Building Multi-Step Forms Natively in Breakdance Builder

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No one particular would like to pay a visit to a internet site with a extended, uninteresting kind. It feels mind-boggling.

And if you are like me, you’d most likely click away right away.

You really do not want to supply the identical expertise to your internet site guests. So rather of extended types, why not break them into smaller sized chunks?

Here’s in which multi-stage types turn out to be vital.

In contrast to a lengthy kind, a multi-stage kind is a lot more consumer-pleasant. It helps make end users really feel they are producing progress with every stage. Plus, segmenting concerns guarantees you happen to be collecting related information in an organized way.

In this guidebook, I’ll present you how simple it is to develop a multi-stage kind in Breakdance. You really do not even want to set up third-celebration plugins. 

Let’s get commenced.

multi-step form in Breakdancemulti-step form in Breakdance

How to Produce a Multi-Phase Kind in Breakdance

Let’s consider to develop a straightforward reserving kind for a car restore services. Right here are the measures to stick to:

one) Start off With a New Webpage

Let’s presume that you previously have a single publish template activated on your Breakdance theme. 

On your WordPress dashboard, head in excess of to Pages &gt Include New. Enter a title. For illustration, let’s include ‘Car Services Reserving Kind.’ Click publish.

add a new page in Breakdanceadd a new page in Breakdance

Then, edit your web page on Breakdance. 

two) Produce a Kind

The very first issue you will want to do is include a part. Then, search and click the ‘Form Builder’ component at the proper navigation.

add a section in Breakdanceadd a section in Breakdance
add a form builder in Breakdanceadd a form builder in Breakdance

three) Include a ‘First Step’ Field 

Observe that the kind builder component comes with default fields identify, electronic mail, and message. Let’s delete these for now.

Then, include a new area. Click the ‘type’ dropdown menu and decide on ‘step.’ 

The very first element of our kind will call for the consumer to choose a reserving date. So, let’s label this stage as ‘Book an Appointment.’

adding a multi-step form in Breakdanceadding a multi-step form in Breakdance

Then, carry on including a lot more fields. Make confident that all the factors you want to incorporate in the kind fall underneath the ‘Step’ area. The purchase ought to by no means be interchanged.

Let’s include a area with kind ‘Date.’ Assign a label ‘Pick a Date.’

adding a date in Breakdance formadding a date in Breakdance form

Then, include yet another area with kind ‘Time’ and label this as ‘Pick a time.’

adding a time in Breakdance formadding a time in Breakdance form

Really don’t overlook to conserve your operate.

four) Include a ‘Second Step’ Discipline

Once again, let’s include yet another area with kind ‘Step’ and label this as ‘Vehicle Info.’ 

adding a multi-step form in Breakdanceadding a multi-step form in Breakdance

Right here, we want the consumer to decide on a car kind to be repaired. So, we’ll include a checkbox area with possibilities, as proven.

adding checkbox options in Breakdance formadding checkbox options in Breakdance form

Following, include two text fields and label them as ‘Vehicle Number’ and ‘Model,’ respectively.

add text fields in Breakdance formadd text fields in Breakdance form

Once again, make confident that all these factors fall inside of the ‘Vehicle Information’ area. 

five) Include a ‘Third Step’ Discipline

In the third stage, let’s say we want the consumer to decide on a kind of restore services.

Equivalent to the prior measures, we’ll include a new ‘step’ area. Label this as ‘Type of Services.’

adding a multi-step form in Breakdanceadding a multi-step form in Breakdance

Include a checkbox choice and text region, as I did under. 

adding a text area in Breakdance formadding a text area in Breakdance form

six) Include a ‘Fourth Step’ Discipline

Lastly, we’ll request the consumer to enter his private data. 

Let’s include yet another ‘step’ area and label this as ‘Customer Info.’

adding a multi-step form in Breakdanceadding a multi-step form in Breakdance

Then, include text fields for the identify, electronic mail, telephone quantity, and deal with. 

Set the Total Title, E mail, and Telephone Amount as necessary fields. You can do so by picking a area, clicking the innovative choice, and toggling the necessary switch, as proven.

set form fields as requiredset form fields as required

seven) Modify the Design

Include fashion to the factors by navigating to the ‘Style’ tab. Right here, you can edit the background shade, alter the dimension of your kind, or adjust the spacing.

For illustration, I’ve positioned the buttons at the center and modified the padding dimension of the kind, as proven under.

edit form container padding sizeedit form container padding size

eight) Ultimate Output

After you are content with the modifications, click conserve. Check your multi-stage kind on the front-finish. You ought to get some thing related under.

multi-step form in Breakdancemulti-step form in Breakdance

And that is it!

Now you have discovered how to develop a multi-stage kind in Breakdance, how about leveling it up?

I recommend you consider integrating your types with third-celebration apps. For illustration, you can have your types immediately submitted to a bunch of other platforms:

From there, you can collect and organize consumer data for your electronic mail campaign.

Remain posted for a lot more approaching tutorials! And really do not hesitate to share your Breakdance expertise in the remarks. I would really like to hear from you!