Installing Breakdance Builder Locally with MAMP: A How-To Guide

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If you are into the WordPress scene, there is a excellent likelihood you have heard of the new webpage builder referred to as Breakdance. Only coming out a couple of weeks in the past, it has been in growth for many years by the exact same developers who created the Oxygen Builder. With a new webpage builder comes the want for a new WordPress website to check it out on, appropriate? That is why in excess of the following couple of minutes we’ll go in excess of the best way to set up MAMP on your personal computer and setup WordPress + Breakdance. This tutorial is somewhat much more superior than if you would rather use Local, but MAMP has a couple of rewards warranting its use in excess of nearby. Based on your degree of complexity and use situation, each applications serve various functions. So… let us dive in!

What is MAMP?

MAMP is a application bundle that enables you to set up WordPress and other PHP-based mostly applications on your personal computer. It stands for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. After you have put in MAMP, you can produce a nearby web site on your personal computer that will mirror your dwell web site. This is a fantastic way to check new plugins, themes, and attributes without having affecting your dwell website.

Macintosh: An working technique utilized by Apple computer systems.

Apache: Apache is the most common internet server application. It truly is cost-free, open supply, and runs on most working methods.

MySQL: MySQL is a database application utilized by WordPress.

PHP: PHP is a programming language that powers WordPress.

MAMP combines all of these application packages into 1 simple-to-set up application.

Why Use MAMP?

MAMP is a fantastic way to check out new attributes on your WordPress website without having affecting your dwell website. It truly is also a excellent way to find out how WordPress performs, because you can perform all around with the code without having possessing to fret about breaking something. Plus, it truly is cost-free!

MAMP comes with PHP and phpMyAdmin, a internet-based mostly application utilized for managing MySQL databases, preinstalled. It also extends past the abilities of Regional by Flywheel if you want to do much more superior or behind-the-scenes growth. Just bear in thoughts, we are going to have to download WordPress manually and set up it ourselves, anything Local presently does for you.

eight Methods to Putting in WordPress with MAMP

one) Download WordPress locally

Download WordPress from the official web site and unzip into a folder on your personal computer

wordpress zip and unzipped versions in downloads folderwordpress zip and unzipped versions in downloads folder

two) Set up MAMP on your personal computer

Download the free version of MAMP from their official web site and set up it on your personal computer.

mamp installer screen on mac osmamp installer screen on mac os
MAMP Installer

three) Open &amp Setup Ports

open mamp application to begin wordpress developmentopen mamp application to begin wordpress development
Navigate to MAMP in your Applications folder
opening mamp from applications folder on macopening mamp from applications folder on mac
Open the MAMP Application

Open MAMP from your applications folder. Make certain internet server is set to Apache. Click on preferences -&gt ports -&gt and update port values. I have my Apache set to 8888 and MySQL set to 8889.

mamp server port customization optionsmamp server port customization options

four) Modify Website Directory

In the exact same preferences panel, go to server and pick the document root of in which you want your websites to be positioned. I like to have mine below a new folder I designed

customers -&gt justin -&gt websites
mamp server document location to store website informationmamp server document location to store website information

five) Begin MAMP Server

After this is all accomplished, start off your MAMP server by pressing the green start off button. if every thing is functioning, your internet browser must have opened and must be on the splash display for MAMP. If this does not take place but your server is operating, enter the following URL into your browser and change the numbers with the Apache port you specified earlier:

mamp main screen redirect after setting up websitemamp main screen redirect after setting up website

After this is up, you are excellent to go!

six) Produce MySQL database with phpMyAdmin

What is phpMyAdmin?

phpMyAdmin is a cost-free and open supply internet application utilized to handle MySQL databases. It enables you to produce, edit, and delete databases. It also enables you to run SQL queries on your databases.

How to open phpMyAdmin with MAMP?

Just include phpMyAdmin to the suitable url path (with the appropriate port) like this:


After you are right here, navigate to the databases webpage. You must see the three default ones that come with MAMP: mysql, data_schema, and functionality_schema. Produce a new database coming into a title then by clicking on the “produce database”

setting up database and rows with mamp website buildersetting up database and rows with mamp website builder
Database viewer in phpMyAdmin

seven) Unzip and Set up WordPress

Produce a folder in your MAMP website directory &amp unzip your WordPress set up from earlier into it. I referred to as mine Breakdance but you can title it what ever you want!

wordpress website setup inside mampwordpress website setup inside mamp

Navigate to the installer by including the folder title to your URL like this:

wordpress configuration installer screen to select languagewordpress configuration installer screen to select language

Adhere to the guidelines until finally you get to the database data display. The database title is what you set it to earlier, and the username and password are each root.

wordpress database connection setup wizardwordpress database connection setup wizard
WordPress database connection display
setting up wordpress user with mamp websitesetting up wordpress user with mamp website
WordPress consumer data display

Fill in all the consumer data for your website on the following display and then finalize your WordPress set up. Log into your new WordPress website to start off!

eight) Download Breakdance Builder

Now that you have WordPress put in locally, you can download and set up the Breakdance plugin. Download Breakdance from the Breakdance web site to get your zip file. Preserve it thoughts you want to buy entry ahead of getting capable to download. You can also try the builder for cost-free for thirty days

Set up &amp Activate Breakdance Builder in WordPress

On your WordPress admin panel, go to plugins -&gt include new. Click on “upload plugin” then pick the file you just downloaded. Set up &amp activate Breakdance. This should not consider much more than a couple of seconds to set up and activate. You must also make certain your license important is activated ahead of you start off making and conserving material.

add a new plugin to a wordpress website by going to plugins > add newadd a new plugin to a wordpress website by going to plugins > add new
breakdance builder setup wizard disable or keep theme screenbreakdance builder setup wizard disable or keep theme screen

ten) Begin editing!

That is it! You are prepared to start off utilizing Breakdance locally on your personal computer. To use the webpage builder, go into pages -&gt include new and you must see the Breakdance button in the center of your webpage. Give it a consider and see how simple it is to use! If you want to find out much more about all attributes the builder involves, verify out our introductory guide.

editing a page with the breakdance builder setup with MAMPediting a page with the breakdance builder setup with MAMP


Incredible! We went phase-by-phase describing how to set up Breakdance Builder on your personal computer for nearby testing. We covered putting in WordPress locally, MAMP, and adjusting your ports. We also went in excess of how to produce a MySQL database and set up Breakdance. Lastly, we walked by way of making a new webpage in WordPress and utilizing the Breakdance Builder to edit them. We hope you  discovered this tutorial valuable and simple to comply with. If you have any queries, please truly feel cost-free to depart a comment under! Content creating!