Top ChatGPT Plagiarism Checkers of 2023: A Comprehensive List

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For much better or worse, AI is right here to keep. Even I use ChatGPT and Bard day-to-day to expedite my analysis or get help in coding. There is no query that AI software program like ChatGPT will completely adjust specified factors of our daily life: education included. We’ve presently witnessed college students use ChatGPT to cheat — we can only picture what future iterations of GPT will deliver.

The very best we can do for now is mitigate the affect.

We cannot escape adjust, so we adapt to it. Given that AI has turn out to be so appropriate in our classrooms, we should use the most reputable of detection resources to check out if some thing was plagiarized from ChatGPT.

If you do not know exactly where to begin hunting, we can aid you with that.

The Ideal ChatGPT Plagiarism Checkers

We get AI plagiarism checking critically right here at Latte Fashion — that is why we’ve examined every single software program listed right here. Rest assured that no matter which a single you choose from these resources, they will be reliably correct.

With that out of the way, let’s begin with…


Copyleaks is an application that can detect regardless of whether a piece of articles is AI-produced or not. Not only is it totally free, it is also consumer-pleasant and extremely-correct. Apart from getting an AI detection device, Copyleaks also has a standard plagiarism checker, AI check grader, and AI governance and compliance device.

Copyleaks Landing PageCopyleaks Landing Page

So, let’s examine how it fares towards articles produced by ChatGPT. This is the end result of that testing:

Copyleaks Sample TestCopyleaks Sample Test

Material At Scale

You could have heard of Material At Scale, an AI creating platform developed to make articles that ranks. But, did you know that they also offer you a free AI detection tool?

Content At Scale Landing PageContent At Scale Landing Page

Material At Scale claims that it can detect articles from ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Bard with 98% accuracy. And, from what I see as I check it towards ChatGPT articles, it surely lives up to that guarantee.

Content At Scale Sample TestContent At Scale Sample Test

Winston AI

Winston AI boasts a single of the highest AI detection accuracy costs in the industry with 99.six%. However, it is a premium solution, but they do have a totally free trial for seven days and 2000 phrases.

I’d say that Winston’s my preferred ChatGPT plagiarism checking device in the industry since — apart from their accuracy — they also have a single of the cleanest UIs. The only downside is that I uncover Winston to be slower than the other resources that exist.

Originality AI

Originality AI is an AI articles detection device and plagiarism checker in a single. As of August 2023, with the release of their model two., the crew behind the application posits that it can detect GPT-three and GPT-four articles with more than 99% accuracy, and ChatGPT articles with 89% accuracy. It is secure to say that it is a single of the very best AI detectors in the industry right now.

Originality AI Landing PageOriginality AI Landing Page

Nonetheless, a single factor that I will not like about Originality AI is how buggy their Chrome Extension is for totally free customers. I was keen to give it a check but every single time I asked it to give me the AI or plagiarism score of a text, I would experience an error like this:

Originality AI ErrorOriginality AI Error

No matter what I did, it’d give me the very same error. At some stage, I just gave up. Consequently, I’d say that Originality AI is a fantastic device if you are a paying out client — but totally free customers may possibly be much better off striving a various software program.

You can go through far more about Originality AI here.


If you want some thing rapid and simple, consider GPTZero. It is a totally free AI detector that could detect which elements of your articles are most probably to be written by ChatGPT, GPT-four, or Bard.

GPTZero Sample TestGPTZero Sample Test

Some of the functions GPTZero provides incorporate:

  • API: Employ GPTZero into your personal platform.
  • Chrome Extension: Simply check out if a piece of articles is produced by an AI.
  • Creating Report: Figure out if some thing is AI-written based mostly on their creating pattern.


Sapling is an great device for any organization operating on CRMs to supercharge their income and client help method. But, apart from that, Sapling AI also provides a totally free AI detection device that can detect if you copied text from ChatGPT.

Sapling Landing PageSapling Landing Page

Sapling AI Detector was developed by former developers from Meta and Google. They are continually bettering their software program to much better detect different AI versions. Most just lately, Sapling manufactured enhancements to their accuracy and text calibration.

Sapling AI Detector Sample TestSapling AI Detector Sample Test


Giant Language Model Test Room or GLTR is probably a single of the oldest AI-produced articles detection resources out there. In reality, it even predates GPT-three by a total yr. It was designed by  Hendrik Strobelt, Sebastian Gehrmann, and Alexander Rush from the MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and Harvard NLP as a way to classify GPT-two text.

GLTR Sample TestGLTR Sample Test

It functions by analyzing every word and assigning a numerical worth to it dependent on how probably it is to be produced by an AI. Even though this is constructed on GPT-two information and ChatGPT runs on GPT-three.five, I even now identified the software program to be correct in classifying AI text.


Not to be puzzled with GPTZero — ZeroGPT is a freemium ChatGPT plagiarism checking device. Some of its functions incorporate:

  • Bulk document upload.
  • Highlighting of probably AI articles.
  • Help for all languages.
ZeroGPT Sample TestZeroGPT Sample Test

Although ZeroGPT looks to be correct adequate, I wouldn’t advocate making use of this solution if you are rapidly annoyed by adverts and popups.


Crossplag is an AI detector that makes use of a deep comprehending of language versions to accurately classify texts with 3000 phrases or much less.

Crossplag Sample TestCrossplag Sample Test

They offer you a totally free trial but, following that, you should pay out for credits to carry on making use of their solution. One particular credit score can check out one hundred phrases, and every credit score fees €9.95.

Latte Fashion

Final but surely not the least, did you know that we also offer you our own AI detector that can check out if a text originates from ChatGPT?

Gold Penguin Sample TestGold Penguin Sample Test

Our detection device is educated on hundreds of 1000’s of texts, which lessens the probability of obtaining a false constructive or a false unfavorable.

TurnItIn: The Elephant in the Area

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anybody that a single of the most prominent customers of ChatGPT are college students. Academic dishonesty with help from ChatGPT has turn out to be this kind of a enormous situation inside of classrooms that there has been an improve in demand from teachers for an correct AI detector to classify schoolwork — and TurnItIn experimented with to fill that void.

Properly, experimented with and failed.

There is no ideal AI detection device — every single device out there will have its honest share of false positives and false negatives. The factor is, there are students who are learning that the hard way. TurnItIn’s AI detector, in specific, was handled as gospel by some teachers that it jeopardized the future of some students.

Personally, I’d advise teachers to keep clear of TurnItIn for ChatGPT plagiarism checking for now.

What is Following?

Now that we’ve had ChatGPT for virtually a yr, our comprehending of what AI articles is and what they appear like are much better than ever. That is why any of the resources described over, totally free or otherwise, can detect ChatGPT articles with a substantial degree of accuracy.

Nonetheless, “high level” does not indicate ideal. As described earlier, false positives and false negatives are even now a factor. 

So, till we’ve eradicated any probability of false detection, only use these resources to aid verify a suspicion but do not construct an complete situation close to their output. It is constantly very best to physical exercise your personal judgment when it comes to text.