HideMy.AI Review: The AI Paraphrasing Tool Evading Detection

AI Detection
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The hype close to generative AI is actual. Given that much more individuals are employing it to create cover letters, create scripts, and inquire when the greatest time to stroll their canine is, venture capitalists are hunting at the probability of it currently being a trillion-dollar business in the subsequent twenty many years.

On the flip side, AI detectors like Originality, GPTZero, and CopyLeaks, are hunting to predict AI-produced material.

Why? To separate actuality from robot, fight plagiarism and misinformation, and to stop AI from creating material that does not exist (AI hallucination).

Although I personally have questionable emotions about AI detectors, and have a tendency to locate them false flagging (and yes, I stated estimating – simply because that is what they do) human creating, I get the goal of them. But only up to a specified extent. Some college students have gotten ‘caught’ cheating with equipment like ChatGPT when equipment like TurnItIn accused them of cheating.

So why would any individual want to bypass these detectors? Due to the fact at times they will flag you no matter what. Occasionally you may want to use ChatGPT to create partial factors of a piece of creating but want it to continue to be hunting human-like (which ChatGPT can at times fail to do)

You really do not want your material to be flagged as AI material, appropriate? Neither would you want any individual to say you have plagiarized material when you have place in the greatest work in your creating. Enter HideMyAI!

With its easy, but surprising consideration to detail, HideMyAI permits you to reconstruct AI-produced or AI-assisted material and bypass all of the major AI detection equipment

How HideMy.ai Performs

You produced material from ChatGPT or yet another AI creating computer software. Now what? Copy that and paste a snippet or the complete output into the instrument. Click “Hide My AI” just under the box and you will get a reconstructed, humanized material moments right after.

At the bottom of your benefits, you will see the names of many AI detectors, which incorporate Originality, Turnitin, CopyLeaks, ZeroGPT, and ContentScale. All with circles to their left. These instantly display if the revised material has a substantial probability of bypassing detection, passing your material off as anything written by you, a human.

I very first asked ChatGPT to create me a a hundred-word conclusion on what we can anticipate from AI five to ten many years from now:

Now let us get into the instrument!

On the reduce component of the output side, you will see the checklist of prime AI detection equipment with gray circles beside them. When HideMyAI paraphrases your AI-produced text, these circles will both turn out to be green, yellow, or red. This exhibits the odds of acquiring caught in 1 of these detectors. You will also see a bunch of modes you can alter.

To see your remaining credits, click the See Restrict/Utilization button positioned at the prime appropriate of your display.

When logged in, you can go to your dashboard, in which you can see your paperwork, subscription, payments, remaining credits, and much more. Paperwork are immediately saved, which is great. You can delete paperwork but you can not simply copy them except if you highlight them. I’d hope this function will get fixed/additional sometime quickly.

Clicking the Device button will lead you to the paraphraser but it has no alternatives for the sort, degree, and point of view. There is also no way out but to use the “back” command on your browser. And simply because this is very irritating, I recommend you click the HideMyAI brand on the prime left of your display as an alternative of the instrument button.

HideMyAI Essential Functions

HideMy.ai only has 1 principal function – to paraphrase AI material to be humanlike and undetectable across AI creating detectors. The instrument enables you to decide on from 7 sorts of creating variations: standard, essay, information, weblog submit, cover letter, advertising and marketing copy, or e-mail.

You can also decide on from eight various ranges of creating talent – match to material, skilled, informal, grade college, secondary (substantial) college, undergraduate, masters, or PhD.

You also have the potential to alter the point of view. You can pick from very first, 2nd, or third individual.

And the final choice offers you the potential to decide on ChatGPT, OpenAI Playground, Jasper, or Other. But honesty, I consider these generator alternatives are pointless. The creating appears quite related no matter what.

How Great Was My Outcome?

I pasted the AI material I manufactured earlier with ChatGPT into the discipline and examined the instrument twice. For my very first check, I chose Information Post, Skilled – Informal, and 2nd Man or woman.

The output exhibits all-green, indicating that it will very likely bypass AI detection. Quite amazing. Then, I utilized 3 of the real AI detection equipment – Originality AI, Content at Scale, and GPTZero. And Holy Moly! The output passed all of them with flying colours!!! And I genuinely consider Originality is 1 of the strictest detectors.

