability AI and was officially launched on August 22, 2022.

Stable Diffusion XL Landing PageStable Diffusion XL Landing Page

Steady Diffusion has taken the web by storm given that its first model. As opposed to DALL-E and Midjourney, it really is open-supply, which means that you happen to be free of charge to use, modify, or distribute their code legally. This is an unofficial invitation for developers to enhance their model.

As of September 2023, Steady Diffusion has much more than ten million end users.

So, What is Steady Diffusion XL?

Launched in July 2023, Steady Diffusion XL or SDXL is the most recent model of Stable Diffusion. As anticipated, it has considerable developments in terms of AI picture generation.

SDXL adds much more nuance, understands shorter prompts greater, and is greater at replicating human anatomy. You are now much less very likely to create pictures with the infamous “uncanny valley” feeling.

Essential Attributes

Sophisticated Text-to-Picture Generation

Steady Diffusion’s bread and butter is how nicely it can create pictures from a single prompt and a couple of parameters. All it requirements from you are the following:

  • Prompt: A description of the picture you want.
  • Damaging Prompt: Objects you will not want in the produced artwork.
  • Element Ratio: The ratio of the image’s width to height.
  • Variations: How numerous versions of the picture you want from a prompt.
  • Picture: This is optional but, if you want an AI to somewhat edit your picture, you can also upload any JPG or PNG file to Steady Diffusion.

From there, all you require is creativity in crafting your prompt. It also aids to have some persistence (or a great deal) since I have observed that Steady Diffusion is not as correct at knowing context as Midjourney or DALL-E

To check SDXL, I utilized the input “gold penguin smiling, sporting sunglasses, standing underneath an apple tree in summertime.” I also utilized parameters this kind of as Fantasy Artwork and three:two for my facet ratio.  

Stable Diffusion Sample ImagesStable Diffusion Sample Images

Cute? Definitely. But, as I previously pointed out, I am underwhelmed with SDXL’s nuance. Out of the 4 pictures, only the 2nd and third 1 met all the demands. The very first 1 seems to be much more like a child duck and the penguins in the fourth 1 are not gold. I needed to see penguins :/

Irrespective, you can even now edit and download your outputs. You can edit to eliminate a background, clean up imperfections, relight, upscale, and reimagine.

Reimagine XL

You can use Steady Diffusion’s Reimagine characteristic to create variations of an picture with a single click. No require to shell out graphic designers or artists — you just require to drag and drop an picture and allow Steady Diffusion do its magic.

Stable Diffusion Reimagine XL Landing PageStable Diffusion Reimagine XL Landing Page

You can use this characteristic via for free of charge, as extended as you will not exceed their every day restrict of 400. If you require to generate much more and with greater resolution, it will value you $seven per month.

So, adequate speaking, here is what SDXL returned when I asked the instrument to generate reimagined versions of the Latte Type I acquired in the prior segment:

As you can see, SDXL maintains each intent and content material of the input. What it alterations is the artwork, which can make this characteristic ideal for slight tweaks to accomplish the top quality you require.

Damaging Prompts

Following employing DALL-E and Midjourney for really a even though now, here is what I discovered: these AI picture generators are stubborn as hell. I cannot inform you how numerous instances I began a higher-context prompt from scratch following they stored making (admittedly, gorgeous) pictures that had an component I did not like.

The good news is, this is not the situation with Steady Diffusion. Thanks to its damaging prompt characteristic, you can exclude certain components or keep away from specified traits.

To display you an illustration, I asked SDXL to paint a “portrait of a lady with extended hair standing in the rain with umbrella.”

It really is a very good output, but what if I want the lady to have much less curly hair? Let’s consider the very same prompt yet again but allow me include a damaging prompt this time: “curly hair.”

Equivalent outputs, but discover how the lady now has straight hair? That is the electrical power of damaging prompts.

Allow me give you a various illustration. To begin, I am going to use the prompt “portrait of an outdated guy with out extended beard.”

