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Dread it, run from it — AI arrives all the identical. In the creating neighborhood, there is so considerably buzz about men and women receiving replaced with AI. Right after all, we have noticed how effortless it is to produce content material with ChatGPT, so what helps make us indispensable? 

What helps make us human is what helps make us writers.

It truly is our creativity, nuance, imagination, and selection-creating. Bear in mind: Creating content material with AI is effortless, but creating content material that men and women would truly go through is difficult. I imply if an AI bot can compose it, what helps make you particular?

I have identified it really difficult to weblog employing AI content material given that most of my knowledge is not one thing ChatGPT can truly aid me with. If I had an informational web site about historical past, yeah, perhaps. But I compose about tech. Every thing we speak about right here is from our real expertise with it.

So how does a blogger fare when employing Koala Writer? I am not frightened of AI, I consider to use it when I can. But how does it do for the every day blogger. Can it change my knowledge? Can it increase my output? Here is my ideas!

What is Koala Author?

Launched in April 2023, Koala Writer is an AI-powered creating instrument that claims to aid its end users produce higher-top quality Search engine optimisation content material at scale.

This prompt-based mostly content material creation platform employs the electrical power of GPT to compose extended-kind content material that ranks.

No matter the niche, the instrument claims to employs SERP evaluation and genuine-time information to produce publish-prepared posts. We’ll be seeing if that is truly correct.

Koala Writer Landing PageKoala Writer Landing Page

Who is Koala Author For?

Koala Author is exclusively engineered for copywriters. Its bulk creating attribute is also a wonderful starter instrument for enterprise owners striving to begin a weblog with out the price range to employ a content material author.

College students can also use Koala Author to compose essays and other schoolwork, but other resources like ChatGPT and Jasper match far better for that function. Koala Author is truly just meant for bloggers.

How Koala Author Performs

AI creating assistants really don’t have a tendency to have a steep finding out curve — Koala Author is no exception. You can adhere to along as I produce a weblog post prepared for publication employing this platform. This is what it appears like:

Koala Writer InterfaceKoala Writer Interface

As you can see, it has tons of content material customization to select from. Let’s go in-depth with every selection later on but, for the meantime, let’s concentrate on making a weblog submit. For now, I’m going to choose the following alternatives:

  • Generator: GPT-three.five
  • Write-up Sort: Weblog Submit.
  • Search engine optimisation Optimization: Default.
  • AI Pictures &amp YouTube Video clips: None.
  • Tone of Voice: Specialist.
  • Language: English (US).
  • Nation: United States.
  • Level of See: Initial Individual.

Of program, I also have to choose a subject. Koala Author does not base the post on a title, not like other creating resources. As an alternative, you have to choose search phrases to be employed as a subject.

I asked Koala Author to compose me a weblog submit employing the key phrase phrase “how to get rid of black lines on television.” This was the subsequent output:

Koala Writer Sample OutputKoala Writer Sample Output

And that is how you get a 1500-word post in significantly less than a minute. I will not present the complete output right here (properly, I could — even so, are you truly going to go through an post within one more post?) But, needless to say, I’m impressed with the depth of detail and creativity that Koala Author showed me, even only employing GPT-three.five.

Koala Author Essential Attributes

I have employed a lot of creating resources in the previous, and some left me underwhelmed (particularly with how Jasper turned out). The good news is, that is not the situation with Koala Author. I consider it is one particular of the very best creating resources in its niche since of issues like:

Output Customization

I have observed making a basic outline aids the instrument create much more meaningful content material by narrowing down its region of concentrate. It truly is way far better to be as distinct as feasible.