For my 2nd check, I chose Site Submit, Masters, and Third Man or woman POV. Like my very first sample, the output showed all-green and passed all 3 AI detection equipment. It was truly surprising, specifically considering that the material in fact can make sense.

I’m actually impressed that HideMy AI can bypass AI detection equipment, I am even much more impressed that it did so with no destroying the real that means of what I wrote.

Nevertheless, I observed that the instrument did not precisely often adhere to my guidelines. If you appear at the two outputs quite closely, each of them have “I” and “We,” indicating that they have been written as very first individual. And I asked HideMyAI to use the 2nd and third individual. Possibly a bug? Possibly just negative luck working?

HideMyAI Pricing

HideMyAI let us you try out it for free with 300 credits (one credit score = one word). If you require much more credits, you can use the spend-as-you-go technique that let us you obtain credits for as reduced as $ten (for five,000 phrases).

If this is anything you see your self employing more than the subsequent many months or to rewrite a great deal of material, you could conserve funds and improve to the Professional program beginning at $eight.25 a month that comes with a ten,000-word restrict. The instrument does not come with a funds-back guarantee, but will return credits for AI-detected material. Just allow them know.

HideMy.AI Pros and Cons


  • You get much more phrases/credits in the totally free trial in contrast to other AI material reconstructing/paraphrasing softwares
  • You can get your credits back if an AI detector identifies your reconstructed material as AI-written
  • Supports other languages (Spanish, Russian, and French)
  • Passes AI detection equipment with no destroying the that means of your creating
  • Regardless of currently being function wealthy, the computer software is packaged in a easy, minimalist UI
  • Quite Inexpensive
  • Bulk upload function
  • Saves output immediately


  • No constantly totally free edition
  • May well not adhere to actual guidelines
  • Refunds credit score (not money) for detected AI material

HideMyAI Options

Undetectable AI

Like HideMyAI, Undetectable AI also paraphrases AI material in various variations. You can decide on from 9 functions of creating, 5 readability ranges, and 3 human modes – A lot more Readable, Balanced, and A lot more Human. They also guarantee to convert AI-written text into substantial-top quality material that would bypass AI detection equipment.

If you want to know much more about how it performs, check out out our Undetectable AI review.


QuillBot focuses on word-by-word reconstruction. It is mainly a paraphrasing instrument than a total AI material reconstructing instrument like HideMyAI. But it is totally free and straightforward to use, so if you truly feel like paraphrasing is sufficient to get the task accomplished, QuillBot is a fantastic substitute for HideMyAI. Functions like Plagiarism Checker and Citation Generator sets it apart when in contrast to its reconstructive AI material counterparts.

Additionally, the output exhibits colored texts and the instrument will offer you tips for replacements when you drag your mouse onto them. Then, a modest Rephrase button will seem so you can substitute the phrases immediately. You can also alter your option if you like. To see how the other characteristics function, check out out our thorough QuillBot review.


Paraphraser.io is a freemium paraphrasing platform that performs similarly to the rest of the equipment I pointed out over. It also has other characteristics this kind of as a rewriting instrument, grammar checker, text summarizer, and plagiarism checker. The principal big difference is that Paraphraser is open-supply computer software and gives a WordPress plugin, which can be helpful for bloggers.


And allow us not neglect… ChatGPT! ChatGPT could be the most well-known when it comes to creating AI material. But for reconstruction, not so a lot.

Not like HideMyAI in which you can simply customize the degree of creating point of view, and the sort of creating, ChatGPT calls for the appropriate prompts to accurately reconstruct the authentic AI produced material.

From my knowledge, I just inquire it to paraphrase for me even though setting limits like the variety of phrases, or asking it to be in very first individual. Though it does a satisfactory task at paraphrasing, it is not practically as potent in customization as HideMyAI. It also will not pass AI detection equipment simply because it is… AI!

The Last Verdict

The second I attempted HideMyAI, I knew it would paraphrase something I necessary to turn out to be undetectable. The customization alternatives are amazing, you get fast suggestions, and you can see in which your creating stands with detectors.

You can constantly alter and customize the output for the bypassing function to be much more efficient. On prime of this, you can include your personalized touch by paraphrasing snippets or editing the rest of the resulted text to your liking.

Though it showed that its reconstructed output can at times be detected by CopyLeaks, primarily based on my knowledge, it appeared that it only manufactured blunders primarily based on the customization I manufactured. I would extremely suggest it!