See how the outdated guy in the picture has a beard, even following I specified that he should not have 1? This is an concern I hold encountering with AI picture generators. There are instances that they disregard guidelines and skip to the other components of the prompt.

With SDXL, I identified it effortless to repair this blunder. All it took was dividing the input into two: a optimistic (portrait of an outdated guy) and a damaging prompt (beard). See for by yourself:

How Does Steady Diffusion Perform?

Steady Diffusion On-line

Given that Steady Diffusion is open-supply, you can really use it employing internet sites this kind of as Clipdrop, HuggingFace, Playground AI, Stable Diffusion Online, or (my private preferred!) Dream Studio. You can also Dream Studio for free of charge for 25 pictures or so. It really is also drastically much more versatile with its parameters which enables you to customize the output greater.

Beneath are the phase-by-phase procedures on how to use Steady Diffusion on Dream Studio.

one. Head to Accept all pop-ups.

Stable Diffusion (Dream Studio) Step 1Stable Diffusion (Dream Studio) Step 1

two. Develop a new account then indicator-in. You ought to see the handle buttons on the left side and a sample prompt. By default, the facet ratio is set at one:one and the picture count is four. Come to feel free of charge to tweak this as significantly as you require.

Stable Diffusion (Dream Studio) Step 2Stable Diffusion (Dream Studio) Step 2

three. From the dropdown menu, you can select from sixteen various designs, such as Anime, Photographic, Comic Guide, and Digital Artwork.

Stable Diffusion (Dream Studio) Step 3Stable Diffusion (Dream Studio) Step 3

four. Following putting your prompt, hit the Dream button. Following a couple of seconds, your pictures will seem.

Stable Diffusion (Dream Studio) Step 4Stable Diffusion (Dream Studio) Step 4

It really is essential to note that this is just 1 of the numerous approaches you can use Steady Diffusion. This one’s my preference since Dream Studio streamlines the prompt approach which, if you have been employing other equipment this kind of as Midjourney extended adequate, could be tiresome.

Steady Diffusion Prompts &amp Examples

New to test–to-picture generators? You have come to the appropriate location. Will not waste your credits by testing (and failing, but that is okay!) prompts on paid Steady Diffusion solutions. Rather, begin by offering some of our examples a consider:


Prompt: Luxury apartment interior with minimalist furnishings and lush houseplants and abstract murals | contemporary architecture, practical, in depth, decorated with trinkets by makoto shinkai, ilya kuvshinov, lois van baarle, rossdraws and frank lloyd wright, 8k


Prompt: Abstract rectangles colorful with ragged edges point of view oil paint drips infinite inception diffused splatter twisted lines


Prompt: Ghostly younger female in victorian property, black and white, volumetric lighting, ultradetailed encounter, practical portrait, beautiful encounter, extended braided hair, practical photograph, by caravaggio, award winning photograph, quite sharp, ultradetailed, gorgeous light, gorgeous eyes


Prompt: Mad max: fury street. chasing vehicles with fire and explosions all over the place. a guy and his yellow suzuki esteem in postapocalyptic desert, hefty weapons. directed by frank miller.

If you want to see much more Steady Diffusion prompts, you can pay a visit to PromptHero.

Steady Diffusion Pricing

The pricing for Steady Diffusion varies, dependent on how significantly and in which you will use it. For its much more common platforms, this is how significantly SDXL expenses:

Steady Diffusion Pricing (Dream Studio)

Dream Studio gives a free of charge trial with 25 credits. If you require much more, you can obtain them for $ten per one,000 credits.

Now, here is in which it will get tough. Dream Studio says that one,000 credits can create 500 SDXL pictures but that is really just for artwork produced employing their default settings. In reality, dependent on your phase count settings and the picture resolution, it could be way much less than that. A single prompt can variety amongst .two and 28.two credits.