Koala Writer Customization OptionsKoala Writer Customization Options

You can tweak a bunch of parameters to customize your output:

  • GPT Model: Decide on among GPT-three.five (Offered for totally free end users) or GPT-4 (Only for premium end users).
  • Use Situation: Choose among creating weblog posts, merchandise descriptions, merchandise evaluations, a video summarizer, or an post rewriter.
  • Search engine optimisation Optimization: You can input your very own distinct search phrases or allow Koala Author create its listing of higher-likely search phrases employing their AI model.
  • Pictures or Video clips: Pick among no photos or movies, AI-created photos, or hyperlinks to YouTube movies. 
  • Tone of Voice: You can select from a variety of tones, which includes the default Search engine optimisation-optimized tone, as properly as expert, humorous, informal, and much more.
  • Nation: Choose your principal demographic to tailor the created content material.
  • Level of See: Pick among very first individual singular, very first individual plural, 2nd individual, or third individual.

Right after employing Koala Author a couple of occasions, there are a couple of issues I picked up on when tweaking its content material. For illustration, I have been getting far better brief-kind content material using GPT-three.five, best for merchandise roundups and evaluations. On the other hand, the depth and nuance of GPT-four function so considerably far better with extended-kind weblog posts.

I often wished to touch on the “Pictures or Video clips” parameter, as I observed that enabling “movies only” final results in much more AI hallucinations. For illustration, I asked Koala to give me an post about “why apples are the very best foods battle weapon” and one particular of the created sections employed a YouTube video concerning real guns.

You can also allow many alternatives like genuine-time information, an outline editor, important takeaways, and a often asked area.

KoalaChat and Picture Generator

Like ChatGPT and Bard, Koala Author also delivers an AI chatbot known as KoalaChat. I personally desire KoalaChat more than ChatGPT when creating blogs as it is optimized to aid you compose content material.

KoalaChat InterfaceKoalaChat Interface

You can also optimize the chatbot by finding out its special commands, which are the following:

  • KW: Lists search phrases employing your search phrase.
  • DA: Outputs the domain authority of a hyperlink.
  • Entities: Provides you a listing of an article’s search phrases, entities, and subtopics.
  • Outline: Presents an outline of a weblog submit.
  • YTSummary: Offers a written summary of a YouTube video.
  • Supply: Utilizes a URL as the principal expertise supply of the output.
  • SERP: Displays the search engine final results for your search phrase.
  • Describe: Generates a description of an picture.
  • Dream: Generates an AI-created picture.

Provided that much more established picture generators like DALL-E and Midjourney are nevertheless plagued with problems right now, I need to admit I did not have higher expectations for Koala. Nevertheless, I’m really impressed with its capability in making publish-prepared photos. For illustration, here is one particular employing the prompt “A Koala Author.” 

Koala Image Generator: Koala WriterKoala Image Generator: Koala Writer

Certain, it is not best, but it does the occupation properly sufficient. The photos I acquired had been not as well stylized, but they are thorough and expert. Koala also understood the context fairly, but there is nevertheless an undertone of the “uncanny valley” feeling. General, I would give this a reliable B+.

Other Beneficial Attributes

  • Bulk Creating. Generate many content material pieces concurrently employing search phrases.
  • Creating Background. Permits you to see all your created content material in a single see.
  • API Entry &amp Google Sheets Integration. Lets you use Koala Author in various applications or right output its content material to a repository or CRM.

Can Koala Author Bypass AI Detection?

We really don’t know what the potential holds for AI-created content material. In spite of Google’s repeated declare that they will not penalize AI content material, you can not blame bloggers and enterprise owners for their dread of accidentally hurting their Search engine optimisation ranking if ChatGPT or other AI resources create content material that could get flagged by Google’s “quality-first” recommendations.

Even though very good content material is very good, no matter what wrote it – I figured why not check it out to see how it holds up towards these resources.

I devised a check to establish how a lot of Koala Author outputs I need to have to create just before receiving one particular that can pass as a human employing Content At Scale’s AI detection instrument.

I was truly type of shocked:

Content At Scale vs. Koala WriterContent At Scale vs. Koala Writer

In spite of employing only GPT-three.five (a model acknowledged to get tagged as AI simply), my output from a couple of sections in the past had been ready to get about Content material At Scale. This is a very good signal that it is outputting much more inventive creating than other robotic chat generators.

