Advanced Custom Fields Review: The WordPress Game-Changer

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Customized fields can lengthen your site’s performance and boost consumer knowledge. 

For instance, customized fields can assist you keep customized data and make it simply available to your consumers. They also make your input a lot more manageable. 

But whilst WordPress supplies a constructed-in characteristic for producing customized fields, it truly is not constantly the best to use, specifically if you happen to be not into coding.

That is why several flip to third-get together plugins. 1 of the well-known ones we’ve discovered is ACF (Sophisticated Customized Fields).    

In this assessment, we’ll go over some of the greatest characteristics of this plugin and how you can use it to include customized fields to your internet site. We’ll also present you some of the well-known ACF choices and their benefits in excess of ACF.

What are Customized Fields?

Customized fields, at its core, let you to input extra information that are not component of a normal webpage or publish format. Technically, they are known as metadata. 

For illustration, you are producing a actual estate internet site. For each residence you upload, you want to include the area, square footage, amount of bedrooms, amenities, and pricing. 

Now, incorporating these information inside the principal content material of the publish will not be as productive. It does not let for effortless sorting, filtering, or seeking, And it would be a tedious procedure to include and show them on the front-finish one particular by one particular.

But with customized fields, you can include these distinct information simply. You can framework your information in a way that is each organized and available to your internet site guests.

In our knowledge, customized fields are frequently developed with customized publish varieties. Going back to our actual estate internet site illustration, you can include a customized publish variety for ‘Properties.’ Then, each and every residence will include all the customized fields for the area, amenities, pricing, and so forth.

WordPress comes with a native selection to include customized fields. But it is rather standard. It also needs some coding information, generating it significantly less pleasant for newcomers. That is in which plugins like ACF (Sophisticated Customized Fields) come in.

With ACF, you can generate customized fields and have them dynamically displayed on the front-finish. Rather of hrs of coding, you only need to have to devote a number of minutes to include customized fields to your posts.

Sophisticated Customized Fields Electrical power Attributes

ACF is a well-known instrument for each novice and sophisticated consumers for a number of motives. Let’s delve into some of its greatest characteristics.

one) Making Customized Publish Varieties and Taxonomies

ACF enables you to generate customized publish varieties past WordPress’s default posts and pages. And for each and every content material variety, you can include a lot more than 35 diverse varieties of fields, which includes photos, texts, dates, numbers, emails, and back links. This characteristic is extremely essential for producing exclusive content material classes, like a portfolio or item listing.

To generate a customized publish variety, merely go to ACF &gt Publish Varieties, and then click the ‘Add new’ button. Enter the needed information, like the plural label, singular label, and publish variety. As soon as you conserve it, you will see the new publish variety extra on your left sidebar.

adding ACF post typesadding ACF post types

Note: Older versions of ACF will not help customized publish varieties, and you will need to have to use other plugins like CPT UI to generate them. But because the release of ACF, you can now generate customized publish varieties right inside the plugin.

two) Including Customized Fields

Every single webpage or publish in WordPress comes with its very own metadata. This contains the publish date and time, publish classes or tags, and author’s title. But in several instances, these default fields are not ample. 

ACF is specially developed to deal with this gap. 

To include customized fields, just click ACF &gt Fields Groups from the left side of your WordPress admin spot. Enter a discipline group title. Click ‘Add Field’ and, beneath the common tab, choose a discipline variety. Then, fill in the needed fields like the discipline label and discipline title.

adding ACF custom fieldsadding ACF custom fields

Conserve the modifications. Click the ‘Add Field’ button to include a lot more fields.

As soon as you are completed, scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and set the area guidelines. Right here, you are going to choose which publish varieties you want your customized fields to seem. And, that is it!

three) Including Customized Taxonomies

Taxonomies let you to organize and categorize your content material in any way you want. 

WordPress comes with constructed-in taxonomies like tags and classes, but just like publish varieties, they may possibly not suit your site’s exclusive specifications. You will need to have to include taxonomies not supported by WordPress out of the box.

For illustration, if you have a tutorial internet site, you may possibly want to classify your content material as ‘Beginner,’ ‘Intermediate,’ or ‘Advanced.’

To include taxonomies, click ACF &gt Taxonomies and then ‘Add New.’ Fill in the fields, this kind of as the plural label, singular label, and taxonomy important (optional). Then, choose a publish variety in which you want to apply this customized taxonomy.

adding ACF taxonomiesadding ACF taxonomies

Note that you can also allow the ‘Hierarchical’ toggle button if you want to include ‘children’ beneath this phrase.

four) Conditional Logic

The ‘Conditional Logic’ in ACF enables you to hide or show particular fields based mostly on the values of other fields. We uncover this characteristic extremely helpful, specifically if you have tons of customized fields. You do not want to overwhelm your consumers. Including conditional logic assures that your internet site guests can only see the pertinent fields based mostly on their recent choices.

