Bulk Analyzing Shopify Store Statuses with Clay

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So, you have a lengthy record of e-commerce websites and you want to know which merchants are hosted by Shopify.

But you do not have hrs to commit checking your record a single by a single. You want the final results. And you want them rapidly.

Clay is a potent instrument that can assist you enrich your prospective customers, no matter whether you are hunting for their Shopify shop information or just curious about other information. 

Clay with Shopify linksClay with Shopify links

So, let’s see how Clay operates to make your investigation approach less complicated. 

Why It truly is Beneficial to Know if An E-Commerce Employs Shopify

There could be a lot of motives why a person would be interested to know the Shopify shop standing of any site. Allow me supply you a number of examples:

  • Affiliate marketing and advertising: Let’s say, you are a blogger or an influencer. You may well zero in on Shopify-based mostly merchants for collaborations or solution testimonials. 
  • Support pitching: If you are offering a services tailored for Shopify-certain characteristics, you may well be hunting for likely clientele who are actively making use of this platform.:
  • Industry investigation: Realizing the Shopify shop standing of rivals may well supply you insights about their solution fees, techniques, and limitations.
  • Integration prospects: Some organizations may well be hunting for partnerships with e-commerce web sites. Realizing no matter whether a website is Shopify-hosted or not will assist them assess the compatibility and feasibility of their offerings.

The place to Locate a Listing of E-Commerce Internet sites

Specified websites can supply you with a extensive record of e-commerce web sites. Right here are the ones I suggest:

How to Know the Shopify Keep Standing of Prospect Internet sites Utilizing Clay

one) Import Your Information

Let’s presume that you currently have a record of e-commerce websites you are interested in. The initial factor that you want to do is upload your record on Clay.

On your dashboard, include a new table. 

Click ‘Import Data’ at the bottom of the webpage. Then, select the CSV file that consists of your record of e-commerce web sites.

Import data on ClayImport data on Clay

Observe the default columns extra to your table. We do not genuinely want this, so you can delete or hide them for now, as proven right here.

hide columns on Clay tablehide columns on Clay table

two) Include Enrichment

The subsequent stage is to enrich our e-commerce record by incorporating info about their Shopify shop standing. 

So go ahead and tap the ‘+’ indicator button on the table. Then, select ‘Add Enrichment’ as proven under.

add enrichment on Clayadd enrichment on Clay

three) Verify the Website’s Shopify Standing

In the pop-up window, we’ll want to pick an action to figure out if a site is hosted on Shopify. 

Basically sort the pertinent key phrases in the search area — it truly is faster than browsing by means of the record. For this tutorial, sort “shopify” and pick “Verify Shopify Keep Standing” from the final results, as proven.

check Shopify store statuscheck Shopify store status

four) Set the Site URL as Input

In the subsequent window, we’ll want to pick a column as input. Just tap the drop-down menu and select the column that consists of the e-commerce backlinks. In this illustration, let’s select ‘Website URL.’

set input on Clayset input on Clay

As soon as you are accomplished, hit conserve and run.

five) Last Output

Wait for Clay to full its run. Note that this may well get a number of seconds, dependent on how lengthy your record is.

As soon as it is completed, your table ought to now present both ‘true’ or ‘false’ to indicate if an e-commerce website link is on Shopify, as proven right here. Go ahead and use this information to move forward with your subsequent purpose.

table containing Shopify linkstable containing Shopify links

What’s Subsequent?

Clay gives a simple approach to figure out the Shopify shop standing of your prospect web sites. Now that you know how it is accomplished, it is time to degree up your game.

Clay’s abilities lengthen past just identifying e-commerce platforms. It comes with other compelling characteristics, also, this kind of as retrieving emails of your prospects on LinkedIn. So make certain to check out these functionalities to totally maximize your outreach techniques!

Hopefully, you have identified this manual useful. If you have any concerns, please drop them in the remarks under.