Pros &amp Cons



  • Generous totally free trial

  • Consumer-pleasant and available

  • Generates content material that can bypass AI detectors

  • Saves your function in a library

  • Utilizes genuine-time information

  • Versatile pricing alternatives

  • Supports more than 120 languages

  • Straightforward WordPress integration

  • API Entry

  • Google Sheets Integration

  • Energetic Discord neighborhood

  • thirty-day cash-back Ensure

  • No upload document selection

  • No alternatives to select output word count

  • KoalaChat does not help GPT-four

  • Unused credits really don’t carry more than

  • No light mode

Koala Author Choices

No matter how considerably I like a platform, I often advocate seeking at the choices just before choosing on a obtain. For Koala Author, these are its two closest choices:

ChatGPT vs. Koala Author

Let us begin with the AI that commenced it all: ChatGPT. Given that its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has acquired more than 150 million lively end users. It truly is been creating waves in various industries but, most notably, in schooling, as a lot of college students flock to this chatbot to obtain help for their schoolwork. Given that its release, it is been actively disrupting the education community — but what about copywriting? How does ChatGPT evaluate to Koala Author?

ChatGPT vs. Koala WriterChatGPT vs. Koala Writer

ChatGPT Pros: What Helps make It Far better Than Koala Author?

  • Fully totally free.
  • Rapid turnaround time.
  • You have a good deal much more versatility with ChatGPT, but you need to be distinct with your prompts.

ChatGPT Cons: What Helps make It Worse Than Koala Author?

  • Output will get simply tagged by AI detectors.
  • Demands a good deal of context to give publish-prepared weblog posts.
  • Data offered on the totally free model only extends to September 2021.

Content material At Scale vs. Koala Author

For a much more direct comparison, we need to flip to Content At Scale. Equivalent to Koala Author, this premium AI creating instrument employs GPT engineering to compose Search engine optimisation content material that ranks persistently. What helps make it stand out towards other Search engine optimisation creating resources is its substantial analytics instrument to aid you obtain an overview of your article’s efficiency just before you even hit “Publish.”

So, in a head-to-head comparison, can Koala Author beat this powerhouse?

Content At Scale vs. Koala WriterContent At Scale vs. Koala Writer

Content material At Scale Pros: What Helps make It Far better Than Koala Author?

  • Generates an Search engine optimisation analytics report.
  • Unused credits rollover for six months.
  • Plagiarism and a (totally free) AI content material detector.
  • Integrates with Shopify, WordPress, and Copyscape.
  • Contains a rewriting attribute for plagiarized or AI-created text.

Content material At Scale Cons: What Helps make It Worse Than Koala Author?

  • No totally free trial.
  • Substantially slower flip-about time than Koala Author.
  • Lacks the personalization of Koala Author, but it lets you give much more context employing a prompt.

How Considerably Does Koala Author Price?

The following are the 6 pricing tiers in Koala Author:







  Cost per month







KoalaWriter (phrases per month)



a hundred,000




  KoalaChat (messages per month)







What I like most about Koala Author is that they really don’t skimp on end users on a less costly prepare.

Apart from the optimum word count and messages, you can get the identical characteristics across all tiers, which includes:

  • Entry to GPT-four.
  • True-Time Information.
  • Search engine optimisation Optimization.
  • Bulk Creating.
  • API and Google Sheets Integration.
  • Energetic Discord Local community.

The Bottom Line

As I have pointed out earlier, I am nevertheless totally impressed with Koala Author.

If we’re speaking content material top quality alone, it is correct up there with the very best creating assistants like Content At Scale and ChatGPT. The created outputs are appropriately formatted, in-depth, and properly-written to the level that they could bypass some AI detectors.

Nevertheless, if you had been to request me if I would right input their content material into WordPress, I would say no. Koala Author could be very good, but there is nevertheless the danger of AI hallucination. I have nevertheless been cautious to overview every little thing that comes out of the instrument even however most of it has looked very good so far.

It truly is very good to rewrite some elements of the text to make it sound much more like a individual — much more like you. Individuals gravitate to content material with a human behind the keyboard. Koala Author is wonderful, but practically nothing beats human. Consider of the correct intent behind what you are creating about.

Who’s truly studying this?