Conditional logic can be set beneath the settings tab when you generate a discipline group.   

adding ACF conditional logicadding ACF conditional logic

five) Integration with Themes and Other Plugins

An additional fantastic characteristic of ACF is its compatibility with other equipment and plugins. You can integrate hundreds of third-get together plugins to take care of information from your customized fields.

For illustration, employing internet site builders like Oxygen and Breakdance enables you to dynamically show customized fields inside your layouts.

You can also integrate plugins for media aspects, varieties, e-commerce, and search or filtering. The choices are countless. We actually take into account these characteristics vital to producing a a lot more dynamic, organized, and consumer-centric internet site.

Evaluating ACF With Other Resources

Searching for choices? We have listed beneath some of the other fantastic possibilities you can consider: 


Pods pluginPods plugin


  • It is free of charge
  • Operates properly with well-known third-get together plugins
  • Permits you to include customized SQL queries
  • Provides versatility and handle in implementing relationships among content material varieties
  • Supports bi-directional relationships among content material varieties


  • May not be pleasant for newcomers
  • May influence your site’s efficiency if not set up correctly 
  • Attributes are overkill for web sites with minimum customized fields or publish varieties

The principal benefit of Pods in excess of ACF is the way it implements relationships among publish varieties. 

With Pods, you can include:

  • 1-to-one particular relationships
  • 1-to-several relationships
  • Numerous-to-several relationships

For illustration, if you have customized publish varieties for ‘Movies’ and ‘Actors,’ you can have a film with several actors, or an actor related with a number of other motion pictures. 

An additional fantastic characteristic of Pods is that it supports bi-directional fields. This enables you to relate one particular customized publish variety to one more. For illustration, if you include an actor to a film, the film will instantly present up in that actor’s listing of movies. Conversely, if you take away an actor from a film, that film will be eliminated from the actor’s listing of movies.     

ACF supports relationships among publish varieties at some degree, but it is not as versatile as Pods. So if you are searching for higher versatility and handle in excess of your content material framework and relationships, then Pods can be a fantastic selection. 

Meta Box

Meta Box pluginMeta Box plugin


  • Entry to the PHP codes
  • Organize meta boxes and include layouts on the backend
  • Supports a huge range of discipline varieties
  • Supports a range of objects like Gutenberg blocks, taxonomy terms, posts, and several other folks


  • Steep finding out curve
  • Not compatible with menu things and widgets
  • Documentation is not pleasant for newcomers

Meta Box has virtually the identical characteristics as ACF. 

But in contrast to ACF, the core plugin is free of charge and open-supply. Knowledgeable developers really like its code-centric strategy simply because it enables deep customizations.

An additional fantastic point about Meta Box is that it supplies a library of free of charge and paid include-ons. You do not need to have to set up the whole package deal – just choose the performance you want. 

Meta Box also provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for producing and managing customized fields. If you are a non-coder, we advocate receiving this premium include-on to pace up your growth time.

Instance Applications of ACF

ACF operates properly with most internet site builders, which includes Breakdance. Integrate it into your following tasks to develop specialist, consumer-pleasant web sites without having coding. Right here are a number of suggestions to get you started out:

one) True-Estate Site

Property listings call for a exclusive set of information. Employing ACF, you can layout a platform in which each and every residence can dynamically show information like the area, price tag, amenities, and picture.

real-estate websitereal-estate website

two) Reserving Site

A profitable booking platform needs a reliable consumer knowledge. ACF can assist you layout a webpage in which consumers can simply choose a date, area, services variety, and service supplier. 

booking websitebooking website

three) Travel Site

With ACF, you can generate a travel and tour internet site that provides effortless navigation to journey information. You can also include beautiful photos and show them dynamically based mostly on the user’s selection.

travel websitetravel website

four) Photography Site

Photography sites must show not just images but also galleries that inform the story behind each shot. Employing ACF, merely include a customized publish to organize your images. Then, include customized fields to detail elements like gallery, description, price tag, and area.

photography websitephotography website

Sophisticated Customized Fields Pricing

  • Free of charge permanently: $, restricted characteristics
  • Individual: $49 per yr, accessibility to all Professional characteristics, limitless updates for one internet site
  • Freelancer: $149 per yr, accessibility to all Professional characteristics, limitless updates for ten web sites
  • Company: $249 per yr, accessibility to all Professional characteristics, limitless updates for limitless web sites

Wrapping It Up

ACF will take away the tension of incorporating customized fields employing PHP, specifically if you are developing a huge, complicated internet site. 

Actually, we couldn’t think about our workflow without having this plugin.

With this information, you can now unlock WordPress’s likely to develop a hundred% customized web sites. Pair it with potent webpage builders like Breakdance and you will not have to resort to countless lines of customized code. 

The query is, what are you going to develop with ACF?

Please share them in the remarks beneath – we’d really like to hear your suggestions and experiences!