Steady Diffusion Pricing (Clipdrop)

As opposed to in Dream Studio, employing Steady Diffusion by way of Clipdrop has no shell out-per-picture choice. Cost-free end users are permitted to generate 400 pictures a day but with watermarks and minimal top quality. There is only 1 value choice – $9 a month for one,500 pictures a day and with out a watermark. Paid end users can also get pleasure from HD pictures and use other characteristics. For much more data, see the Steady Diffusion Clipdrop pricing table beneath.



  Price tag per month



Steady Diffusion XL

  Watermark, 400/day

No watermark, one,500/day


Watermark, a hundred/day

No watermark, one,000/day

  Background Elimination

1024×1024 max

HD (one thousand/day)


1024×1024 max

HD (5000/day)


1024×1024 max


Picture Upscaler x2

2048×2048 max

Picture Upscaler up to x16 (one thousand/day)

  World wide web Editor

ten free of charge clips


Text Remover

1024×1024 max


Clipdrop iOS

restricted + watermark


Clipdrop Android

restricted + watermark


Reimagine XL

Higher Resolution (2000/day)

Substitute Background

Higher Resolution (500/day)

Steady Diffusion Pricing (API)




  Price tag per month




Picture Generation





No Controlnet APIs

Accessibility All APIs

Limitless – All AI APIs

  Shared GPU

  Req/s Restrict




Steady Diffusion Pros and Cons



  • Can be utilized for free of charge

  • Offered offline

  • Open supply

  • Simple-to-use interface

  • Extremely versatile

  • Quick picture generation

  • Your pictures are personal

  • Demands effective hardware

  • Steep finding out curve for newbies

  • May possibly need comprehensive experimentation

  • May possibly not usually generate wanted pictures

  • Paid API Accessibility

Steady Diffusion Choices


Midjourney is a prominent text-to-picture generator and is an really very good substitute to Steady Diffusion. Founded in July 2022, this effective AI picture generator is common with fans, prompt engineers, and content material creators of all shapes and sizes. It also shares some characteristics with Steady Diffusion like damaging prompts and picture variations.

For much more specifics, examine out our complete Midjourney review.

Midjourney Pros: Why It really is Far better Than Steady Diffusion

  • Cost-effective
  • Novice-pleasant
  • Readily available
  • Good quality and creativity handle
  • Spot certain variations and zoom-in/zoom-out
  • Energetic local community and constant developer assistance
  • Extensive documentation, such as how to use some helpful parameters

Midjourney Cons: Why It really is Worse Than Steady Diffusion

  • No official API
  • Only offered by way of Discord
  • Much more pricey than Steady Diffusion
  • Has fewer settings than Steady Diffusion

DALL-E two

DALL-E 2 was officially produced offered for public use in September 2022. Designed by OpenAI, this second iteration of DALL-E performs on three.five billion parameters and can create photorealistic pictures.

You can also count on DALL-E 3 to be publicly offered in the following couple of months.


  • Extremely scalable
  • ChatGPT Integration
  • Generates pictures swiftly
  • Consumer-pleasant with a easy interface


  • No free of charge trial/model
  • Much more susceptible to uncanny valley and hallucinations
  • Picture top quality is heavily dependent on the prompt

Ultimate Ideas

There is no other way to place it: Steady Diffusion exceeded my expectations. As 1 of the most parameter-wealthy language designs these days, SDXL one. is a considerable phase-up from its predecessor.

Nonetheless, with the release of DALL-E 3 and the dominance of Midjourney, can Steady Diffusion sustain its excellence and carve out a area for itself in the AI picture generator market place?

To be trustworthy, it really is tough to inform. Nonetheless, the 1 issue that Steady Diffusion has in excess of its rivals is one thing that numerous men and women have been requesting from its rivals: the capability to create pictures for free of charge. Attributes aside, this alone can make SDXL really worth making an attempt out.

All round, I loved employing this AI model.

I will certainly be back for much more!